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Bishop Mwamba to vie for UNIP presidency

Feature Politics Bishop Mwamba to vie for UNIP presidency

Anglican Bishop Trevor Mwamba based in Botswana and Germany has returned home to take up the UNIP Presidency.

He says as a UNIP presidential hopeful he has observed that more than ever before, Zambia today need a leader who is not only a God fearing and a unifier but also reconciler who will bring a divided nation together.

Dr. Mwamba, a serving Bishop from the Anglican Church and married to Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba who is Botswana’s Ambassador to Germany, said in an interview that when he becomes president of the former ruling party the United National Independence Party (UNIP), he will not be inventing new values to unite the people but renew the already existing values which the forefathers used to unite and guide the nation to prosperity.

Bishop Mwamba said this coming Thursday, he will announce his intention to contest the position of the party president in the former ruling party at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka and file his nominations on 7th March to contest the party presidency at the forthcoming UNIP General Conference.

Bishop Mwamba is motivated to contest the position of the party president out of his desire to renew the former ruling party which he believes given good and qualitative leadership, can form government in the coming elections billed on 12th August 2021.

Once elected into office, Bishop Mwamba said, the UNIP government will focus on values of integrity, empowerment, to improve the welfare of every Zambian and that policies will have the interests of Zambians at the centre of everything and build from there.

He observed what has nurtured the poverty the people are enduring today is failure by the leaders to embrace the values which the founding fathers left behind.

Bishop Mwamba said UNIP under the new leadership will not only be the conscience but also the light to the nation.

He said Zambia was founded on the values of love, sharing the available resources with one another equally.

He said it is disheartening to see people today in a country endowed with resources angonising in abject poverty.

He observed that when UNIP was in power, it not only succeeded in building a united state and provided for citizens with means of survival but also helped the neighbouring countries that were ravaged by internal instabilities without losing focus on its responsibilities.

It is the desire of Bishop Mwamba not only to bring back Zambia to its original values where citizens used to live as one but also share the resources equally without losing the focus.

He wants also bring the value of lost value of discipline and hard work for good economic growth and prosperity.

Dr Mwamba is inviting all progressive Zambians, especially the youth, to join forces with UNIP to recreate a Zambia that will be the beacon of hope and prosperity.

Bishop Mwamba said his doors are open and looks forward to interacting with various stakeholders.


  1. It’s amazing how some of these people seriously think they have a chance in the August elections. Do they realise that it’s 50%+1 and not 51 votes?

  2. Bishop Mwamba is living in the past and thinks he can revive UNIP. Far from it, the former ruling party cannot fit into the current political scenario, moreover its old membership has aged and some cases passed on. The best Bishop Mwamba can do is join one of the parties PF or UPND where his contribution will be appreciated.

  3. nabamoneka fye ati efibalingile. surely ome can talk about political parties in 2021, but UNIP?

  4. I wish you well ba Bishop (you are a real bishop for a change not these criminal self appointed bishops) but if you dont have the blessings of the big man KK then it will be an exericise in futility.

  5. There is another man of God heading to losing credibility he has gained over a long period. Well come Bishop to join Neveous Mumba on the list of failed Pastors. UNIP for that matter!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nabamoneka fye ati efibalingile. surely one can talk about political parties in 2021, but UNIP? This party can be compared to football players of the sixties, can you get them to play now? Normal people are those who accept that there is a limit to what you can do, just as there is a limit of holding office, and that limit is twice, let this think in some empty and dry skulls this country has ever tolerated.

  7. Ba Bishop you have opened the road. Ba Tresphore Mpundu should do the same instead of hiding behind the collar

  8. @” Kaizar Zulu UPND is NOT tribal, it’s your PF Party of thugs that hate Tonga’s

  9. Does this party still exist??? I thought it died when tiyengi and company sold all their assets and shared amongst themselves.

  10. @Say No To Tribalism, if you type ” Tribal” in google it will ask you that did you mean UPND? How do you go in an alliance using the name UPND selfish stingy people.

  11. He should have gone for PF PF presidency. Position is vacant.
    If PF gave him chance he can win them with 65%. But if PF keep Edgar, then HH will win by 62%

  12. Some people are real dreamers. He has been living outside Zambia for a long time and I doubt it he has ever visited different parts of the country in the last 20 years. There are no personal relationships he has that are current to enable him to make a start in politics. Some UNIP members do not even know him but he wants 2b their leader nevertheless. This is just blind ambition. He would be better off vying for the deputy leadership of UNIP.

  13. Zambia isn’t short of leaders, what’s unfortunate is that the dictator hasn’t allowed others to mobilize. He wants to use all tricks to manipulate the next election but the writing is on the wall. Dark forces shan’t prosper. It’s too late Bwana, not even helicopters will make you win


  15. When you come to think of it, almost every country in Africa that is progressive today, is being led by the party of independence. Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa (ish), The more political parties there have been since independence, the more chaotic. It may be time for UNIP to make a come back. Tilyenji Kaunda has been a disaster and a deep disappointment not only to his father but to the nation as a whole. This is why KK has never stopped mourning Major Wezi Kaunda. Wezi would have brought UNIP back into power and that is why he was assassinated by a government of a ‘Christian Nation.’ I say ‘Go Trevor!’ PF copied and pasted a UNIP constitution. An imitation can never be better than the original.

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