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Three nabbed for theft and illegal sale of Government medicine

General News Three nabbed for theft and illegal sale of Government medicine

Three people of Mambwe district in Eastern Province have been arrested for various offences relating to theft of government medicines, illegal sale of medicines and allied substances.

ZAMRA Senior Public Relations Officer Christabel Mutale Illampu confirmed in a statement that in one count Chawezi Zimba a female aged 39 years who is an Environmental Health Technologist in the Ministry of Health has been jointly charged with Patrick Phiri, male aged 32 years for being in Possession of government medicines suspected to have been unlawfully obtained contrary to section 319 of the Penal Code of the laws of Zambia.

In the second count, Ms Zimba has been charged for operating a Pharmacy without a Certificate of Registration Contrary to Section 14 (1) of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act (3) of 2013.

Among the drugs seized include Lumartem (Artemether + Lumefantrine 20/120mg tablets) HIV test kits, Malaria rapid test kits, and Medroxyprogesterone injection.

Meanwhile in a related incident, Chrisencia Miyoba, a female aged 50 years, of Mambwe district has been arrested for Operating a Health Shop without a Permit Contrary to Section 14(1) of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act (3) of 2013.

Ms Mayoba is said to be the proprietor of Fortune Drug Store situated at Mfuwe Cropping Area Market in Mambwe District.

During the operation, Prescription Only Medicines and Pharmacy Sale medicines were officially seized.

The trio have since been released on police bond and will appear in court soon.

The Authority says it remains vigilant and steadfast in its commitment of protecting public health through curbing illegal drug stores.


  1. This is what we are saying a nation of pure thieves. We need a dictator to lead this country there is too much stealing. UTH people are picketing money for Covid tests they are undermining our country. The police set up roadblocks just to collect money for themselves. All of us citizens know and we can’t help the Govt because we are equally corrupt. When will we get a messiah in form of a dictator to come and save us from ourselves. Singapore is what it it is today because of someone puting their foot down. You have signs in the lifts in Singapore “ don’t urinate” which means before then people were urinating in the lifts. But now if you are seen dropping a rubber band in the street you will pay through your nose. That is what we need in Zambia. And most places in Singapore are dead clean…

  2. Upnd cadres are on a rampage. If they can behave like animals whilst in opposition imagine what they would be like if they won. We would have mabisi and cow dung everywhere

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