Government directs all t water utility companies take over operations of all piped water reticulation facilities


The government has directed that all water utility companies in the country should take over operations of all piped water reticulation facilities under the local councils and those managed by the community.

Water Development,Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Hon Raphael Nakacinda says this will ensure enhanced operations and improved service delivery through increased capacity to manage the water facilities.

The Minister was speaking when he toured the water supply and sanitation improvement projects in Samfya district of Luapula Province.

Hon Nakacinda further noted that it is not practical or feasible to allow communities and local authorities to deal with water and sanitation facilities due to limited capacity.

He said he is happy with the progress of the integrated small towns water supply project being constructed in the district which will benefit over 50,000 people.

And Hon Nakacinda has called for strict adherance to the 20% local sub-contracting policy on all projects being undertaken in line with President Edgar Lungu’s vision to empower Zambian contractors.

He therefore directed to be availed with a report on the status quo of the local contracts under the policy in the province to assess how it is being handled.

“I want the report within 10 days so that we can address this matter, we can’t allow our people to be denied an opportunity to participate in the economy,”Hon Nakacinda said.

And Luapula Province Minister Hon Nickson Chilangwa who accompanied the Minister said the projects being implemented are a clear demonstration of government’s commitment to deliver development, adding that the election date should not be used as a yardstick to measure the development that the PF government remains to do as huge investment projects have been facilitated and still ongoing.

“Wether before or after elections, we will continue to work and deliver development” Hon Chilangwa said.


  1. The divorce of the water supply and sanitation from Local Authorities is a failed project as Water Utilities haven’t improved water supply nor its quality. Water Utilities have been in existence for over 20 years, Government has pumped millions of Dollars into water supply and reticulation but it hasn’t translated into improved service delivery. On the Copperbelt almost all streams are conveyors of sewer effluent because of the failure by water utilities to run the sewer systems. Most prefer to procure SUVs for top management instead of the technical team that ensure that sewers are unblocked and leakages sorted out. My proposal is that the Ministry needs to revisit this policy not by arbitrary pronouncements but through consultations with stakeholders. Why are Water Utilities failing…

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