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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Student urge Parliament to enact the Cybercrimes Bill

General News Student urge Parliament to enact the Cybercrimes Bill

Zambia’s main student bodies have called on Government not to shy away from enacting the Cybercrimes Bill as it will protect persons who are victims of cybercrimes.

And students said there must be no room for violence in 2021 elections but only be a competition of ideas which students must promote.

During a joint media briefing this morning at Copperbelt University by hosted by Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU), University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) and the student umbrella body Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU), COBUSU President Lawrence Kasonde said those who use online media platforms without infringing on other people’s rights have nothing to worry about as their rights to freedom of expression remain guaranteed by the Constitution.

“Government must not shy away from enacting this Cybercrimes Bill in order to protect innocent persons who have been maligned by various social media platforms. Social media today has the power to build or destroy our country and can be a serious source of confusion as we head to the polls,” said Kasonde.

Mr Kasonde said no amount of constitutional protection of civil and human rights will be held to be more important than the protection of citizens against criminals and their activities.

“The protection of rights of children and other online users against crimes is more paramount than the fear that the State will eavesdrop on those who commit atrocities using the veil of social media,” he said.

The students noted that the Bill may infringe on the so-called rights of those who use online platforms to commit crimes against children and other online users but said the Bill is worth exploring.

“It cannot be denied that cybersecurity is improving every day, but at the same time, hackers are constantly coming up with ways to break into systems. Undoubtedly, this situation calls for the enactment of robust cyber legislation.”

Meanwhile, students have commended the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for remaining on course with preparations to hold the August 12, 2021 General Election.

The Unions have called upon students who registered to verify their details in order to exercise their right of franchise in the August polls.

“We ask students to get more involved in the democratic process of this country through voting and participation as candidates in the forthcoming elections,” he said.

“Unlike what Zambia has witnessed were rich politicians front youth in the violent crashes, we ask students to provide leadership by engaging in issue-based campaigns which the Republican President, His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has called for,” he said.


  1. I am bullied every day on lusaka times and called ugly by upnd diasporans. Platforms likelusaka times will also need to take responsibility for any bullying occurring on their websites. Lusaka times ignores the bullying that is thrown against me here. Let them be Warned that I have power to shut down this website in Zambia.

    blah blah blah

  3. PF is desperate to pass the Cyber Security Bill into law b4 the August 12,2021 Elections. ECL needs this law to close the Media, Civic and Political Space to enable them rig the Voting, counting of votes and announcing Election Results. Just like M7 did in Uganda they want this law to close the Internet and Social Media so that they can quietly rig the Election infavour of ECL and PF. That is the grand scheme of arrangements. All right thinking MPs should vote against this rushed Bill just like they voted against Bill 10.

  4. This student has become anti cyber tech but as the excitement of bringing that bus from State house evaporates he will be a loner. If this student read through the lines what that impending bill will be like, he will cry. Even our friends in PF are looking at that bill from one side and think they shall be in power wamuyaya. They will regret when they put into the opposition and will pity themselves as they little or no meaningful platform tom criticize the incoming UPND govt. People should certain things by considering what is the past, present and future circumstances. UINP never scrapped Public Order Act, when MMD came into power used same instrument to sort out perceived former UNIP officials who were a threat to MMD as they consolidated their hold on to power.

  5. The Parliamentary Joint Committee appointed to scrutinize the Cyber Security Bill has recommended that there be further consultation on this Bill by various Stakeholders. Why is PF trying to fast track this Bill b4 the last Parliament is dissolved in May 2021? This Bill violates our Human Rights and is therefore unconstitutional. We know that this Bill is a priority to ECL and PF becoz they want this Law to help them rig the 2021 Elections. ECL knows very well that he can’t this 2021 Election if it is free,fair, credible and peaceful. The only way for ECL to retain is to rig the 2021 Elections with the help of ECZ and Concourt. ECZ has already manipulated the Voters Roll infavour of PF Strongholds and what remains is to rig the Voting on the Voting Day, the Vote Counting and the…

  6. The effects of donated bus. Intellectual capacity to think disappears. Students have now become praise singers. Don’t be fooled by cybercrime bill. You are selling your rights in a sugar coated bill that will shut your voices. Wake up & smell the coffee. The is nothing that is not prosecutable under the current laws even if committed online.

  7. Why should a personal opinion of One Student called Lawrence Kasonde be highlighted? This is the same Person who said HH shouldn’t be allowed to Campaign at CBU. Obviously Kasonde is now a PF Cadre being used to fast track this Bill in Parliament. There are so many stakeholders who have raised concerns about this Bill which is being rushed in Parliament for 2021 Election Purposes. The Parliamentary Join Committee has recommended that this Bill be referred to Parliament and various Stakeholders for further consultations. That was the Right thing to do. PF want to fast track this Bill b4 the last Parliament adjourns b4 2021 Elections. This Bill is not urgent and should be left for debate the first Session of the First Parliament in 2021.

  8. As educated students, we worked hard to get into campus, no leakages whatever, our discussions and demonstrations were objective driven.

    Now see your life as favor seekers with passes of leakages, what do you expect? That bill is not like a donated bus that you can use anyhow, it will send you the same idyots supporting it to jail.

    Then it will be too late for idyots like you to cry foul. Stupid idyots.

  9. Cyber Security and Crime Bill is the need of the hour to protect the vulnerable on social media. The students have realised the importance and rightly they are supporting the Bill. It is a big lesson for the politicians who want to rule the country and the self proclaimed social reformers in dubious CSOs.

  10. The fake news, roumer mongering and abuse of women is stopped on social media, then the violence will come down remarkably. The falsehood is the root cause of all the violence spread by opposition parties.

  11. It is good to see that students are taking such keen interest in the national affairs and matters of such grave importance. I am now confident that the country is in safe hand and will go into safe hands. This is the tight slap on the face of those trying to divide us on the tribe and region.

  12. Cyber bullying in any form needs to be curbed. The students are absolutely on right track. There can’t be difference of opinion on this. The entire nation should stand with these students.

  13. Anyone who will be affected by the Bill is the criminal who is on the prowl to harass women and girls. only such people would be worried now. Since there are many big names in the list of those opposing the Bill, we can safely say that they have some or the other connection with the criminals, hence the vehement opposition.

  14. These students need to be commended for the courage they have shown. They are speaking minds of millions of students and youths who really care for the social harmony and democracy of the country.

  15. You seem to be one of the offenders on social media only a person with sick mentality can make such argument. Would you say the same thing if some day, God forbid, your sister/wife/girl friend/ mother is subjected to cyber bullying?

  16. Are you in some fantasy world. Can you please elaborate how the Bill would encroach upon our privacy? Think of those helpless women and girl who are being subjected to unimaginable trauma due to the perverts on social media, like Chellah Tukuta. The opposition to the Bill means supporting the anti social elements like Tukuta.

  17. If it is so, then what would call the self proclaimed media houses that are praising HH day in and day out? They tirelessly criticise PF and President Edgar Lungu. You are directly accepting that they are paid by HH! Good you came on record.

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