UPND continues to lose members in Kasama


Over 100 opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) members in Kasama district have left their party to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

PF Kasama central constituency chairman Thandizani Mbewe, who welcomed the defectors said the PF is a friendly party which is willing to work with everyone.

Mr. explained that people are joining the ruling party because of the many developmental activities the PF government has implemented across the country.

He said when he welcomed defectors in Mulilansolo ward in Kasama that Zambians are also happy about President Edgar Lungu’s leadership which is focused on development.

“People have seen that our President is a goal oriented leader who is delivering developments to all parts of the country. There is no place in Zambia where you will not find development the PF has initiated,” he said.

Mr. Mbewe has since urged the new members to freely consult on issues concerning the party and to follow its manifesto in order to deliver the much needed development in the district.

“We are receiving you with both hands and we are ready to receive more people who want to be part of the PF,” said Mr. Mbewe.

Speaking on behalf of the defectors, Patience Musanda, who was UPND Kasama central constituency secretary explained that the former UPND members left their party due to lack of growth and development.

“We are tired of not seeing any improvement in the party and as such we have decided to join the PF,” she said.

Ms. Musanda explained that the pro-poor policies that the PF is implementing are very commendable.

She cited the social cash transfer scheme and the various girls and women empowerment programmes as some of the initiatives that the government is implementing.


  1. Rural dwellers are the most used tool the PF I have coz they can not fool people in the urban where each and every one is feeling the heat of the poor leadership of drunkards and mwankolez.

  2. The same way they will lose elections. Thoughts and good wishes to harry and Meghan. If racism can be shown to their mixed race child based on darkness of his skin, what more these Sudan black upnd diasporans. You guys must be suffering there abroad. Why suffer like that. Sad

  3. Mr Mbewe Sir, don’t be fooled. The 100 defectors you are talking about are “water Melons’. Outside GREEN (PF)but inside they are RED(UPND). HH told Zambians to use all possible means in order to collect the huge cash PF comps are giving out but never vote for the come 12th Day of August,2021. So, never be deceived. In case you are doubting my assertion, I will be vindicated when Parliament disolves in May,just in two months time. That’s the time you will see drama even among your own MPs. I am equally alive to the fact that if you fail to make such publications, your pay Master can stop giving you the Huge Chunks of cash. We encourage you to receive more Defectors untill your bag of money is depleted.

  4. PF will never cease to amaze me, the same people who say UPND is none existant in the north, since 2016, they have recieved more defectors from UPND in the north than the total card carrying members and the number of people who voted for UPND, so where do they get these defectors from UPND a party they say is non existant?

  5. May be if they changed their leader things would go well HH is a problem I don’t know why they cannot see the obvious, what their leader has done for this country has attracted a curse up on him.
    It is not everyone who says he is a politician who can be accepted by people probably because of their misdeeds and past wrong history and not being presentable enough may be a bad attitude towards the followers, really you don’t have people resigning from your party and think you will win an election it doesn’t just work like that, by this time people must be resigning from the the ruling party to UPND but the opposite is true

  6. As we go towards elections defections to PF will be announced by the hour to give an impression that everyone is for PF but the shock will come through the ballot box.

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