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PF Kaputa Member of Parliament Maxas Bweupe Ng’onga dies


Patriotic Front (PF) Kaputa Member of Parliament Maxas Bweupe Ng’onga has died. Kalungwishi Ward Councilor Maxas Kamona Ng’onga, who is also a brother to late Member of Parliament has confirmed the development to ZANIS in Kaputa.

“I can confirm that the Member of Parliament for Kaputa constituency Mr. Maxas Bweupe Ng’onga has died, he died today at about 07: 00 hours” Mr. Ng’onga said.

Mr. Ng’onga said the late MP suffered a partial stroke and high blood pressure for about a month before his death.

Mr Ng’onga described his late brother as a gallant man whose position would be difficult to fill.

He thanked the people of Kaputa Constituency for the support his brother received while serving as MP and urged them to remain united as they mourn their leader.

“We are going towards the elections, so I urge the people of Kaputa to be strong and be united,” he said.

The late Member of Parliament is survived by a wife and three children.

And President Edgar Lungu has deeply regretted the demise of Kaputa Patriotic Front Member of Parliament and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Maxas Ng’onga.

The Head of State described the passing of Mr. Ng’onga as shocking adding that the PF party has lost a dependable member.

“The death of Hon. Maxas Ng’onga has come as a shock to me. I deeply regret his passing on. We have lost a dependable member of the Patriotic Front especially, this time when the general elections are imminent and we need the contribution of all our members,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu has further described the late Mr. Ng’onga as a diligent and team player of the ruling party whose selfless contribution to PF will be greatly missed.

“On behalf of the Zambian government, the people and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to the bereaved family and the constituents of Kaputa constituency in Northern province. May the Almighty God comfort the bereaved family and the people of Kaputa as they mourn Hon. Ng’onga,” said the President

The deceased MP has been a law maker under the Patriotic Front since 2011.

Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia Patrick Matibini has expressed sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to the family of the late Kaputa Constituency Member of Parliament, Maxas Ng’onga, of his untimely death.

Dr. Matibini says Mr. Ng’onga will be remembered as a mature and focused parliamentarian whose debates and contributions in Parliament ensured that the voice of the people of Kaputa Constituency and the national at large was ably represented.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Clerk of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe.

Mr. Ng’onga passed away today at the age of 58 years in Lusaka.

He also served as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock from 2015 to 2016.


  1. This is very sad. Such a humble loving man he was. We pray with his family and friends and wish them God’s healing hand. Not even a single condolence from the evil upnd thugs.

  2. I hv personally met the late Ng’onga once. He struck me as humble down-to-earth human being. Whn I raised some issues with him, he agreed with me entirely. His debates in parliament were also informed and worth paying attention to. The PF hv lost a real gentleman who was much better than many in the party.

  3. People that die are always good. Why? An African is like that. Respect the dead by telling the truth. Tell someone the truth when they are alive to so they can respond to you. For instance, tell KZ you are real and consistent in life before you shower him with praise after a swearing Gods call even when you never liked him. I hate pretenders.

  4. Too many leaders in Tz have lately died Covid 19 .Thank God its not the case here but nonetheless its still sad to lose MP Ngonga.

  5. I sympathize with the family of late Honourable Ng’onga and I ask Jehovah God to comfort them. It a big problem to a democratic nation like Zambia when such incidents happens at a period like this one.

  6. That is sad. I do not remember hearing him speak in parliament but I am sure he was hardworking in committees and other functions for which he was elected. His electorate have surely lost an irreplaceable asset.

  7. Sad indeed. What legislation are we going to remember him by? Any Bill he supported or law he changed for the better?

  8. The PF government will now begin to eulogise the death of late Kaputa MP Maxas Bweupe Ng’onga (MHSRIP) as if with good intentions. PF will claim the people of Kaputa have received massive development, bribe them with tu ma bags of mealie meal, all sorts of sugar coating gifts like to little children AND YET Kaputa is the least undeveloped area of Zambia. All people in that area depend on the neighbouring country Congo for most of their daily needs. This is how PF duped Chilubi Island residents who are still wallowing in abject poverty and will be so as long as they get duped.

  9. According to the law of the land we have to go for a bye election. This just six months before the elections. meaning we are going to have two elections for one seat within 6 months. What a waste of money.This is one of the issues bill 10 was going to address.

  10. Jackson, you are wrong. Who told you that Bill 10 had any redress for when parliamentary seat fell vacant before the next general election?

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