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We are watching you! PF warns Judges over President Lungu’s eligibility

Headlines We are watching you! PF warns Judges over President Lungu’s eligibility

PF Lusaka Province Chairman Paul Moonga says the ruling party is aware of the desperate maneuvers by the opposition to buy some judges to nullify President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility.

Mr Moonga has since advised the opposition UPND and it’s alliance partners to concentrate on selling their party ahead of the August 12 polls instead of wasting their time trying to challenge President Lungu’ eligibility to contest the presidential election.

Speaking at the media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Moonga disclosed that the ruling party has information that the opposition has engaged a consortium of both local and international lawyers to challenge President Lungu’s eligibility.

Mr. Moonga charged that this is an indication that the opposition are aware that the PF under president Lungu will carry the day come August 12 hence their maneuvers to frustrate the PF.

He said it is unfortunate that the opposition has spent five years of having squabbles with the ruling party instead of telling Zambians what they will do for the country if voted into office.

” We are aware that by last year in October, the opposition put together a consortium of lawyers waiting to go and petition the president once he files in his nomination papers,” he said.

The Lusaka Province PF Chairman also stated that the ruling party is also aware that the opposition is trying to buy some judges to nullify the eligibility of president Lungu.

Mr. Moonga has since warned that the PF is watching these maneuvers by the opposition and has since appealed to all the judges not to fall prey to plans by the opposition.


  1. That’s intimidation of an independent arm of GRZ and character assassination accusing them of being prone to corruption by opposition.


  3. This Paul Monga should concentrate on finding the other presidential candidate as Edgar Chagwa Lungu can not stand. The learned constitutional Lawyers in the likes of John Sangwa and others have advised. We are tired of carders commenting on issues beyond their knowledge nowonder there’s a lot of misinformation in the PF led government. It’s not the opposition that will question Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s eligibility but the people of zambia. Please Paul Monga if you are not scared just keep quite and relax but you will be shocked because Bwalya Fube will do the needful. Thanxs.

  4. Moonga is threatening Concourt Judges becoz he and PF realise ECL’s Eligibility is illegal and unconstitutional. The Republican Constitution is very clear that ECL cannot stand for a Third Term in 2021. The Constitution says ECL has been elected, held office and sworn in twice in in 2015 and 2016 and therefore doesn’t qualify to be elected for a third time. PF is inciting Concourt to breach the Republican Constitution. That amounts to a coup on the Republican Constitution. Concourt Judges will have to make a choice to either stand by the Republican Constitution or the ECL PF Regime. The writing is on the wall.

  5. If he isn’t cited for contempt then he’s very lucky. John Sangwa swaaaa! As for our Judges I refer them to the preamble of His Honor the late Judge Clever Musumali in his Judgement in the Kambarage Kaunda vs the People murder case. May their Lordships and Ladyships be thus guided

  6. Moonga is echoing what ECL has said in the past. ECL is on record saying: “2015 and 2016 u voted me out but I am still here and in 2021 and beyond I will still be there”. ECL has total faith in ECZ and Concourt’s ability to rig 2021 Elections in his favour. PF are worried that Concourt Judges will nullify ECL’s Eligibility and put PF in a limbo after Nominations are closed. PF is threatening and intimidating Concourt Judges into granting him a Third Term. Concourt is between a Rock and a Hard Place. It has to choose between respecting the Republican Constitution or showing its total and blind allegiance to the ECL. We shall see where Concourt Judge’s bread is buttered. Time will tell.

  7. If lungu did has not held office twice, why did he have to declare his personal assets twice……..?

    First $360,000 then after 18 months in office declaring a miraculous $2.1 million ?

  8. Mr Moonga should not panic. After 14th May 2021 when Nominations are closed and ECZ has certified ECL’s Nomination. Concerned Zambians will file their Petitions with Concourt challenging the Eligibility of ECL in terms of Article 52 of the Republican Constitution. Concourt will consider ECL’s Eligibility and make a Ruling. Those are Constitutionally Procedures that will be followed. PF Legal Advisers or the AG should advise on Lungu’s Eligibility. There is no need for PF Cadres to threaten and intimidate Concourt Judges. Leave Concourt Judges to do their work objectively and Professionally.

  9. Paul Moonga is just a PF Cadre and not a lawyer. Surely PF has lawyers to handle ECL’s Eligibility issues. The Republican Constitution provides 4 the Petitioning of Candidates after ECZ certification is completed. All Citizens are entitled to Petition Candidates Eligibility in need. Those Petitions will be heard and considered by Concourt and if ECL is found eligible he will stand. PF should consider this matter now so that they nominate a Presidential Candidate who is eligible. Once Nominations are closed PF will not be able to replace their Presidential Candidate. Period.

  10. Mr moonga u are too old enough to understand the law of Zambia.president Edgar lungu is not eligible to stand for presidency,hh is not fearing to face lungu on the ballot paper,but according to the Constitution of Zambia no one is above the law.let Edgar lungu handle over power to someone else.

  11. A desperate no brainier trying to intimidate the opposition party-UPND.He even sounds primitively deaf about what the UPND has been telling Zambians the good things and the transparent corruption free governance they wish to offer to the citizens.

  12. What a dork. Take a leaf from what happened to Trump’s legal cases; even his own appointed judges found them unreasonable and threw them out. Ivi vinangu muziganizila bene Moonga before you make that hardworking but stubborn animal of yourself. Ati bwanji Saulos? Yes, I meant an ass. Yes.

  13. The Concourt will come in last.
    First , It will be interesting to see how ECZ will accept nomination papers from a candidate who has
    1.Elected twice
    2.Sworn in twice
    3.Held office twice.
    If the ECZ will ignore these 3 issues and accept ECL’s nomination papers, just know that the Concourt will be involved in the biggest elections scam in Zambias history.

  14. This is what happens when you vote in kaponyas and brief case businessmen…can you imagine anyone saying this when FTJ was attempting his third bid. These are desperate goons who have no life after their incompetent boss Lazy Lungu on top of that you have the Justice Minister who has no legal background saying if Sangwa files in his papers in the court there will be trouble…what makes them even more paranoid is Sangwa SC is patiently waiting. These are the same people who said he was a mad man but what they don’t know is that any Zambian can challenge Lungu’s eligibility in Concourt its our constitutional right.

  15. Fast forward May 2021 …the empty tins are now making noise…really laughable….just find a back up Presidential candidate

  16. Paulo Moowago should not be intimidating the Judiciary as if they his cadres. What has grown in the head of this man. He is by nature a bully who does confine himself to his lane. Let us leave the judges out of politicking. I have been following KBF’s statement concerning the eligibility of HE ECL, this should concern Paulo and his fellows.

  17. Wow only in Zambia. This is contempt. maybe the judges he is telling are not competent to do their Job.

  18. President Trump packed the US Supreme Court(SC) with Republican aligned Judges hoping the Supreme Court would side with Trump should there be an Election Dispute in November 3, 2020. There was indeed an Election Dispute in November 2020 but the SC refused to get involved. In Malawi Concourt nullified President Mutharika’s Election due to irregularities. It’s now up to Zambia Concourt to nullify or approve ECL’s Eligibility. Concourt will have to decide to either appauld the Republican Constitution or approve ECL’s illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. Whichever way Zambians will pass a final verdict on ECL’s Eligibility when they vote on August 12, 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  19. Any upnd members found bribing any officer of law will be dealt with. I will squeeze your balls until you suffocate and then whip you with my gold pistol. We are ready for you. We know hh is desperate to win.

    Lusaka times continue moderating f00ls like tarino as agreed in our call the other week. We cannot allow divisive bloggers who are not even zambian.

  20. Any upnd members found bribing any officer of law will be dealt with. I will squeeze your balls until you suffocate and then whlp you with my gold pistol. We are ready for you. We know hh is desperate to win.

    Lusaka times continue moderating f00ls like tarino as agreed in our call the other week. We cannot allow divisive bloggers who are not even zambian.

  21. Moonga is just taking a leaf from his President who threatened the judges that they should not follow the Kenyan judges who annulled an election there last time, but this is what happens when a country embraces lawlessness as a way of living

  22. Very lawless character this one. He beat up Sean Tembo and was never questioned by police despite Sean Tembo reporting to Police that he was beaten up by a known person with his cadres. And you expect him to respect the judges

  23. The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  24. All Concourt Judges have been appointed by ECL. Now Mr Moonga is accusing some of these Judges of being bribed by the Opposition if they Rule against ECL’s Eligibility. This means that PF is not only intimidating the Concourt Judges to Rule in ECL’s favour but is paying bribes to these Judges to dismiss the Petitions. This is a legal and Constitutional matter which should be left to Concourt to decide and make a Ruling on it. Whichever way the Constitution is clear. ECL has been elected, held office and sworn in twice so he cannot legally and constitutionally stand 4 a Third time. Kwamana ba Dala!


  26. Those celebrating the falsehood that President Edgar Lungu is not eligible to contest 2021 General Elections are in fool’s paradise. The selfish opposition leader is taking them for a ride. The Constitution of Zambia is the supreme and no one can surpass it. Those day dreaming need to wake up and smell the coffee. According to Article 106 (3) and (6), a presidential term of office that ran from 25 January 2015 to 13 September 2016 can’t be considered as full term, as it is less than three years. Even the constitutional court, in its judgment has said that the Presidential term of office that ran from 25th January 2015 to 13th September 2016 and straddled two constitutional regimes cannot be considered as a full term.

  27. Zambians are known as peace loving people. We are law abiding and God fearing people. We can’t imagine, even in our wildest of dreams, to surpass or violate any law of the land. We have full respect for the judiciary. Hakainde Hichilema and his goons are attacking the judiciary of Zambia. Though the apex judiciary has cleared air on Second Term of President Edgar Lungu, Hichilema is spreading false information about it and creating confusion among us. What Hichilema and his gang is doing amounts to contempt of Judiciary. We the law abiding and God fearing people can’t allow this to happen. Let’s all stand up and stop this foreign mafia stooge from taking over our freedom and enslaving us to his masters. Let’s do it for Zambia. Let’s do it for our future generations, for our freedom.

  28. How long UPND is going to wreck this issue? Why can’t they understand that the Court has already settled it and they should respect the court judgements?

  29. The verdict in the matter is self explanatory and didn’t need further deliberations. As a mature political party UPND should accept it and moved on. But Hakainde Hichilema is not ready to accept the judgement. Surprisingly, he was prompt to obey the judgment on recovery of salaries paid to ministers for illegal occupation of office by ministers.

  30. I can see the desperation of HH to come to power anyhow. But he will not succeed whatever he does. People are wise enough to take informed decisions when it comes to voting.

  31. I think, we have had enough of this futile debate. The opposition seems to be obsessed with this issue. It is done and dusted friends. Move on. Find some other issue, if you are really into politics. This is becoming childish now.

  32. It was the same ConCourt that has ruled that the so called first term can’t be considered full term as it was less than three years. Read Article 106 (3) and (6) carefully.

  33. President Lungu was in office for less than three years, which, according to Constitution is not considered to be full term. So, chill. Challenging his nomination will be futile. You will end up making some lawyers richer, nothing else.

  34. Hahaha
    No smoke without fire. It seems Chinua’s things have started falling apart. Izankhalako hustle. Tiyeni nazo zinhtu.

  35. He is only asking people to follow the court judgement. It is not contempt. Those refusing to accept the judgement are also lucky for not being charged with contempt, go and lecture them.

  36. You need to read and understand the judgement in this matter carefully. The dispute has been resolved once and for all. You seem to be victim of fake news peddled by some section of media.

  37. You are not answering , why did lungu declear his assets twice if he has not already held office twice ?

    Fist time $360,000 then after intervention from God that grew to $2.1 million after 18 months

  38. The General perception is that Concourt Judges who are all appointed by ECL are State Captured. So how would the Opposition bribe Concourt Judges? This is an admission by PF that ECL’s Third Term is illegal and unconstitutional. ECL has held the Office, elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. ECL has no legal and Constitutional basis to stand in 2021 for the third time. Moonga is inciting Concourt Judges to abrogate the Republican Constitution on this Eligibility issue. Concourt Judges have to between ECL loyalty or applauding the Republican Constitution.

  39. PF u will find ur selves in trouble read act no 1 of 2016 and understand it states all offices will continue as before meaning wat ws obtaining as the status call ws standing the 2016 constitution can not explain wat ws obtaining before

  40. Ubututu bwaba mu PF nabasambilila bonse kumo.
    It is not about Mr ECL carrying the day, it is about his eligibility. Why are the PF so scared to the extent of now threatening the Judiciary. Thuggery will not be tolerated by the Zambian people. PF has failed miserably. For one minute remove the highly inflated infrastructure projects and of low quality, they sing about all day, they have nothing show for their achievements,
    People are suffering and high unemployment. They are blaming the opposing for their failures. The opposition does not manage the affairs of the country. Since passed away, government has been on autopilot. elo nomba mulefwaya third term on autopilot, takuli. kuya bebele.

  41. ECL’s Eligibility is a huge Constitutional matter. Legally illiterate PF Cadres like Moonga,Mumbi Phiri, KZ etc should leave this matter in the hands of PF Lawyers, Constitutional Lawyers and Concourt Judges. Let ECZ and Concourt deal with this matter Objectively and Professionally. There is no need to threaten and intimidate Concourt Judges.Meanwhile ,time is running out and we wish the Panga Family a successful Convention.

  42. Questions for Zambia presidential eligibility, 12th August, 2021 general election.
    If ConCourt said President ECL is eligible, please the check box; Yes or No

    . Served first full term. No
    . Served second full term. Yes
    . Elected twice as Republican President. Yes
    . Sworn twice by a Judge. Yes
    . Served/occupied the president`s office twice. Yes
    . Dissolved Zambia National Assembly/Parliament twice. Yes

  43. ‘Paul Moonga says the ruling party is aware of the desperate maneuvers by the opposition to buy some judges to nullify President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility.’
    You are aware of a crime being committed but you haven’t reported it to the authorities, then you should be arrested.

  44. There will be some desperate maneuvering by lungu………KBF warned PF….

    Lungu has concentrated everybit of leadership power on himself, that no other PF candidate dare challenge him.

    His fear of jail is keeping him going. If lungu was offered free passage to enjoy his stolen wealth , guaranteed, he would go.

    But he is clever enough to know zambia politics can change at anytime and past leaders are fair game. Especially corrupt ones like himself.

  45. And so it begins, deaths of more zambians will now start just so that Pf and lungu stay in power


  47. In a functioning democracy and where the rule of law exists ,his Moonga should be standing before the courts explaining why he he said such studid things against the judges ,

  48. In a functioning democracy and where the rule of law exists ,this Moonga should be standing before the courts explaining why he he said such studid things against the judges , In Zambia such things happen because someone who is supposed to be driving government has fallen asleep on the steering wheel and is driving the nation into a ditch .

  49. The threats against Concourt Judges is an admission that if these Judges are not interfered with by these PF Cadres and the State they would find ECL ineligible. Concourt Judges are being directed to sanction ECL’s Third Term even if it means abrogating the Republican Constitution. Concourt Judges left alone would consider ECL’s Eligibility Objectively and Professionally and would find him ineligible. However under pressure from ECL and PF Cadres its likely that Concourt will approve ECL’s Eligibility for a Third Term even if it is illegal and unconstitutional. ECZ and Concourt are State Captured Institutions and will always Rule infavour of ECL and PF. So on August 12, 2021 Zambians will have a chance to pass their own verdict on Lungu’s Eligibility.The writing is on the wall.

  50. Things are really getting desperate within the parte….. hehehe. Couple of months from nominations, it will be interesting to hear if PF can explain :- (1) under which articles the 2015 Presidential elections were held (2) identity of the running mate to the late president MCS was, who was not eligible or refused to “finish off” MCS’ Presidential term & thus triggered the 2015 Presidential by-election (3) which affidavits the “ineligible running mate” signed off & lodged with the chief justice & attorney general chambers to trigger ECZ to conduct the 2015 Presidential by-election. Wina azalila ……

  51. The Patriot
    The reality of our Zambian constitution is unfamiliar territory for Monga and his comments are unpatriotic and unwelcome. A patriot genuinely serves his country when he able to represent the interests of all Zambians.
    The man you are pretending to defend is going against the spirit of the Constitution by attempting to run for a third term. The Constitution expressly allows for a President to lead the country for two terms. The President has twice been sworn an Oath of Office th to defend the Constitution, and by attempting for a third term he is breaking the terms of his own sworn testimony and Oath of Office.
    Under his leadership the country’s economic and social prospects have declined significantly and the majority of the Zambian population are suffering as a…

  52. The Kenyan Supreme Court nullified an Election in Kenya due irregularities. In Malawi Concourt also nullified President Mutharika’s Election due to irregularities. In Zambia in 2016 Concourt dismissed a Petition without due process. Zambia Concourt has another chance to redeem itself in considering ECL’s Eligibility for the 2021 Elections. PF Cadres are worried that Zambia Concourt might follow Malawi and Kenya’s precedents and hence are putting pressure on Zambia Concourt Judges to Rule in ECL’s favour even if they know the decision is illegal and unconstitutional. Zambia Concourt must realise that it is a creature of the Republican Constitution and not above the Constitution.
    Zambia Concourt Judges must realise that one day they will be held accountable for these…

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