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Kampyongo in Japan for 14th UN congress on crime prevention, commits to fighting cybercrime

Headlines Kampyongo in Japan for 14th UN congress on crime prevention, commits to...

Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo has revealed that government is in the process of passing laws to domesticate international laws and treaties which are aimed at clamping down sophisticated criminal acts, including cybercrime.

Mr. Kampyongo said once enacted, the cyber security crime law will stop criminals from exploiting the cyber space for selfish gains.

According to a statement made available to the media today by First Secretary at the Zambian Embassy in Japan Yotamu Mugara, Mr. Kampyongo was speaking today in Kyoto, Japan where he is attending the 14th United Nations Congress on crime prevention and criminal justice.

“Government is shrinking the space for cyber-crimes such as electronic fraud, cyber bullying, defamation and infringement of privacy by collaborating among member states and it is important that Zambia is part of the discourse in finding solutions to fight crime,” he said.

Mr. Kampyongo, who is accompanied by Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, saidit was gratifying that the United Nations Congress has placed prevention of cyber-crimes by strengthening cyber laws for safer cities and populations.

He pointed out that Zambia is moving in tandem with the international community in tackling new trends of crime as seen by investments in security systems and formulation of various laws.

The congress, which has drawn participants from around the globe, is being held under the theme, ‘Advancing crime prevention, criminal justice and rule of law: towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda’.

The UN Crime Congress, which is held once every five years since 1955, is one of the largest conferences of the UN in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.


  1. This is all about shutting down the Media, Civic and Political Space. Its all Politically motivated meant to make it easier to rig the 2021 Elections by closing the Internet and Social Media while voting, vote counting and announcing Election Results is taking place. We know that ECL is emulating his Godfather M7 who recently rigged Elections in Uganda. The writing is on the wall.

  2. They cant wait to start getting on planes these morons …imagine wasting ticket on this when this dwarf could have done it virtually even if it might staying up at night!!

    • Tarino, True this is virtual conference check on , and it is not just a plane ticket, a business class plus his entourage,, airport transfers, accommodation and food. Allowance/ Per Diem at play. when they return, they first submit the claims for allowances. I can guarantee you this trip will cost not less $50,000 for just a handful of people. There was an option to attend virtually

      ”TOKYO (Kyodo) — A U.N. congress on crime prevention opened Sunday in Kyoto in a hybrid format combining in-person attendance with online streaming to enable virtual participation amid the coronavirus pandemic. A total of 5,600 people from 152 countries are participating, with some 4,200 registered to attend virtually”, the United Nations said

  3. Looking good my brother. You can definitely rock a suit. You are putting scruffy hh to shame. Anyway back to important issues. This is great development. We are tired of upnd diasporan cyber bullies. These initiatives will hopefully lead to stringent laws to deal with f00lish upnd bloggers.

  4. It is his last trip to go abroad for will return to katondo after 12th August so let him swing his foolish gopala and his co-kaponya Kaiser Zulu.

  5. The most classic adage regarding trolling is, “Don’t feed the trolls.” Trolls seek out emotional responses and find provocation amusing, so replying to them or attempting to debate them will only make them troll more. By ignoring a troll completely, they will likely become frustrated and go somewhere else on the internet.

    You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of day.

  6. No wonder there is peace, no shootings, no arrests, no violence, no harassment of HH and opposition …
    But did he traveled for a zoom meeting webantu.

  7. Nigerians and Russians are the foremost cyber criminals so be especially vigilant of them.In Nigeria they call ’em Yahoo Yahoo boys.

  8. This inbred was a currency trader at katondo street.

    It’s a shame we have street hustlers/ cadres and crooks I charge if ministries.

    Cry my beloved Zambia. This is UGANDA Mark 2

  9. Why has the Minister travelled to Japan when the event is being held Virtually ? There is absolutely no need for him and his entourage to travel to Japan. This could save the tax payers money for fair and accommodation. These guys have just gone there so that they get allowances or Per diem. These guys get more than $500 a day in allowances on top of government footing the bill for business class flights, accommodation, food and airport transfers. Uluse government yesu tayakwata

    (MENAFN – Saudi Press Agency) Riyadh, March 07, 2021, SPA — Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior, headed today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s delegation participating in the 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, being held virtually from 7 to 12 March…

  10. By the way, the actual priorities that are being urged at the Congress are; “the bleeding of the resources of developing countries through illicit financial flows; environmental crimes and ever-growing illegal trade in wildlife; changes in labour and migration laws to cut demand for the services of human traffickers; and effective action against falsified and fake medical products, such as COVID-19 vaccines” Not what Kampyongo wants to dwell on. In fact, this Congress is not only ‘advancing the prevention of crime and criminal justice, but also promoting the rule of law’ – which Kampyongo conveniently leaves out. The Congress has a hybrid format, most attending virtually and some present. Kampyongo and group decided they just had to be there.

  11. Even the Saudis attended the meeting virtually whereby they could have gone to Japan by Air.

    Makes sense to save money but no our country is broke and here we are wasting tax payers money.

    Bicycles are distributed round the country at whose expense. Is bicycles more important than having basic medicine in hospitals/ clinics

    Lungu the dumb prick

  12. This is now the fourth Minister talking about cyber security as per directives from chagwa and as predicted. First with Mushanga , central last wk then followed by Edify, southern, with useless sumaili in tow and now this one. More to come during the week.

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