Ndola High Court sends 2 men to jail for 18 years for defiling minors


The Ndola High Court has sentenced two men to 17 and 18 years imprisonment respectively for defiling minors.

Stanley Lubo, a 31-year-old man of Ndola’s Mushili township, has been imprisoned for 18 years for defiling a 13-year-old sister-in-law whom he was keeping.

Lubo was charged with one count of defilement which he committed on April 12, 2019.

Evidence on record indicated that the incident happened after Lubo gave his two children one Kwacha and sent them to buy a packet of a snack called jigies.

After the children left, Lubo locked the door and took the girl to the bedroom, having gagged her with a cloth so she could not scream for help and tied her up to a bed using a chitenge material before he sexually took advantage of her.

The girl was rescued by her sister who came back home and found her husband naked while the girl was still tied to the bed.

The matter was reported to police and the girl was taken to Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital where it was discovered that she sustained cuts on her private parts.

Ndola High Court Judge Yvonne Cheembe described Lubo’s conduct as awful.

“I find his conduct deplorable. From the record it shows that he defiled the child under his care. The child looked up to him for protection and care but he decided to defile her in a house, a place of safety and protection,” Justice Cheembe said.

In another case, Gift Chongo was convicted for the offence of defilement which happened on March 26, 2019.

Chongo defiled the minor whose family shared a house with his.

“I find his act deplorable, he defiled the child whose family was sharing the same house, he took advantage that the house shared had no doors. He was not deterred that the parents were sleeping in the same house, even his wife but instead he woke up at night and defiled the girl in her room,” Justice Cheembe said as she sentenced Chongo to 17-years imprisonment with hard labour.


  1. This is the abomination we cannot accept muchalo chesu cha Zambia. Remember that upnd want to do away with the Christianity clause in our constitution. So if they win they will condone such acts

  2. The Judge should have even sentenced them 30 years each.
    Nomba they will be the ones who will be forced to “be on all fours picking soap” everyday in prison for their new found colleagues pleasure.
    A girl child is one to constantly watch over till adulthood.

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