Religious Affairs Minister reacts to video where Dora Siliya was being insulted


Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has expressed disappointment with the unpalatable language being peddled in the country to advance political mileage.

Reverend Sumaili has expressed concern over a video circulating on social media where a woman alleged to be at a political party meeting in Petauke district in Eastern province took to the floor to insult Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

She has since appealed to all aspiring candidates in the opposition and the ruling party to be civil as they carry out their political campaigns.

She said in a statement to the media that mudslinging, name-calling, and character assassination should not be used as a basis of convincing voters to vote for a particular candidate.

Rev. Sumaili said it was unacceptable and uncultured for any person to insult a leader because of their political interest.

“Zambians are looking forward to issue-based campaign messages and strategies that give them confidence in their leaders and a better Zambia,” she said.

She explained that the Zambian people aspire to see a nation full of love and respect for one another as well as leaders that are advancing development-oriented politics and not parading people to insult national leaders.


  1. This silly PF cader should just zip it…….

    When PF are violently attacking opposition, you don’t see her…….

  2. What about all the cadres from your party insulting opposition party leaders and other members of our society? Is this a Ministry of Religion or Ministry of PF Moral Support?

  3. Reverent Sumaili did not speak up when her PFake colleagues killed two innocent citizens. And not a word about the corrupt thieving tactics of her president and his cronies like KZ. But when somebody tells the truth about Dora Siliya she suddenly wakes up???

  4. When Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda were shot and killed did u hear a word from this Minister? This Minister stands for PF interests and injustices. In the New Govt after Elections on August 12,2021 we don’t need such useless Ministries.

  5. Kwwf, where are you when your ministers are sharing nude videos for which they are not prosecuted?
    Where are you when ministers are being tribal?
    Where are you when Bowman is beating people in the streets?

  6. This is a clear sign of indiscipline in the party;
    1. PF woman insults Dora with the support of aspiriong Petauke MP JAY JAY
    2. Deputy SG calls for the arrest of Bowman Lusambo and Brian Mashimba for having rallies in covid times
    3. Innocent Kalimanshi the PF national Commander is always fighting with Kennedy Kamba and Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo
    4. PF distances itself from careless statements made by a PF members
    5. Senior PF members distance themselves from PF members distributing cash even though Bowman does it all the time.
    SEER1 said there would be more confusion as we draw nearer to elections
    And while this is happening ECL is not stopping the confusion

  7. Only UPND members have done doctorate in insulting and using the bad language for PF on the public platform.

  8. This is really uncultured! First, UPND needs to learn basic manners, and then they should think of coming into politics. Pathetic party!

  9. The fake, negative, and abusive videos or news spread more rapidly than real and positive information. This needs to stop.

  10. The shared information, videos, and images should be filtered before reaching a larger audience. Hence, we all support the passed cybercrime bill.

  11. We never witness UPND leader HH and its cadres behaving in a responsible manner. They have always created destruction in the country.

  12. HH is an uneducated and brainless person and so his party cadres. They have no guts to talk about development and vision. That’s why they just target PF with lies and insult them.

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