Zambia pays tribute to Czech Republic

Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Ambassador Chalwe Lombe
Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Ambassador Chalwe Lombe

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has paid gratitude to the Czech Republic for its continued support to Zambia through various development projects and programmes over the years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation, Chalwe Lombe, cited the development of integrated farming in Western province, agribusiness for livelihoods, innovation, food and empowerment, and support for development of value chains in agriculture as some of the programmes through which the Czech Republic has supported Zambia.

Ambassador Lombe said the exchange of high level visits in recent years between the two countries, the cooperation in key sectors such as agriculture, health and rural development and the opening of a resident mission in Lusaka in 2017, have raised the Czech Republic’s development cooperation profile in Zambia’s social and economic agenda.

He said this during the second Zambia-Czech Republic bilateral political consultations meeting on March 17, 2021.

The virtual annual bilateral meeting was aimed at enhancing further the existing cooperation between the two countries and promoting the mutual interest of their peoples.

He has meanwhile pointed out that the two countries enjoy excellent bilateral relations which date back to the post-independence period and have continued to flourish to date.

On the multilateral front, Ambassador Lombe expressed hope that Zambia and the Czech Republic would continue to contribute towards global efforts aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of Covid-19.

He also reiterated Zambia’s commitment to collaborating with the Czech Republic on matters of mutual interest at the United Nations and other international organisations.

And Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Czech Republic Martin Tlapa, said his country remained committed to strengthening its bilateral relations with Zambia.

Mr. Tlapa said the relations between the two countries are evidenced by the Czech Republic’s support in areas such as agriculture, health, entrepreneurship and most recently, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

He noted the strong bilateral relations between the two countries and welcomed suggestions of exploring further areas of cooperation in line with Zambia’s development agenda in the agriculture sector.


  1. The swearing in of Samia Siluhu Hassan as the New President of United Republic of Tanzania is more newsworthy than this. We are impressed to see Tanzania manage its Leadership Succession as provided under the Tanzanian Constitution. Until now Mrs Hassan was Running Mate and VP to the late John Magufuli. Congratulations to the Tanzanian People and Political Leadership in managing the Transition successfully. The whole of Africa including Zambia should emulate the Tanzanians in obeying and protecting their Constitution.

  2. The czech are very good and welcoming people. I remember when I visited Czech republic, their women were so beautiful and constantly czeching me out. Anyway that is a story for another day.

  3. We can work with these guys in infrustructure projects such as roads and railways. We share one thing in common with the Czechs, both countries love beer. They produce some of the worlds best brands of beer. Most farming equipment in Europe comes from the Czech republic. I think we can do business with these guys.

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