Zambia to adopt Covid – 19 vaccine programme – MOH

Health Minister Dr. Jonas Chanda

The government has agreed to adopt the COVID-19 vaccine programme as one of the key pillars in mitigating the health and socioeconomic impact of the virus, especially on the vulnerable population.

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda disclosed this was after the World Health Organisation and other global authorities added the COVID-19 vaccines to the available effective tools to respond to the pandemic.

Contained in a statement issued to media in Lusaka yesterday, Dr. Chanda added that many countries across the globe have adopted the vaccine and that this is the case in the region.

The Minister indicated that vaccination in Zambia will be done in a cautious and phased up manner and on a pilot and voluntary basis.

“This will be in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including cooperating partners, the United Nations family, religious bodies, traditional leaders, private sector, academic institutions and scientific groups, among others,” Dr Chanda listed the stakeholders to be involved during the consultation process.

The Minister further disclosed that the government is currently finalizing detailed modalities on the type of basket of vaccines to be used and the actual operationalization of the programme to be approved by Cabinet.

He added that guidance on the vaccine to be used will be based on safety, efficacy, cost and sustainability of supply.

Dr. Chanda said the procedure will provide a clear roadmap that his Ministry and other stakeholders will follow.

The Minister reiterated the government’s commitment to work with a multisectoral response in the fight against COVID-19 informed by evidence based high impact interventions.


  1. We will vaccinate all our people before the upnd diasporan baboons get their vaccines in their so called developed countries. Black and minorities there abroad are more likely to die from covid than whltes due to poverty. So we wonder why upnd diasporan come here to criticise our health ministry when they should be fighting their whlte masters to get prioritized for vaccination

  2. Hurry up we need the vaccine like yesterday.
    Why consult traditional Chiefs, those are witches especially Mukuni

  3. The pf ministers should be the first ones to take that vaccine. KZ are you going to take that vaccine. As for me awe

  4. KZ done be daft and so obtuse. COVID has mostly affected the BAME community in infections and deaths.

    Whites don’t belong to this group. Yes a percentage of white people who have died who are vulnerable and elderly with underlying health conditions.

    Like in Zambia majority are BAME. Before you spit your bile do some research. In the. United Kingdom 22 million have been vaccinated with the first dose whilst second dose is stilll due

    Unlike Zambia, UK has developed a vaccine and its effective. Is lungu on a waiting list begging for vaccine for free

    Pay up and it will be shipped. Don’t expect anything for free.

  5. Cases have come down… immune systems are strengthening themselves against this virus. Is it really necessary to vaccinate?

  6. Kaizar Zulu, do yourself a favor and look into the mirror before calling other people baboons. You sir, are the real direct descendant of homohabilis and caveman.

  7. I got my Johnson and Johnson vaccine and all good Kaizar, hopefully you and Lungu get the Infusion of mercury from your masters, the chocholis.

  8. Instead of spending money on drugs and vaccines he is busy buying bicycles and fuel tankers. Lungu’s priorities are always upside down. Zambians, receive the bicycles with both hands and vote for people who are ready to work. Lungu has been campaigning non-stop ever since he became president. So what’s the point of voting for him when you know he is not going to work. Vote UPND! You know the MMD is in an alliance with PF, and so is Kambwili and other PF surrogates.

  9. The only vaccine which is practical to use (because it can be stored in a normal fridge at about 5 deg C and can be produced in sufficient quantity) is Oxford-AstraZeneca. It is safe and effective. Half the adults in Britain have now had their first dose of vaccine and the majority have had the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab. I hope we can make it available throughout Africa under the COVAC scheme and you all get vaccinated very soon.
    Vaccines are 100 times safer than anti-biotics. You would not hesitate to take anti-biotics. Without vaccination we would not have eradicated Polio and Smallpox. The Queen and the British Prime minister have been vaccinated and you politicians should set an example.

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