NHIMA to reduce costs of medical treatment – Health Minister


Minister of Health, Jonas Chanda says the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIMA) will make treatment of medical conditions that require expensive medical procedures to be affordable for ordinary Zambians.

Speaking when he visited Kamuchanga District Hospital in Mufulira District, Dr. Chanda said NHIMA will protect citizens from going bankrupt due to sudden illness that requires expensive medical procedures.

He said in the past, citizens had to sell houses and other properties to enable them to afford medical care due to lack of insurance.

The Minister said NHIMA will directly benefit patients as 90 percent of the funds realized from the scheme will be pumped back into health facilities.

“What we are doing is pulling resources, and because not everyone gets sick at the same time, resources are available for those who need them, and health care becomes affordable for everyone,” he said.

Meanwhile, the business community in Mufulira District has welcomed the government’s announcement of plans to roll out the scheme to the informal sector.

Mufulira Business Association Chairperson, Martin Mbewe said the scheme will help small and large scale businessmen and women, as it will enable them to access equal health care.


  1. Currently NHIMA is like a scam. My son was admitted to Kafue General Hospital and all I got were prescriptions of medicines that the Pharmacy didn’t have. I ended up buying medicines to treat my child. Imagine if I didn’t have the money to pay for drugs? Pissed off.

  2. A hard working government and ministry. It wouldn’t surprise me if we get our people vaccinated before the f00lish upnd diasporans do there abroad where they are considered second class to the whlte man. If Meghan can be racially abused what more those upnd darkskinned nobodys

  3. NHIM, NAPSA, IDC, ZCCM-IH all are scams. Directors, politicians and management steal billions while working class and employers are made to pay for luxurious lifestyle of political kaponya

  4. Another useless form of milking cash from poor citizens.
    They are creating a hospital within the hospital,same services offered by the ordinary health care providers are found in nhima…no drugs

  5. Thank You Health minister, this will definitely benefit several people who are not able to do the treatment because of the expensive medical cost.

  6. In the past, many poor Zambians have died because of the lack of money for treatment. This is a ray of hope for them.

  7. The government is just wining our hearts thousands of times. This is the reason Zambians are supporting President Lungu. ECL beyond 2021.

  8. Health is wealth!!! The government is committed to strengthening our health so that we would contribute to the wealth of this country.

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