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PF General Conference to be held Virtually-Davies Mwila

Feature Politics PF General Conference to be held Virtually-Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila announced yesterday that the ruling party has started working on modalities to have its national conference virtually.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Mr Mwila also insisted that only popular candidates would be adopted to contest on the ruling party ticket.

He said Central Committee had resolved to come up with new COVID-19 standing orders to facilitate the holding of both the National Council and General Conference virtually, with the prescribed number of delegates in line with party Constitution.

Mr Mwila said the Central Committee resolved to continue living by its founding characteristic to ensure that the voices of the people rule.
“Therefore, the Central Committee resolved to go into the 2021 elections only with popular candidates at the grassroots; starting with His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is the grassroots preferred Presidential candidate,” Mr Mwila said.

And Mr Mwila disclosed that the forthcoming intra-party activities will be conducted under very strict adherence to Public Health Regulations, Guidelines and Certification concerning COVID-19.

He stated that in preparing for intra-party elections and being very mindful of the advent of the COVID-19; the Central Committee has resolved to come up with new COVID-19 standing orders to facilitate the holding of both the National Council and General Conference virtually, with the prescribed number of delegates in line with party Constitution

Meanwhile, The Patriotic Front has strongly warned the newly elected Northern Province Executive Committee against laxity in its execution duties.

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila says there is need for the committee to actively mobilize the party ahead of the general elections.

“You have been elected not just to hold positions but to work, I shall therefore not allow any passengers in the structures, “he said

ZANIS reports that the PF Secretary General has also directed provincial committee to go flat out and explain the many developmental projects that government under the PF has delivered in the province.

He said the party has delivered a number of developments in the province more that the MMD managed during its 20 year rule.

Mr. Mwila said this when he closed the PF Northern Province elective conference in Kasama last night.

The conference which was opened by President Edgar Lungu yesterday culminated in the election of new Provincial committee to be chaired by Chomba Chipili.

Mr. Chipili scooped the Provincial Chairperson seat after polling 381 votes against his only opponent Fredrick Chisanga who got 57 votes.

Others members elected are Lemmy Kabali as Provincial Secretary, Erick Nsofu as Provincial Youth Chairperson, Doris Kalusa as Women Chairperson among others.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila also cautioned party members against being indiscipline citing the use of social media to insult and disparage senior members of the party.

” Discipline is fundamental to the stability and growth of any democratic institution, “Mwila noted

And PF Chairperson for Elections, Yamfwa Mukanga also counselled the newly elected members against working in isolation but instead embrace every member in the party.

Meanwhile, newly elected Provincial Chairperson Chomba Chipili has pledged to work with all members of the party in the province..

Mr. Chipili also thanked the members for believing in him and ushering him into power.

He has since promised to deliver according to the expectation of the party with the support of all members both at province and national levels.

President Edgar Lungu who is also Patriotic Front President officially opened the Northern Province Elective Conference.


  1. Very mature response and course of action. I have been called upon to volunteer in the preparation of this event. I am very excited and looking forward to it. Our party cares for lives . We decided against holding one in person as upnd did and risked lives. We are advanced and will be rolling out internet access to all interested parties. Amen

  2. This is good because we don’t want bloodshed. We have heard from some quarters that it’ll be a panga conference

  3. UPND Virtual Convention has shown the way. Even those who recently believed in “working visits ” in Provinces have realised that such gatherings are Covid-19 Super Spreaders. We anxiously wait to see the Panga Family conduct a Virtual Convention. Who is going to be elected the PF President and PF Presidential Candidate for the 2021 Elections? Now that Gogo Win is retiring from Politics who will be appointed the Running Mate? Since the Republican Constitution provides that :A person who has been elected and sworn in twice cannot be elected President 4 the third time will ECL defy the Constitution? If ECL imposes himself on us thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term voters will punish him thru the Ballot Box. ECL relies too much on Election Rigging. What if this doesn’t work…

  4. If these guys had any brains they would have allowed challengers like KBF to stand and shame the opposition who can not challenge their leaders

  5. They can not allow others to stand as PF aspiring presidents to challenge Edgar chagwa Lungu ,from inception PF presidents have been challenged as far as from the late Micheal Sata,maybe the ball game has changed this time around. The luapula united are busy planning how KBF and GBM can play their cards but alas Edgar has his ears open because he has installed fear in the likes of Given Lubinda,The vice president madam inonge wina and a few easterners . We shall see we’re this convention will achieve because alot will happen if not a big crack in PF if caution is over looked. I wish mr.Edgar Chagwa Lungu could pave way for others to continue as KBF has put it.Viva KBF.

  6. Ati he thanked the people for voting in to power. Fyonse ni power. Zambians should learn better terms. These are offices, not power. President ati power. What power? That’s why you misbehave. Power that you give up after some years, then they start taking you to court. Is that power? These are just offices or positions

  7. What does Antonio Idyot Mwanza say now after casting aspersion on the same means by the opposition? To have idyots like Mwanza as a member of the party is to eqully be Idyots.

  8. Given Lubinda said the upnd conference was a WhatsApp election just because it was done virtually. Is PF saying their elections sill also be WhatsApp elections. Just thinking

  9. What happened to the ‘working holidays’ and ‘working visits’? The modus operandi is the same for conferences. What has changed now? Isn’t he used to gathering people in welfare halls to talk to them? Isn’t he used to visiting palaces to bribe chiefs? Now that they want to rig the elections, they are using Covid as an excuse.

  10. They have full campaign type gatherings yet now ati virtual comfrence ??

    They are scared of their thugs eating each other and embarrassing them , seeing how orderly the UPND was……

  11. The last time PF had a Convention was in Mulungushi in 2015 where Pangas were used to appoint ECL as PF President. We shall see if this time there will be Democracy at that Convention? Will the likes of KBF,Panning Kaunda, CK, Guy Scot etc be allowed to attend the Convention? Who will be elected PF President and Vice President? The Republican Constitution says ECL cannot stand for a Third Term becoz he has been elected and sworn in twice. Is the PF Convention going to defy the Constitution on the assumption that ECZ and Concourt will endorse ECL’s illegal and unconstitutional Third Term? The 5 months b4 the August 2021 Elections will be fascinating. Time will tell.

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