Billions of Kwacha Donated by PF is Taxpayers’ Money being Pilfered from the Treasury

Minister of youth and sports Emmanuel Mulenga (left) explains how the fuel tankers the Government has bought for youths will be operated during this year's youth day commemorations at Mulungushi conference centre in Lusaka. Picture by SUNDAY BWALYA/ZANIS
FILE: Minister of youth and sports Emmanuel Mulenga (left) explains how the fuel tankers the Government has bought for youths will be operated during this year's youth day commemorations at Mulungushi conference centre in Lusaka. Picture by SUNDAY BWALYA/ZANIS

By Sean Tembo

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), we have noted with regret the efforts by the ruling PF party in general and President Edgar Lungu in particular to buy votes ahead of the 12th August general elections.

Almost on a daily basis, President Lungu is donating millions to certain privileged individuals in the name of empowerment, the latest being 52 fuel tankers worth more than K200 million that were donated to selected youths a few days ago. These disparate gestures on the part of President Lungu are not only a violation of the Electoral Process Act No.35 of 2016 and the Republican Constitution, but are an insult to the dignity of the citizens of this Republic.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to advise Mr Lungu that if Zambians were a gullible type of people that could sell their votes in return for gifts and donations, then the MMD Government would still be in power today. However, the majority of Zambians are upright individuals who care deeply about their future and that of their children and who will only give a vote to a political grouping that has the potential to take this country to greater heights of national development.

President Edgar Lungu and his PF party should further be reminded that the Zambian people have been very gracious with them. Despite not showing any tangible signs of potential, the Zambian people gave Mr Lungu a vote in 2015 and made him President. A year later in 2016, despite very poor performance in the intervening period, the Zambian people were again very gracious and decided to give Mr Lungu the benefit of doubt that perhaps the one year period that he had been President was too short to judge him fairly.

3. However, after a full five year period that has been characterized by haphazard economic policies, blatant corruption, total disregard for the rule of law and ceaseless political violence, there is now no doubt in the minds of all reasonable Zambians that Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has dismally failed to properly discharge the duties and functions of the office of Republican President and should therefore be retired in the national interest, while this country still has a chance to make a full recovery.

Should the Zambian people make the mistake of re-electing President Lungu and his PF party, there will not be any Zambia left to talk about at the end of his additional 5 year tenure.

4. By 2026 under a continued Lungu presidency, the economy would have completely collapsed such that we shall be carrying money in wheelbarrows to go and buy a loaf of bread at a nearby grocery shop. Zambia would have produced its first dollar billionaire being one of the PF Ministers, due to incessant corruption. and Any opposition leader with a dissenting voice will either be in prison or in exile.

And PF cadres will be managing police stations on a full time basis, in the same manner and fashion that they are currently managing bus stations and markets. The future of Zambia will be very dark and gloomy.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to take this opportunity to remind all well-meaning citizens of this Republic to remain steadfast in their resolution to retire President Lungu and his PF party in the national interest. They should not be swayed by the donations and gifts that the President and his party officials dish out on a daily basis. We all know that President Lungu has no personal financial resources to talk home about, and neither does his party, the Patriotic Front.

Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the billions of Kwacha which the ruling PF party has so far donated is ostensibly taxpayers’ money that is being pilfered from the treasury. The Zambian people would be so naive to allow their votes to be bought with stolen money. Money which belongs to the people themselves in the first place. And money which will be recovered by the PF through additional theft of public funds, should they be re-elected into office. Let us think critically and vote wisely in the upcoming general elections.


  1. Tis why Zambia’s debts and deficits are out of control bcoz of PF abuses.Use of public resources for private political gain..and then there’s PF wastage and corruption.

  2. Good article. If only Zambians can stay AWAKE and see that the PF thugs are failures. They cannot be allowed to be given another mandate to rule the country. We need change BONSE BANE ….PF kuya bebele….

  3. For a change Sean Tembo has written an Article without mentioning his nemesis HH. These Donations and Gifts are being funded by Taxpayer’s Money. The PF Govt is Printing Money like confetti and borrowing heavily to finance its 2021 Election Campaigns. They are dishing out money to buy votes. These misguided Fiscal and Monetary Policies by the PF Govt will leave the National Treasury bankrupt and the Economy in a mess. The cost of living will continue to escalate and life for Citizens will be unbearable. To vote for ECL and PF is to vote for continuation of these Policies and continued suffering. On August 12,2021 Zambians should vote wisely and vote out ECL and PF. Vote for HH and UPND for a change of Govt. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  4. Good Article by Sean Tembo. The Economy is being raped for Election purposes by PF Govt. By the time Elections are over the Economy will be in a mess and People’s lives will be ruined. People should vote wisely on August 12, 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  5. Vote wisely?? Vote for Sean Tembo and his briefcase?? Vote for the same hh Tembo has been condemning and writing articles that he’s the wrong choice??

  6. This article is spot on. But will ordinary Zambians see it this way? I hope so, but I fear not. In a few minutes KZ will lash out and say that we are all desperate UPND diasporans – because he is very much part of the corrupt PFake cronies that the president depends on. And too many Zambians are so poor that they will be happy to accept this dirty money. And who can blame them, if you’re hungry?

  7. Right at the height of eurobonds flowing , lungu and his PF thugssnd police were violently attacking opposition……..

    Thats when some of us knew lungu is a dud, a flop…….and is just a common theif.

    With money flowing , things are supposed to be stable for those in power, how can you have time to start attacking opposition?

  8. How can the money be recovered? Students, health workers, civil servants and others have been waiting for this money.

  9. Bowman was on Diamond TV yesterday and he misleads the public further by saying the huge stashes of money he and his colleagues are donating is CDF when before he was stopped from parading those huge sums of money he used to say the President has sent me to donate this money. I wish diamond played those old video clips. In any case, I am from Kabushi constituency no body has approved that money should be handed out in such reckless fashion but instead it should be given in a structured way by people forming cooperatives for example with a transparent application process .

  10. In the last 10 years we have seen the worst in terms of management of national resources and wanton borrowing….we are now on an express track to becoming the new Zimbabwe, as the World Bank data showed that our key indicators are much worse than where Zim is right now. And a right thinking person would rather bring back the same damagers for another 5 years?…..

  11. Thanks Sean, good article, Bowman misled further on Diamond TV yesterday by saying that the economy is down due to climate change and covid. All countries bordering Zambia were affected by climate change did they currencies depreciate by over 50% like Zambia’s. the answer is no. All of them the inflation is within reasonable limits except Zambia. Immediate past Bank of Zambia governor even told us that the economic decline of Zambia started way before covid, so why use Covid as an excuse.

  12. can someone ask for us how much is given has CDF funds to MPs, kabushi was on diamond TV yesterday and told the nation that he is using CDF funds. who audits MPs on how they are using CDF? AND HOW DO YOU TALLY WHAT HE HAS DONATED AND THE AMOUNT OF CDF AN MP RECIEVES?

  13. I agree with Sean Tembo, and that is why my argument is that were we are is not a partisan issue. It is just an issue of cmon sensi. Things are not happening so why vote for PF, donating money left right and center cant be development. The roads they are talking about constructing are not even economic roads, with a lot of borrowed money from the open market. What development can that be surely?

  14. PF has failed, judging by all universally approved economic indicators like inflation, exchange rate, GDP, Employment levels and others. The election in August should be no contest with PF surely exiting. To be re elected based on what?

  15. The ECL Govt is prepared to bankrupt the National Treasury,ruin the Economy and People’s lives for the sake of winning Elections to retain Power. ECL is on a destructive path which will leave the Zambian Economy in shambles. The sooner this Man is voted out of Power the better for Zambia, otherwise this Man will cause further damage to the Economy and ruin our lives further. Giving ECL another 5 years in Power will be disastrous for Zambia. All Right thinking Zambians should vote out ECL on August 12,2021. Lets vote 4 a change of Govt. Vote 4 HH and UPND for survival. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  16. Whom shall we then vote for, since Ba Sean Tembo has no following and he has been on record demoralizing electorates not to support the only hopeful and helpful UPND party which can unseat the unstable PF thieves?
    Ba Sean is also a UPND supporter but trying stop others to be on the line.
    If you want to see what Ba Sean is talking about without giving specifics on which party people should vote for,its the UPND party nothing else.

  17. The same Sean Tempo the other day wrote an article where he mentioned that it is better for PF to win the election than UPND and HH. Did you only wake to day to see these evils by PF, Sean?

    Wake up Zambia your only weapon to defeat an evil government is your vote, and is coming in August stand up in big numbers and defeat Satan.

  18. What is strange is that there is deafening silence from the Minister of Finance and BOZ Governor while the Economy is burning. Even IMF is just looking on while Money is being printed recklessly and being borrowed to buy votes. Meanwhile Inflation is spiking and price of Consumer goods are skyrocketing and People are suffering. The ECL Govt doesn’t care about the plight of ordinary Zambians as long as they retain Power. On August 12,2021 all right thinking Citizens should vote out ECL and PF. Lets try HH and UPND for a change. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  19. Another Donch Kubeba in the making – Watch “Dandy Krazy – Donch Kubeba – PF SATA Theme Song” on YouTube


  21. Can Elias Munshya and other legal heavy weights help us build legal cases against all those involved in the “PF corrupt money laundering scheme”.
    The criminal charge should also look at discrimination of non PF members who have contributed through taxes, corruption, theft, abuse of office associated with these donations.
    We need to ensure that the next president learns to respect public funds and uphold their oath they even when power becomes sweet.

  22. Sean, well done! We need bravery to point out the wrongs. It only takes upright people to stay quiet and put for evil to flourish. All of us must be above partisan politics and condemn the rampant robbery and daylight raping of our country. Our mothers are left to beg, some of our traditional leaders employed to dance, our youths bribed beyond redemption and some so called intellectuals sold their souls for positions. Let’s unit and tell the people of Zambia the truth. It is only the truth that shall set us free not corrupt schemes. Sean, I am with you in this battle to redeem Zambia from total collapse!


  24. This stupid monkey aka KZ can’t explain nor can he put a defence on what Sean Tembo has written is this article.

    It’s no rocket science that PF have plundered through corruption and reckless spending. They thought obtaining debt was for free.

    I’ve been saying for a long time Zambia will be the next Zimbabwe and even worse.

    The majority of the population are too illiterate to know the consequences of a free fall economy, no value in currency and the masses will be in perpetual poverty

  25. If money is going to the Zambians, money should work for Zambians since it is tax payers money if it is working to uplift warfare of the Zambians then it is good.

  26. After reading this article I made up my mind to vote for Socialist Party, but then PF cadre came with a promise instant socialism of 2 bags of roller meal for my family and I decided to gye for PF

  27. Nice try Sin or sorry Sean.
    Nafuchi nafuti PF all the way.
    Wait until the show case developmental documentary.
    With this, you will see where tax payers’ money. Ndipo udzalila.
    For us and elite Zambians know that it’s PF 100%, ECL 100%, Elite Zambians 100%, Zambia overdrive 100%
    Empowerment 100% mwandi.

    Kikikikikikijukija kuntu waseka! Ubwafwilisho kubena Zambia ati iyo iyo, taxpayers fwakuti. Yangu!
    Ifintu fintu umwene. Taulati ukuli.

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