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Church calls for smart campaigns ahead of August 12 General Elections

General News Church calls for smart campaigns ahead of August 12 General Elections

United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Northern Presbytery Bishop Maybin Mulenga has called for smart campaigns ahead of this year’s general elections.

Bishop Mulenga said there is need for political parties to campaign peacefully and further called on Zambians to embrace love and unity.

Advising politicians against being divisive before, during and after the elections, Bishop Mulenga noted that a nation built on violence will not flourish but only cause division among ethnic groupings.

He said this during the induction service for Reverend Aaron Sinyinza at St Paul’s UCZ Congregation in Kasama.

And Bishop Mulenga has counselled the church to remain relevant and stand on God’s word

He explained that the church plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the country upholds the “ One Zambia, One Nation “ motto on which it was founded.

“Let us help build peace for the country just as we the United Church of Zambia focuses on the ALL ONE IN CHRIST theme which echoes well with the country’s motto of One Zambia, One Nation, “he said.

Meanwhile, Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa said government recognises the significant role the church plays in supplementing its effort of providing holistic development to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Kashiwa said UCZ has been a dependable partner in the provision of quality education and health service through the construction of mission schools and hospitals.

The District Commissioner also urged the church not to involve themselves in partisan politics.

“The church is highly expected to unite the nation and prosperity can only flourish when there is peace and unity, “he said.


  1. These elections are already a scam as said by Sishuwa Sishuwa. How do you explain the increased number of voters in the perceived PF strongholds and a glaring reduction of the numbers in the UPND strongholds. These elections have been rigged already. I’m surprised that the opposition is quiet about this. I know Western and North Western Provinces have small populations but mmmmm……something is very fishy here. Under normal circumstances the number of registered voters is supposed to increase everywhere. Why the reduction?? Unless in the event that the tables turn whereby the PF strongholds massively vote for the opposition

  2. Fake “born again” Christian calling other Zambians “evil hyenas” is total hypocrisy .Kachasu drinker probably.

  3. Its unfortunate bishop Maybin Mulenga is preaching a peaceful elections but the politicians see this period as do or die. The politicians have their own ways of doing things they pretend to listen attentively but do the opposite immediately they meet with their strategists. Its all systems to go.

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