Nevers Mumba Declared MMD President


The New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has declared Nevers Mumba as party president despite the injunction filed against the party.

And Dr. Mumba has described the injunction as invalid.

He says for an injunction to be genuine, it should come with all accompanying documents, seal from the court and a cause for it.

Dr. Mumba told ZNBC News that the convention was earlier this morning abandoned at Bonanza because the party wanted to protect its members.

He however says all the business that needed to be done was achieved as the party constitution was followed.

But Senior MMD Member Webby Chipili said his group put in an injunction to restrain Dr. Mumba and his team from going ahead with the convention because the party has not had any intra party elections from which delegates for the convention are picked.

Mr. Chipili, who is a former Deputy Minister of Information said Dr. MUMBA’s going ahead with the convention means disfranchising a large part of the former ruling party membership.

He charged that the move is unacceptable because the MMD introduced democracy in Zambia.

Mr. Chipili further noted that no one is against Dr. Mumba but they are against the deliberate distortion of the party constitution.


  1. So long as Lazy Lungu is appointing hungry MMD cadres as MPs with the sole purpose of destabilising MMD nothing will change.

  2. Fighting over a carcass. Disband and fuse into other parties, wether it is Nevers or Nakachinda, this party is dead

  3. Unbelivable that PF SG has asked NDC president Kambwili to go back to PF, but it is the same PF that expelled Kambwili they now want him back in an election year. Now they have use for him

  4. Law of forfeture don’t be dull. We have just extended an olive branch because our lost brother has now got his senses back and apologised. Why should we continue to harbour hate? Our purpose is not to be enemies with anyone but to work for this country. We don’t have time to hate or sideline citizens. Kambwilie is a citizen like you and me so why should we stop him joining the winning team ? Your upnd are very evil. Look how you treated kambwili. We hope he has learned that upnd is only for Tonga

  5. KZ it’s always great to read your empty lies. I wish you good luck with obese finished politicians like GBM and KC and soon NM – long forgotten and ridiculed by any sensible Zambian. And no we’re not UPND, not diasporans – just ordinary citizens totally fed up with PFake: the lies, the thieving, the corruption. You are clearly proud of your “achievements” if you want to call getting rich by stealing other people’s money, and ruining an otherwise rich country an achievement. I call it despicable

  6. Surely even Nevers Mumba would make a better president than ECL and PF who have severely decimated the Zambia economy.

  7. The so called lazy ECL has shamed you of you unpatriotic, and unappreciating Zambians by “sontapo wa bomba” for he has done many things to point at to prove that he is a very hard working Presidentwith a defined vision how Zambia should have looke like in last 50+ years ago!! Is Infrastructucre development a sign of laziness or lack of planning,vision and diretion? Your leader’s emphasis is fixing what others have laboured for.Is the creation of new district in order to for people to seek goernment service easily a sign of laziness? Pleas, let’s be reasonable.Most of you saying apf has done thing are hidding in your heads in sand.You have never tasted typical rural village life.CK don’t listen to these destructive elements, in unip time they were called “basamunda”. My…

  8. The truth of the matter is Mumba is just using MMD as a source of earning a living.

    Deep down he knows, with his leadership MMD cannot return to power.

    The more he stays on, the more MMD goes into Abyss. Waiting for the Church to help him win the general election as he recently stipulated is a total falsehood.

    Politics is about selling your ideas and winning hearts. That he has failed.

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