Church urged to counsel politicians

President Edgar Lungu leads the clergymen from Reformed Church in Zambia drawn across the country when they toured fish ponds at State House in Lusaka.
President Edgar Lungu leads the clergymen from Reformed Church in Zambia drawn across the country when they toured fish ponds at State House in Lusaka.

Mbala District Commissioner, Maybin Chibalange has called on the church to counsel politicians to promote peace and unity as the country heads towards the general election.

Mr. Chibalange said the church need to encourage politicians to dialogue and desist from all forms of violence.

He urged the church to preach more about peace and love in order to promote good Christian values.

“We want to see the church promoting dialogue and urging politicians to refrain from violence and live according to the Christian nation principles” he said.

The District Commissioner was speaking during the induction church service of Reverend Martin Sakala of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Trinity Congregation in Mbala.

He also commended the church for helping government with provision of education and health services in the country.

He said the church has remained a key partner of government in promoting health and education services.

“We commend the church for being all-weather partners of the government in fostering development in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, UCZ Northern Presbytery Bishop, Maybin Mulenga has called on Christians to embrace dialogue, peace, and unity as the country heads to the August polls.

Bishop Mulenga has further advised people to wait on God for everything stating that God’s time is always the best.

He was preaching under the theme “Go therefore, all one in Christ” taken from the book of Acts 10:20.

And Reverend Sakala has thanked Christians in Mbala for welcoming him to the church.


  1. if a politician already knows that he or she has to promote peace why urge the church to counsel him or her on matters he already has an idea about? THis like a student telling his parents to counsel him to always study when that should come naturally when one is a student, same applies to politicians, once you become one, all thoughts should drive towards having a peaceful environment to achieve your aims.

  2. For as long as the so called “Christian nation”was declared by a person who had a hidden agenda,we shall not see the true values of the declaration itself because most of the thieving government officials they use it to blindfold we the citizens of this wealthy nation to to enrich themselves and their poorest families.For if the people of Zambia do not change their mindset towards the so called Christian nation Norm,the politicians and three quarters of the so called “men of God” are conniving to symphony our money without fearing the ALMIGHTY GOD.
    Let us be careful as a country for it is written that you shall know them by their own selfishness and deeds.

  3. Aristotle- the man has absolutely no leadership qualities….he can say that to UCZ he knows they are in his back pocket. If churches called for interparty talks today he would get annoyed.

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