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Mob beat up the health personnel over disposal of a body suspected to have died from Covid-19

General News Mob beat up the health personnel over disposal of a...

A mob in Zambezi district has beaten up health personnel and destroyed public property whose value is yet to be ascertained.

The mob beat up the health personnel in protest against the disposal of a body of a person suspected to have died from Covid-19.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase confirmed the incident that happened yesterday and said stones and unknown objects are suspected to have been used to beat up the health personnel.

Mr. Njase said confusion ensued as health personnel were burying the body of a named deputy head teacher at Zambezi primary school who is suspected to have died from Covid-19.

He said police intervened and the body was successfully buried amid high tempers.

“Zambezi police station on 01/03/21 received a report of riotous behaviour made by Mulweyi Mukumbi aged 45 of Ndeke compound, Zambezi also a hospital administrator at Zambezi district hospital that in the process of disposing a suspected Covid-19 body of the late deputy head teacher at Zambezi primary school, a mob begun to beat health personnel with stones and unknown objects,” Mr. Njase explained.

He said the mob proceeded to Zambezi primary school and shattered window panes of a classroom block, nine glass panes at the Zambezi district hospital mortuary and the front windscreen of the Toyota GX motor vehicle registration number ABK 4327 whose value is yet to be ascertained.

Mr. Njase said dockets of malicious damage to government property have been opened adding that patrols have since been intensified in the area.

He has since warned that police will not hesitate to act in accordance with their mandate.

The North-western Police Commissioner further advised the residents to refrain from destroying government property meant to service them whenever they are aggrieved.


  1. How can you not be beaten if you were disposing someone’s body? Use palatable and respectful language in public please.

  2. Can those upnd thugs be arrested for attacking our men and women in uniform who are risking their lives for us

  3. There is something very amis here, where were the relatives, why did health personnel get involved as if the Head teacher died of Ebola or Cholera? Covid is not like that, Scientifically, there is absolutely nothing to be scared of with the dead copse , what is important is for the people burying not to be carrying the virus, they just need to follow the normal procedures of masking up, keeping a distance and washing hands, of which relatives can easily do. the Health personnel needs some learning too, ignorance will sure kill them.

  4. lusaka times.ypu guys have failed to explain why exactly these people were riotious, was it they were.angry they couldnt burry their loved one themselves or they were angry at the death of covid victim? Poor reporting can cause misinformation and spread a sense of false tension.

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