Luo pays tribute to President Lungu for standing for gender equality and equity in Zambia

Prof Nkandu Luo Thanks President Edgar Lungu during the Swearing in Ceremony at Statehouse
Prof Nkandu Luo Thanks President Edgar Lungu during the Swearing in Ceremony at Statehouse

Zambia’s first female Professor, Hon. Nkandu Luo has paid glowing tribute to President Edgar Lungu for standing for gender equality and equity in the nation.

Speaking Friday on the round table talk in Lusaka, Prof Luo said Zambia had passed the gender equality and equity bill which had now become law.

She said President Lungu had further demonstrated his support for women by appointing a woman, Mrs Inonge Wina as first female Vice President of Zambia.

Prof Luo who is also fisheries and Livestock Minister however bemoaned that women don’t support each other and urged them to be more united especially that society still remains male dominated.

She said many are the times that women are pulled down by fellow women.

“In my constituency in Munali, my fellow women are in the forefront saying we now want a man and yet I have delivered development in constituency. Munali is now a far much better place than it used to be. I have prudently utilized the constituency development fund. I help a lot of orphans to go to school. What I will not do is line up people and dish them money.. That I will not do because its a cause of confusion. If I line up people and give them hundred Kwachas, what about others who won’t recieve a hundred Kwacha? She said.

And Hon. Luo has urged women to love themselves stating if they haven’t done so in the past, to use the occasion of women’s day on monday the 8th of March 2021, to begin to love themselves.

She said women are so important in each aspect of life and that their importance cannot be over emphasised.
She said women’s day is a very important occasion not to protest as women but to celebrate the achievements of women and for women to remind themselves that they still have work to do so that the male gender begins to appreciate the important role women play in society.

On Monday, 8th March 2021, the world will commemorate Women’s day under the theme choose to challenge.
Women’s day is an annual event that has been celebrated worldwide since 1911.


  1. I agree with our mother professor luo. I have great respect for women who against all odds have been successful in their lives. My wlfe regina is also a good example. Without her, I would be lost. She is a great partner in our businesses and good advisor. We are a team. I love her. Enemies of progress in diaspora fuseke

  2. Zambia’s first female Professor who has reduced herself to bootlicking and mudslinging opponents wasting her papers ….these articles are not worth publishing especially that its coming from Lungu’s ministers who are out of touch with reality. How can you thank Lazy for standing for Gender equality when he has appointed mostly men in positions of PS in ministries.

  3. If a woman like Nkandu Luo Ngoshe Mukote can commandeer savage cadres to cause the mayhem that she did in Munali in the last Presidential & General Elections then what’s there to celebrate about women? I’ll never forget that bloodshed. It wasn’t necessary to do that just to win an election. The kind of campaign that Nkandu Luo and others conducted during the by-election was no where nearer the character of Rosaria Fundanga whom they went to replace. Nkandu is a typical example of brain drain. As virologist she’s supposed to be at the centre of finding a covid-19 remedy, but alas, she’s elected to show her true character through politics. There’s nothing young women can learn from her. SHAME!

  4. KZ please today it’s a Sunday and that’s cyberbulling insulting upnd supporters and Zambians living in the diaspora

  5. Computer scientist please see below my CV;

    1999 to 2001: founding member of the PF party during which time I supported the party via various means

    2001 to 2011: working hard as pf strategist to carry out checks and balances against the ruling party. Sacrificing everything to campaign and sell the pf manifesto

    2011 to date : various senior roles within government and business owner.

    Contact me if you have further queries

  6. Boot licking Professor Luo! Is she hoping to be elected VP at the upcoming PF Convention and thereafter appointed ECL’s Running Mate in the 2021 Elections? We shall see who will be elected PF President at the Panga Family Convention? ECZ and Concourt will be endorsing illegality and unconstitutionality if ECL is given a legal licence to run for a Third Term in 2021. State Captured ECZ and Concourt can abrogate the Republican Constitution but Voters will have a final say on August 12, 2021.

  7. We know what she wants. For all this time she never said this, until now. She has heard the bells tolling for her deselection. Crafty prof!

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