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New network operator welcomed

Economy New network operator welcomed

The Zambia Private Sector Alliance (ZPSA) has welcomed the move on the full liberalization stance taken by the Ministry of Communications and Transport through Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to introduce a new Mobile Network Operator.

ZPSA Chairman Chabuka Kawesha highlighted that embracing an additional Mobile Network Operator will open up the sector to enhance competition and promote price reductions in the cost of products and services received from the sub-sector.

Mr Kawesha urged government to urgently look at utilising its International Telecommunications Union allocated satellites slot or space coordinates and space satellite launch.

“In the same manner and fashion we are liberalizing the mobile network operator, ISP and Fibre Optic network operator should move forward in commissioning a Zambian owned space satellite,” he said.

He further advised the Zambian government not to be solely dependent on terrestrial or ground technological infrastructure but instead they should consider using the new and advanced satellite technology which will help in promoting e-Government and security of the nation.

“We have a vast pool of young technical and telecoms experts from Copperbelt University, UNZA, UNILUS and many from other colleges and universities and those already in the industry who are all eager to embrace satellite technology in Zambia,” he said


  1. I am ready through my businesses to work with this company. Great patriotic business. Let’s make this kwacha!

  2. People in the bitter camp sometimes just keep quiet if you have to sulk about. How said that they do not know the share holders. Just go to Pacra and find the information. How does one buy data for a company that is not yet operational.

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