YALI calls on President Lungu to speedily assent to the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill


The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has urged Republican President, Dr. Egdar Chagwa Lungu, to speedily assent to the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill which was passed into law by Parliament.

“We are aware that the President is required, within 21 days after the Bill has been presented to him, assent the Bill,” said YALI President Andrew Ntewewe
Mr Ntewewe said the civil society is looking forward to the establishment of the Cyber Security Authority and appointment of inspectors who will help bring sanity to the Cyber space.

“Equally, we want to equally call on the Minister of Home Affairs to speedily operationalize the law after its assent by the President,” said Mr Ntewewe
Mr Ntewewe said many a time good laws to fight modern ills such as terrorism, money laundering and corruption take so long to be made operation but very little is known about our country’s fight against funding and prevention of terrorism.

“This is because, despite the Anti-Terrorism law having been enacted in 2008, little work has been done to put the structures in place that would help combat terrorism,” said Ntewewe.

Mr Ntewewe has called on the Honourable Kampyongo to begin identifying structures that would help to quickly set up the necessary structures under the Bill and emphasised that President Lungu has assured the country that this Bill would be assented.

“The country and its citizens will greatly benefit from having a cyber space which is free of bullying and other associated crimes,” said Ntewewe

Mr Ntewewe said it was even unfortunate that with the proliferation of faceless online media, injury has continued to be caused to people’s reputation with no recourse at all.
“Serious crimes against children and women have been committed using the cyber space and society has a duty to protect these vulnerable groups,” said Ntewewe


  1. Ntewewe should be careful what he wishes for. What cyber bullying is talking about? This law will come to bite its proponents. Closing Internet,Social Media and Political Space will negatively affect all and the whole Country. The writing is on the wall.

  2. As usual, YALI keeping up appearances, while soliciting for jobs.

    I hope these good-for-nothing chaps realize that they could wind up as victims of the same law down the line!

  3. This law is is honey and milk to the politicians who are determined to silence the voices if the masses on online platforms. Its very hard to reverse a law once implemented. Prepare yourselves to suffer under it for many years to come.

  4. It is here and here to stay. The president will sign it soon. Ba upnd diasporan come here you cry on my laps. Pooja baby. Hahaha. This bill will fix you.

  5. It will be unwise for the President to listen to YALI than the church mother bodies. If the President goes by YALI’s advise, it will exactly be a repeat of what King Rehoboam of 2Kings10 did. He rejected the advice of the elderly and chose to go by the advice of the young men.

  6. Well spoken and we are looking forward to this law work. Those who think they can hide and insult will be fished out like batombolilo.

  7. PRESIDENT NO MASK AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Civil society. Churches ‘mother’ bodies. NGOs. Creatures of failing states. In the developed countries if you want an opinion on a matter of public interest you go to a renowned academic institutions. You ask the people who have PhDs and honours in that field to give a learned opinion. In Zambia, we have cadres who have never penned a thesis in their lives but with not only empty stomachs but also empty heads being given audience to their rabid imaginations driven by hunger. On the other hand, even when academics give their opinions, they are strongly subjective and partisan. It is amazing how the POA was opposed by lawyers in opposition to the MMD and to UNIP, but now the same in power and President as well, see nothing wrong with it!

  9. Let the bill pass and become law.
    After 12th August 2021 when the PF are kicked out , the stupid law will only be applied to PF supporters.
    The rest of the nation who don’t want the law will be exempted.

  10. Churchill SAID We shall meet them on their ground, we shall meet them in the fields and in the streets, we shall meet them in the hills; we shall never surrender,…….. and this is now the stance of the oppressed people of Zambia

  11. We all are eagerly waiting for President Lungu to sign the bill, but even there are certain procedures that need to be followed by him. Have patient Zambians!

  12. It is worth the wait as the passed bill will be signed by President Edgar Lungu, history will be created in Zambia!!!

  13. Even full stops and commas makes big difference. Hence proofreading is a must before signing the Bill and I guess President Lungu and his team is busy doing the same because once the bill turned into law then no chance can be done.

  14. Yes, Mr. Ntewewe said it right we need good laws to fight terrorism, money laundering, and corruption. I believe Zambia law is becoming so strong that soon this crime will also vanish from the country! Amen!!!

  15. We must thank President Lungu for bringing up the cyber bill in Parliament. We will always be grateful to him.

  16. Wonder what HH must be plotting against President Lungu, till now all his plans are had turned flopped. ????

  17. I think we don’t have to fear anything now because the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill is already passed in the parliament, and the President shall assent it soon.

  18. Indeed, Zambia going to get a huge benefit on social media platforms once the Cyber Bill turned into a Law… We are excited!!!!!!!!

  19. When Kaunda wanted to stand as president, the MMD introduced a parentage law and Sata danced “Kaunda alala.” Then Sata formed PF and found himself with Veep who couldn’t act as President. The MMD also made the law on motor vehicle theft non-bailable and it came back to haunt Sata when Mwanawasa became president and Sata was locked up. Careful what you wish

  20. If the Cyber Law brings about Internet and Social Media blackout that will make all Cellphone very Angry. HH says as soon as he is sworn in he will Repeal the Cyber Law. Well most Cellphone users tired of Internet and Social Media blackouts will no choice but to vote for HH to re-gain their freedom to information. So ECL will ignore the request of all Three Church Mother Bodies and listen to Ntewewe and hi Yali Megaphone. Thats a sure way of making ECL unpopular and losing votes. The Law will backfire on Lungu and PF.

  21. So Zambian citizens may be held in darkness as they will shut the internet to cook the election results. They will say now we got them, they will not be able to mobilise while we steal from them. My prayer to my God is, if this bill comes with a hidden agenda, may it be a repeat of the story of Haman and Mordecai. Let Haman, in this evil plot, be hanged on his own gallows he is building and let Mordecai be promoted, in Jesus name Amen.

  22. Does closing the Internet,Social Media, Civic and Political Space win ECL Votes? Angry and Hungry People will not vote for ECL and PF. I guess this Law strengthen PF Election Rigging Capacity. This could be counter productive. Time will tell.

  23. They’ll be planting evidence to implicate those they want to lock up. So easy to tell from their indecent haste.

  24. HAHAHAHA……… very trick and seem to be a trap. God is watching careful. Emanuel, God with us, when God is with you no one can be against you. Remember Moses, Joshua and Arron

  25. Ntewewe is just another stupid PF cadre. YALI my a$$. These fool is just another cadre hiding in some useless vague organization.

  26. Cyber bill is useless and won’t stop us in the diaspora from speaking out for those underprivileged and screwed up by Lungu.

  27. Cyber Security Law is a survival Election Rigging tool kit for PF. The Law will be used to restrict Opposition Parties from Campaigning. The Law will limit the flow of information and on August 12,2021, the Voting Day, Internet and Social Media will be closed. This will help PF manipulate Vote Counting and Election Results Announcements in ECL’s favour. We hope that the Opposition will put measures in place to counter the PF Election Rigging Strategy and protect the Vote. After Bill 10 failed this Cyber Security Law will help implement ECL Election Rigging Strategy. The writing is on the wall.

  28. “”history will be created in Zambia!!! “” SO SOMEONE SAID

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