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BRE gives support to the Construction of a $ 500 million Hydro Power Project on Ngonye Falls

Economy BRE gives support to the Construction of a $ 500 million Hydro...

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has reaffirmed its support towards the construction of the Ngonye falls hydro-electric power project in Sioma district, Western Province.

In a statement made available to the media, BRE Ngambela of the Limulunga Kuta, Manyando Mukela said the project will have a significant impact on the province hence the royal establishment will offer the needed support towards its implementation.

“As the largest ever private sector investment in the province, it will create job and economic opportunities as they have assured us of over 3,000 job creation. This will help address the unemployment and poverty levels,” Mr Mukela stated.

The Ngambela explained that the establishment has been a key partner to the Western power project since 2012, with aim to ensure maximum benefits for the communities in the region.

He further added that the project will further improve electricity supply for businesses, as well as individual households, thereby facilitating the growth of industrial hubs in the province.

Mr. Mukela noted that the electricity project intends to support the natural and social heritage of the communities, adding that an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) has also been carried out.

“Working with National Heritage Conservation Commission (NHCC) and our traditional chiefs, a visitors’ center will be established near Ngonye Falls, where information, images, and art-facts from our rich cultural heritage will be displayed,” He said.

“As part of our stakeholder and community engagement activities to ensure full understanding of the project, I led a team consisting of representatives of the BRE leadership in the project area and conducted a district sensitization tour of seven districts. The tour team visited the senior chiefdoms in Nalolo, Libonda, Mwandi, Naliele, Namayula and Kaunga-Mashi,” He added.

The Ngambela further encouraged continued collaboration with all key stakeholders working on the project.

The Ngonye Falls in Sioma and Senanga districts in Western Province is expected to house a 550 million the United States dollar hydropower station, being constructed by the Western Power Company.


  1. Someone came with a story that they will make sugar cane plantation in shangombo and build a sugar refinery, build houses, blah blah blah, it’s five years now,not even a pole has been erected, I don’t know what some of these so called investors smoke

  2. So is Western Power Company of Midlands, South West and Wales Britain also the investor …what’s wrong with journalists of today they just copy statements. Personally I dont see why there is continued investment in Hydro especially what is happening down stream at Kariba where it just takes one drought season and its loadshedding…a hot province like WP services with Solar power.

  3. Most welcome development for the project. Lusaka-Mongu road needs urgent attention among other roads connecting the districts in the province. Good road network is essential for smooth transportation of goods and people.

  4. Electioneering. Where is the speed train this permanent secretary of transport announced that he had paid $500,000 down payment, & that it would connect Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique & South Africa??????
    Where is it???
    Just vote wisely. Liers & looters must be isolated. We know them

  5. So you’re not going to give any details on the project? How much power it will be delivering? When the project will commence? The duration of the project? Where the company is from? Whether there will be Zambian subcontractors?

    Poor journalism in Zambia. Copy and paste mentality.

  6. Isn’t Barotse flood plain a world heritage site now? I am not sure how it will be done but building a dam affects Botswana-the water that supports millions of wildlife comes from Angola highlands via Barotseland. Further impact will be Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

  7. @1 Chali Pride Zimba,
    DO YOU still have that memtality that some foreign investor must come and develop your country?
    Why don’t you go and do a plantation yourself?

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