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Copperbelt Province administration admin extols cooperating partners providing emergency cast


The Copperbelt Province administration has thanked cooperating partners for providing an emergency cash transfer (ECT) to six districts in the region to cushion the impact of Covid-19 pandemic at household level.

Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe said the pandemic has devastating effects on the social and economic way of life of many people, resulting in increased vulnerability.

“To mitigate these effects, government in collaboration with multi donors, have put up interventions such as cash emergency transfer,” Mr. Nundwe said.

About 9,120 households on the Copperbelt are earmarked to benefit from the emergency cash transfer (ECT) horizontal expansion programme under the Ministry of Community Development.

And in updating a virtual special provincial development coordinating committee meeting yesterday, acting Chief Community Development Officer Bernadette Malungo said government has recognized the need for social protection in vulnerable households in 22 districts in country of which six are on the Copperbelt

Ms. Malungo noted that the targeted beneficiaries include people who are 65 years and above, child-headed households, the disabled and chronically ill persons.

She said the ECT intervention will run for six months and beneficiaries will be receiving K400 monthly.

“In the 22 districts, 200, 000 households in the country will receive payment. The team will be on the ground to verify the beneficiaries in priority areas before payments are made,” she said.

Malungo explained that cooperating partners are providing the funds to help narrow the vulnerability gap created by the pandemic in households.

“This intervention will run along the social cash transfer, vertical expansion response,” she added

Among cooperating partners providing the ECT are UNICEF, UK Aid, World Bank and the Germany government.


  1. Zambians have heard social cash transfer statements so often, but frequently comes as a reminder to them as money that disappears with promises only. That is a cruel indictment on a so called pro-poor government whose ministers are richer than the government they work for.

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