Kasama cooperatives rally behind president Lungu

President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally
President Edgar Lungu arriving at a campaign Rally

Some women and youth-led cooperatives in Kasama have staged a solidarity match in support of President Edgar Lungu’s developmental programmes that have been initiated in their areas.

Tweedle Chapamo Women Cooperative Chairperson Juliet Kabwe said the cooperatives will support President Lungu because he has demonstrated that he cares for everyone as shown from the many developmental programmes in the area.

“No previous government has ever initiated such empowerment programmes which the PF government under President Edgar Lungu has initiated.

She further urged fellow women to give support to the government and allow it to complete some of its programmes.

ZANIS reports that scores of youth and women-led cooperatives held a solidarity match in the Central Business District in Kasama.

She said cooperatives in Kasama district are performing well as a result of the empowerment received from the government.


  1. These cooperatives. What price did you get for your maize this year? How much is fertilizer now? Sometimes you just make a fool out of yourselves.

  2. TIKKI

    If you think this government will surrender all the modern development projects such roads, road tollgates, Kazungula and Kasomeno (Mpulungu) /Mwenda (Luapula) road and bridges and the magnificent flyover bridges, Telecom Towers, hospitals which they have so tireless worked on to hh, Meetwa and company to mess up, then you are HALLUCINATING.

  3. Luapula Premier yes they will surrender, besides its our reserves and good credit the MMD government left that you squandered. The roads you used to praise yourselves about are failing. The economy is in shambles and the people are very mad with PF come November you are going to be shocked because the people are ready to fight to protect their vote. We already had enough of ECL he can head back to chawama, we definitely don’t want to become another Zimbabwe. August is be gone for you

  4. Look at those teeth, meno, meno. That’s the only thing God gave him meno meno, he forgot to give the id1ot a brain. Empty tin can on the shoulders….. What a shame

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