HH has not demoted Stephen Katuka, he has promoted him to National Chair

United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Stephen Katuka
United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Stephen Katuka

Contrary to information circulating in some sectors of the media suggesting that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday demoted Mr Stephen Katuka, the UPND media team has said that the correct position is that Mr. Katuka has been promoted to the position of National Chairman which is the third-highest rank in the UPND leadership hierarchy.

According to the statement put out to the media, Mr. Hichilema was categorical in the appointment of Mr. Katuka whom he said understands the Party’s heritage, having joined and remained in the party at the time it was not fashionable to do so.

Mr.Katuka and Hon Kakoma were the only MPs in North-western Province during the UPND political infancy.

Mr. Katuka’s current position in the NMC is National Chairman and not Chairperson for Heritage as reported in some sections of the media. Take note that the UPND does not have such a portfolio in its Management Committee.

The Oxford English dictionary defines a “demotion” as, “demotion (from something) (to something) a move to a lower position or rank, often as a punishment.”

The report on demotion is clear misleading news. We urge the media to correct this misdirection.

The most print newspaper carried the story that Mr. Katuka had been demoted


  1. Does this new position amount to anything at all. New positions will take effect after the retirement of HH after August this year (2021). Any position in UPND now has no real material value, including that of a party president becase after August 2021 the real picture of UPND will imerge. For now, Kuwayawayafye.

  2. Which party in Africa and beyond could leave all the development projects such roads, road tollgates, Kazungula and Kasomeno (Zambia) /Mwenda (Luapula/Congo) road and bridges and the modern and magnificent flyover bridges in Lusaka, Telecom Towers, hospitals which they have so tireless worked on to an opposition to mess up, then you are HALLUCINATING.

  3. Who cares? They are not winning elections whichever way. Katuka mubi but mmmh. I know I am not Denzel Washington handsome but one thing I sure of is that am not as ugly as katuka

  4. That’s what you get in a one-man dictatorship. One man has to appoint everybody in the party. And he thinks he will come & do the same in govt. Ayitaya

  5. People are quarreling about whos senior of this Hichilema nonsense. Cant they see that they are creating a monster in Hichilema, they are giving him too much power. Only a month ago Hichilema talked of power to the people when he “forms government” in August. Already in his party hes usurping the power from his general membership by making appointments solely. Takwaba uko ba votela abantu without positions attached, in a party. Appointments are at government level not party level. Mwaloba ilya uma ba Upnd, come August 12. Hichilema atu tinya, hes a tin pot dictator. Please retire him after 12 August 2021.

  6. Let’s not look at handsome as we
    Are all handsome in the eyes of god.lets look at intelligence and
    Honesty.lets look for leaders who
    Cannot work for their belly only but who can work to improve betterment of ordinary Zambians.

  7. Don’t look from outside but judge people from their hearts, Katuka has done a lot for UPND he deserves a senior position, what I don’t know is if the new one is any better as everyone knows politicians like limelight so Katuka has lost out on that one.
    The Chairman position does’nt attract more attention than the spokes person so he has lost out on the fame side of the coin , the problem with this party people don’t seem to have any choice of their desired positions someone has to appoint them if you want right he gives you left if you want water he gives nsima not good for Democracy it is all about the president and rest are pawns on the chess board.

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