Church Mother bodies Appeal to President Lungu Not to Sign the Cyber Security and Crimes Bill into Law

President Lungu meeting the ZAF female fighter jet pilot, Captain Thokozile Muwamba and her team who walked from Lusaka to Livingstone in a campaign against cyber bullying.
President Lungu meeting the ZAF female fighter jet pilot, Captain Thokozile Muwamba and her team who walked from Lusaka to Livingstone in a campaign against cyber bullying.

The leaders of the Church Mother bodies namely the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) have called on President Edgar Lungu not to sign the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill of 2021 into law.

In a statement released to the media addressing a number of issues patterning to the coming general elections, the church mother bodies said that although the overall objectives of the bill are noble, they are are concerned that this being an election year, when the atmosphere is politically charged, a number of stakeholders will be suspicious of the intentions of government and the possible abuse of the rights for those who already feel oppressed.

The statement further said that the Church mother body is equally aware that many Zambians and organisations, such as the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), political parties, and a number of CSOs have raised oncerns about this bill and demanded that it be withdrawn for further consultations.

The statement further added that the Parliamentary Committee that considered the bill also recommended its withdrawal and ss such, people are asking as to why the House
moved on without taking into account the concerns of all key stakeholders.

“Therefore, we appeal to the conscience of the President not to sign the bill into law,” the statement read.

Below is the full statement


“A call for free, fair, credible and peaceful elections”

“Let your hearts be broken, not your garments torn, turn to Yahweh your God again, for he is all tenderness and compassion …” (Joel 2:13)

1.0. Preamble

We, the leaders of the Church Mother bodies namely the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge the efforts that have been made by government, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and non-state actors, including private citizens, in preparing for the holding of the 12 th August 2021 elections in Zambia; We take note of the difficulties that the country is going through, economically and socially, worsened by the debt burden as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on people’s daily lives;

We are aware that a good number of stakeholders are not satisfied with what is going on in the country; economically, politically and socially.

Having read and interpreted the signs of our time in these difficult days, we wish to once again share with you, our anxieties on the state of the nation as well as the hope and faith we have together in God. We pray that the Lord may guide us in overcoming the challenges that we face as a country.

As we move towards the August elections, there are issues currently affecting the country and others that may affect the credibility of the 2021 elections in August. We therefore wish to bring the following to the attention of the nation and call upon every Zambian to take every step possible to promote peace before, during and after elections.

2.0. 2021 Electoral Challenges

2.1. Politically Motivated Violence

We appreciate the concerns the Republican President raised during his Address to Parliament on 12 th February 2021 concerning politically motivated violence. He indicated that one of the root causes is the polarisation of the Zambian society according to regional and ethnic lines, promoted by politicians. The President requested all of us to condemn violence and tribalism. We are further aware that political violence is often committed by cadres belonging to the ruling party and also by cadres belonging to the opposition in the name of self-defense. Unfortunately, violence has sometimes been committed by the Zambia police, who are supposed to protect citizens and instead use lethal weapons leading to loss of lives. Regrettably, despite the available video evidence of well-known people who engage in acts of violence and utter sentiments of tribalism/regionalism, no action has been taken. Decisive action against any person engaging in electoral related violence must be reported to the ECZ for appropriate electoral sanctions and the police for criminal charges. At the same time, we strongly appeal to political leaders to prevail over their members and ensure that they engage in peaceful campaigns. This way, impunity will be curbed and violence related to the electoral process will be minimized.

2.2. Mobile Issuance of NRCs

While we commend the government for carrying out mobile issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs), we are aware that the exercise did not provide equal opportunities to all the Zambians that needed the cards. We raised this issue with the Ministry of Home Affairs but no action was taken to improve the situation. In our view, all NRC registration centres are supposed to be so well equipped and staffed that mobile issuance of NRCs every five years would not be necessary. Zambians who turn of age or lose their NRCs should be able to walk to these centres and obtain theirs cards without problems. If by chance a mobile issuance is done, monitoring of the exercise should be allowed.

2.3. Mobile Voter Registration

We are aware that this exercise got off to a controversial start, because there was no consensus among key stakeholders as to whether to discard the old register and create a completely new register or to just update the 2006 one. Secondly, the period that was given for this exercise was clearly not enough and so many potential voters could not manage to register. Furthermore, we noted with concern that mobile registration was used instead of stationing officers in every polling district as was done in 2006. While we appreciate the work the ECZ

has done so far in having the current register, we are of the considered view that there was room for improvement in terms of capturing more voters if proposals for a longer extension in the registration period as well as the deployment of extra staff and more registration kits were adhered to.

2.4.Current Voter Register

We are grateful to the ECZ for releasing the provisional register which gives us an indication of the number of voters that have been captured. We have noted the obvious differences of the numbers between the provinces whose NRC issuance was restricted and those who had a longer period of obtaining their cards as well as those who experienced challenges during the registration of voters. We wish to inform the nation that we are currently studying the provisional register and analysing the data and will share our findings in due course. We are doing this because the Voter’s Roll is a very important document that determines the credibility of any election.

2.5. Public Order Act and Rule of Law

To protect the lives of people and their property, the country needs law and order. In this regard, any law that protects the people’s right to assemble and associate without breaking the rights of others is necessary. However, Zambia has experienced a situation where the Public Order Act (POA) has continued to be applied selectively to curtail the ability of opposition political parties to mobilise and publicize their manifestos and to shut up other players with contrary views from those of government and the party in power.

We appreciate the Republican President’s commitment and promise he made during the last Parliamentary Address on 12 th February 2021, to guarantee law and order before, during and after elections. By so doing, he acknowledged the fact that there is a problem on this matter. We hopefully await to see the concrete measures the President and his government will take to ensure that this is achieved.

We know that the burden of ensuring that law and order is observed in the country lies on all the people of Zambia, but the police carry a special mandate to enforce law and order where society fails to voluntarily regulate itself. Given the diverse interests there is in Zambia, especially during elections, the police service has to stand firm and remain impartial at all times, if it has to win the confidence and trust of the people.

We take this opportunity to remind the nation that the aim of rule of law is to limit and check the arbitrary, oppressive, and despotic tendencies of those in power, and to ensure equal treatment and protection of all citizens irrespective of race, tribe, class, status, religion, place of origin, or political persuasion. It means having a legal framework that is fair, impartial, particularly in regard to human rights, public security and safety. Authority is legitimate if there is an established legal and institutional framework, and if decisions are taken in accordance with the accepted institutional criteria, processes, and procedures. 1 The perception that law enforcement agents had been biased and only favouring individuals from the ruling party, is now a reality that is making non ruling party members take the law into their own hands. This is equally not right.

Incidents where police stand by and watch members of the ruling party destroying property belonging to citizens is dangerous because it has the potential to erode the reduced confidence people have in police protection.

2.6. Performance of the Media

Closely linked to the freedom of expression is press freedom. The media provides a platform for people to air their views and opinions, a right which is also provided for by the Zambian Constitution. However, the law also contains some provisions that the Government can use to restrict this freedom. Two of Zambia’s four most widely circulated newspapers are public media, i.e. published by Government. Public media also includes radio and television stations financed from public resources. However, the public media has failed to fairly provide a platform for all Zambians, regardless of their political affiliation, to air their views and express their opinions on them. According to Panos Institute of Southern Africa (PSAf) and MISA, coverage by these media houses has not been fair as they consistently fail to educate and inform citizens in an objective, balanced, and clear way. 2 On the other hand, we also strongly urge the private media to be balanced and factual in the presentation of information to the public.

The cracking down of the private independent media that took place before and after the elections in 2016 sent a clear message to all private media that criticizing Government decisions and actions could put them in trouble. The once vibrant Post Newspaper, on 24 th April 2017 had its property, which included printing press, radio equipment, trucks, and other vehicles, auctioned despite the case still being heard in the High Court. In addition, some journalists from private stations that broadcast call-in and other talk show programs on which diverse and critical viewpoints were expressed freely, received threats from senior government and ruling party officials and politicians. MUVI TV and Komboni radio were temporarily shut down just after the 2011 elections. Prime TV, has become the latest private media house to be closed down and there seem to be no hope it will ever be broadcasting again. All these actions are a direct attack on the freedom of expression that Zambians are entitled to enjoy.
If there are administrative issues where media houses are found wanting, these should be dealt with in a fair and just manner and all media houses should be treated in the same way when found not compliant with statutory obligations.

Furthermore, the President during his Address to Parliament on 12 th February 2021, indicated that his government recognises the importance of the Media and to show this, a media policy was launched in November 2020. The policy aims at promoting freedom of expression and guarantees press freedom. The said policy is also anchored on media freedom, media pluralism, media independence and safety of journalists. On the other hand, media houses have continued to be harassed and closed while some of the radio stations continue to be attacked by political cadres who are intolerant of divergent views. Once more, we await to see the concrete measures that will be taken to guarantee media freedoms during the forthcoming elections.

We also hereby appeal to the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to show that they are truly independent, effective and act in a manner that is fair and protective of all the media.

Above all, we wish to appeal to all media houses to exercise journalism for peace. This means avoiding sensational journalism and always aspiring to be truthful, fair and ethical in their reporting.

2.7. Shrinking Democratic Space

The civic and political space that Zambians possess under the constitution is a hard-won product of anti-colonial struggle, and has been key to the progress made since then towards overcoming poverty and exclusion in our country. We are disheartened to see the country moving backwards by using the same exclusion political strategies that the colonialists used such as the POA, restriction in the use of the public media, use of violence and arbitrary arrest to scare political opponents and members of the public. In addition to this, media platform restriction has now extended to social media as government has taken to parliament the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill of 2021. We are aware that this has passed the third reading and is awaiting the assent of the President.

Though the overall objectives of the bill are noble, we are concerned that this being an election year, when the atmosphere is politically charged, a number of stakeholders will be suspicious of the intentions of government and the possible abuse of the rights for those who already feel oppressed.

We are equally aware that many Zambians and organisations, such as the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), political parties and a number of CSOs have raised
concerns about this bill and demanded that it be withdrawn for further consultations. The Parliamentary Committee that considered the bill also recommended its withdrawal. As such, people are asking as to why the House moved on without taking into account the concerns of all key stakeholders? Therefore, we appeal to the conscience of the President not to sign the bill into law.

2.8.Elections Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

We are aware, as your church leaders that the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing great fear and grief to our people, including the majority of our believers. Some are asking, “Where is God in all this?” Others are asking, “Why has God allowed us to suffer so much, literally disrupting our normal life?”

Well, as your pastors and shepherds, we encourage you to seek and find God in this time of crisis. God in his mercy has intervened before in such occasions as these, and God will intervene again. We draw your attention to the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4:35-41. When the boat in which Jesus and his disciples were was rocked by the storm and it was about to sink, the disciples exclaimed, “Master don’t you care that we are about to die?” Jesus commanded the storm to stop and calmed the anxieties of the disciples.

In times such as these, we are called to have strong faith in God.

As we move closer to the August 12 elections, we call upon all stakeholders to religiously abide by the public health regulations in order to safeguard the lives of the people. In addition, we urge those in authority not to use the observance of COVID-19 protocols to stifle the efforts of those seeking to be elected, especially those in opposition. A level playing field must be created in order to avoid a disputed election even before we cast a vote.

3.0. An Appeal to the Church and the Clergy

The Church plays a critical role in advocating for social justice, stewardship of national resources and good governance in the country. We call upon the clergy to continue preaching peace, unity and tolerance before, during and after the elections. Remember that if we want peace, we must work for justice.

As a conscience of the nation, the Church must be non-partisan and avoid receiving gifts that have the potential to make it lose its prophetic voice. In the run up towards the elections, the Church remains committed to play a reconciliatory and peacebuilding role.

4.0. Conclusion

Zambians desire to hold free, fair, credible and peaceful 2021 elections. The President in his recent address to parliament said, “I, therefore, call upon every Zambian, every political party and player, the church and the civil society to join me in assuring our people of peace and unity before, during and after the 2021 general elections. We are one Zambia, and indeed we are one nation” (President Speech #168). We welcome the above-mentioned call. In addition, we call upon government and all stakeholders in the nation to take concrete steps and actions that are necessary to restore confidence in the electoral processes and rule of law.

Moving forward, the Church remains committed to engaging with the Republican President, relevant government ministries and institutions, leaders of political parties, ECZ, Zambia Police, the Media, traditional leaders, other faith leaders and CSOs in a meaningful dialogue that will yield results, so that we guarantee for our people, free, fair, credible and peaceful elections.

Once more, we reiterate the call to conversion of heart we find in Joel 2:13 – “Let your hearts be broken, not your garments torn, turn to Yahweh your God again, for he is all tenderness and compassion …” On its part, the Church has set its eyes on its desire for a conversion of hearts and minds, leading to a united, reconciled and peaceful Zambia where all citizens freely participate in governance within a thriving social and economic environment. This will continue to guide all dialogue processes and engagements that the Church will carry out, now and in the future.

Issued to the Press on 19 th March 2021 – LUSAKA.
Bishop Sauros Phaika

Bishop Paul Mususu
Bishop George C. Z. Lungu


1.Adapted from Prof. Muna Ndulo. (2016) Paper on “Rule of Law, Peace, Security and Development”; available at
2. MISA-Zambia, (2016) State of Media in Zambia-Report


  1. Some church leaders, in whose interests are you serving? People should continue suffering abuse just because its an election year? Very useless.

  2. You are not church leaders but upnd sympathies, its like this article was prepared by upnd in your name.

  3. Lungu will sign this Bill into law becoz he needs this Law for Political Survival. Lungu will use this law to target Opposition Parties and shrink further the remaining Media,Civic and Political Space. He needs to stop the Opposition from Campaigning effectively. Around Election Day Lungu will close the Internet and Social Media so that he can quietly and secretly rig the vote in his favour. As Lungu struggles for a Third Term he doesn’t want bad publicity as he directs Concourt to endorse his Candidature for the 2021 Elections. The axe cuts both ways so this Law may backfire on him. Time will tell.

  4. In all throughout this article the church mother bodies are very biased against the government. They are coming out as if they are the opposition rather than a church that is for peace building. They’re inciting the people to blame government for any perceived negative eventuality that may be done by the opposition after elections. This is not good guidance by the body of christ our Lord. You don’t have to be a genius to note that what the church mother bodies are saying are just serving the interests of the opposition. I am a good Christian but I don’t support what the church are saying at all. They have clearly demonstrated that they are the Ambassadors of the opposition.

  5. As soon as this Bill lands on ECL’s Desk he will sign it with his eyes closed. This law will shrink further Media, Civic and Political Space. That’s what ECL wants to limit Election Campaigns by the Opposition. On Election Day ECL intends to close the Internet and Social Media to aid his Election Rigging Strategy. ECL doesn’t want publicity when his Nomination is Petitioned at Concourt. He wants the Petition on his Eligibility rigged in his favour by Concourt. The writing is on the wall.

  6. You’ve expressed your opinion but failed to point specifics, that they’ve done wrong.
    Hate speech by certain ministers is in the public domain no action has been taken.
    Whereas some private media give the PF and government airtime ZNBC does not… they’ve raised these issues.
    The Cyber Security Bill is not all about Cyber Bullying it proposes many things infringing on privacy and protection of personal property in conflict with the Constitution.
    At the moment Cyber bullying can still be prosecuted by current laws . Please state the specifics in the Pastoral Letter where the Mother bodies are supporting the opposition….

  7. Matthew 16:23-27
    23 But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

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  9. These are fair observations of our country’s political, economic and social status quo as highlighted by the church, lest someone say the church mother bodies have also been bought by the opposition. Please PF sympathizers stop this nonsense of saying this or that is a sympathizer of the opposition whenever they point out a wrong. Please! Please! it’s just too much learn to own up and respond to issues inappropriately…

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    I think the Church should just urge its members to vote wisely.

    Things are very bad in Zambia. People are hungry. Even some PF bloggers here have vanished due to hunger.

    We tried voting for the one they said was humble.

    He ended up being a common thief.

    Maybe we can now vote for someone the PF keep accusing for everything under the sun.

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  16. What consistutes fair elections? This is the biggest point the article is missing. We should never forget what media did in Rwanda. Now with social media any country that is not careful can easily plunge in civil war. Why should anyone worry about this cyber law if they don’t have wrong motives. Go to any developed country, they have this law in place. So to ensure peace and normacy during the elections, the president must sign this law quickly infact. Zambia will not end with the August 12 elections. That is just a term event. And it should not be a matter of life and death for either ECL to remain president or HH to take over. Whoever has a convincing message is who the electorate will vote for. So men of God, let us be praying for the peaceful elections and engage these political…

  17. These are the biggest Church mother bodies in Zambia and for them to join the foray against the Pf government, expect the unexpected this year should Lungu ignore them. The church represents peace and the followers will always listen to their church elders rather than the politician. Haven’t we seen pictures of naked women in open air just because some pastor asked them to do so?

  18. The Church Mother Bodies should have outlined the articles in the Cyber Security Bill that are offensive.This regrettably they have failed.

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    Look at the fake cases against CK, all fake political cases ready to be discarded as soon as CK rejoins PF…..

    And you think lungu will give you an honest bill ??????

  20. No one trusts ……..

    Seriously, who would trust him who ga.ssed his own people , todate we have heard nothing of any investigations….

    Look at the cases against CK, all political cases ready to be discarded as soon as CK rejoins PF…..

    And you think will give you an honest bill ??????

  21. The church raise substantial issues that go beyond just the Cyber Security Bill. ECL was probably in church today, praying and being praised by some pastor who himself is to receive “church empowerment ” funds. Unfortunately, despite his professed love for God and respect for the church, he will not even bother to respond to this letter from the church mother bodies or even engage with them in any way. You have to wonder why the church mother bodies even feel that he gives two cents about their timid opinion. They may well consider expressing a stronger opinion more direct opinion. The church was warned when they were pampering him and endorsing his “humility”. See the monster that has emerged now.

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    Kaizar ; fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. if truly that you have leadership qualities, God will humble you down to Earth which will enable you to start preaching peace into the lives of so many Zambians. But if you continue like that , you will be punished like Herald. include God in the words you speak so…


  27. Do not trust this paranoid fraud convict with your freedoms ……..he’s only mission is to cling to power by all means possible ,

    and this cyber bill is one of those means………..

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    The ruling Presidents in Uganda , Tanzania, Zimbabwe and currently in Congo (Brazzaville) are fully using these laws.
    E Lungu needs these Cyber Security laws to stay in power like other dictators around the world.

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    KZ you can run and run but you will not F******G hide. We gonna get your eh in the dog pound. With this statement issued, guys be assured that Zambia will be made great again after PF. I remain.

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  35. I’ve never heard these individuals speak of the things of God, evangelize or lead by example of the need to respect Romans 13. Which god then are they serving when we call them men of god?. But God is merciful and says repent and I will take you back. The times of the book of Revelations are upon us. Satan and his agents have transformed themselves to pretend to be agents of light.

  36. The Manipulated Voters Roll, the Cyber law which will be used to close the Internet ,Social Media and Political Space, the expected rigging of Lungu’s Eligibility Petitions, vote stuffing, printing of pre-marked ballots etc point to a rigged and disputed August 12, 2021 Elections in Zambia. With tempers rising Social unrest is likely. An illegitimate ECL PF Govt will find Zambia ungovernable and the Economy will collapse. The prospects for Zambia after the rigged and disputed Election in August 2021 look bleak.

  37. Lets not under play the observation by the Church mother bodies, they have just come out clear and this bill will catch up with PF very soon. Look at the requirements for a grade 12 certificate, it started as simple but now playing havoc among stakeholders.

  38. I can understand the difference of opinion. But out rightly rejecting a Law could be detrimental to the security and safety of women using social media and children exploited by anti social elements. Even the Churches need to carefully read the Bill and draw the conclusions. It is not wise at all, to toe the line of opposition leader who is known to support the illegalities and immoralities on social media.

  39. This statement appears to be politically motivated. We know who is dividing the society on the regional and ethnic lines. This was the last thing expected from Churches, to get involved in political blame game.

  40. Cyber crimes have become a major nuisance for women, children, girls and elderly persons in the country. We need to protect them. Surprisingly, while speaking against the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill, the Church seems to have forgotten that Hakainde Hichilema is protecting a criminal called Chellah Tukuta who molested Dora Siliya on social media. He is facing court trial for the crime. It would have been better had the Church given an earful to HH.

  41. Please correct me if I am wrong. I think this statement by Church Mother bodies supports those abusing freedom on social media and the criminals who cheat people and molest women. We all should support the Cyber Security Bill. The objective is to create a mechanism to curb the crimes targeting women and children. As responsible citizens it is our duty to support it and not politicize it.

  42. The stand on Public Order Act and Rule of Law is the glaring evidence that this is nothing but a political statement. The government had proposed to amend the Act but the opposition preferred to turn its back on the meeting convened to discuss the issue. Now they have no moral right to criticise the government. It is dismal to see Church indulging in political fight.

  43. The media has been exploiting its freedom. I can point out several instances when media has given fake news to support the narrative set by Hakainde Hichilema. I have even nailed the lies, but the media houses never accepted the fault. Media in Zambia has been bootlicking Hichilema for few thousands Kwachas.

  44. Instead of relying on some motivated reports, the Church should have conducted its own survey before issuing the statement. That would have been more prudent and saved the Church being seen siding with politicians with vested interests.

  45. Had the democratic space been shrinking in Zambia, everyone criticising the government would have been put behind the bars. Has it ever happened? Has anyone even booked for criticising the government and President? The Church should see the language they use against the President and PF. I would like to know if Church supports that kind of language. Forget whether it is PF or President Lungu, do we support it, being used for anyone? Why there is not even a single word against it?

  46. They find the objectives of the passed bill noble but still opposing the bill. What kind of double standard is this!!!

  47. The bill has to do nothing with the coming elections. In fact, it will help in decreasing the circulation of fake videos, images, and information on social media.

  48. A true patriotic person will always support the good cause, no matter what! We must always stand on the right side. And, the Majority of Zambians are supporting President Lungu and the passed bill. End of the story!

  49. Church people always stood by President Lungu and his decision which has always benefited millions of Zambians. This smells something different, something fishy…

  50. When Hichilema found that the people are not taking him seriously, he found another way to kill the passed bill. Mastermind #Bally, still President Lungu will sign the cyber bill and make it a law. Do whatever you want!!!


  52. @Inzaghifmc the way we normally disagree is by thumbs down but not insulting. Its people like you who are justifying Bill’s like this one under discussion. I am shocked that you live in North America and you don’t know what the word media mean. Media includes radio, newspapers, WhatsApp, tv etc. Please don’t bring me down to your level of reasoning. If truly you are in North America, can you openly say Zambia is ahead of the western world in enacting cyber security laws?

  53. So when you’re insulted on this platform what will be your course of action? Only then will you see the short-comings in our current laws to effectively deliver justice to you.

    2021 Hazaluza Hagain!

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