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Nkombo questions Police find it easy to raid villages but fail to get rid of criminal elements at Bus Stations

General News Nkombo questions Police find it easy to raid villages but fail...

Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo has questioned why the Zambia Police has failed to act decisively against criminal elements at Lusaka’s Intercity bus terminus and Kamugodi near Soweto Market.

During a question for oral answer session in Parliament today, Mr. Nkombo questioned Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo why the police found it easy to raid Mutinta Hichilema’s relatives in Shibuyunji when it has failed to get rid of the criminal elements at the two mentioned places who were harassing people for belonging to a different political party other than the PF.

“I will cite a few examples on why people might think that this was a targeted operation. The Deputy Secretary-General of the PF madam Mumbi Phiri in the period prior to the arrest of Mr Hichilema on a vexatious and fictitious charge of treason is quoted as having said that they will smoke him out like a rat. And a day later, police converged at his house, broke his house, took him like a common criminal, and eventually transported him from prison back and forth in a dog kennel. There was gassing in this country and a Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba indicated to the country that he knew the people behind the gassing. The police have not arrested anyone even in the volunteering of that information. When the market was gutted, the Vice President Her Honour Mrs Wina seemed to know who those people were”, he said.

He wondered why the same police cannot raid Intercity and Kamugodi and arrest the elements that were harassing people and normalise life at the two places.

Mr Nkombo’s question followed Mwembezhi independent member of Parliament Machila Jamba who asked the Minister of Home Affairs whether the Ministry is aware of the Shibuyunji police raid and that the affected villagers were left traumatised.

Speaker Patrick Matibini could however not allow Minister Kampyongo to respond to the question saying it was different from the subject on the order paper.


  1. That’s bcoz Zambia Police is a partisan political tool being used to “fix” the opposition.No professionalism whatsoever.

  2. The answer is simple. ZPS is given directives by the Ruling PF Party. Raiding Sibuyunji has more Political benefits to PF than raiding markets where PF Cadres are extorting money from poor traders. ZPS were planting weapons in Sibuyunji which will be used to incriminate HH and get him convicted in Court. With a Court Conviction HH will be disqualified to contest the 2021 Elections and ECL and PF will retain Power. That’s the Plan.

  3. That’s my government PF , the government of action. PF that has put our Zambia on the development patch. Zambia is becoming more and more beautiful each day because of our great Leader ECL.Zambia was a Village before PF. I love PF.One love. Am coming back home after next month with love PF.

  4. Police works with government of
    The day.just like courts work the
    Same way.Opposition don’t waste
    Time on these questions.

  5. The police work under very difficult circumstances as they are controlled by which ever political party is in power. They are like a liquid in a container and the holder can decide how the liquid will be used either to mix it with another substance or not it will not refuse to be turned around or upside down. The whole service needs reorientation other wise we will keep on blaming them of not being professional. In the African context the police as a state institution is always used to oppress those perceived to hold divergent views.

  6. These foooools in opposition are being distracted with nonsense instead of talking about electrol reforms they are busy talking about illegal raids where the police made sure that those people signed paperwork to cover themselves.

  7. Nkombo was dribbled out of vice presidency of the tribal party. He has not learned that hh likes to have weak people in that position so he can control them. Also rumours are rife that hh has been known to take mutoto until his eyes turn red and pop out, and then locks himself in a room with nalumamgo

  8. Kaizar Zulu. Most of your comments lacks maturity. To you, its like the world is hooked in nothing else but politics. Apart from politics, I don’t think you understand that they is God. Try to show your cognitive development on media platforms

  9. The Criminals at the Bus Stops and Markets are PF Cadres so they are immune from prosecution. The Sibuyunji Police Raid was Politically motivated. They raided the Village in order to incriminate HH so that after Conviction he will be barred from standing as a Presidential Candidate for UPND. If that happens then ECL will sail thru and retain Power. ECL knows that with HH on the Ballot Paper he will lose the August 12, 2021 even with Election Rigging. No wonder CK had been set up to sabotage the UPND Alliance. As UPND Alliance Running Mate to HH the Plan was that CK would defect to PF leaving HH in limbo and without a Running Mate. He would be disqualified if that were to happen. Now that this trick has backfired we will see what next PF will do. The Cyber Security Bill is timely to…

  10. Time is fast approaching to head back to the motherland to help sanitize the locals about the evils of corruption and oneman handouts replacing service delivery…..

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