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Kapata calls for restoration of depleted forests


Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata has noted that depleted natural resources can be restored with concerted efforts.

Ms Kapata has since called for the promotion of natural regeneration and enrichment tree planting as a means of restoring destroyed forests country wide.

ZANIS reports that Mrs Kapata made the remarks during the commemoration of the international day of forest which falls on March 21st, 2021 annually.

The Mandevu Law Maker, explained that forests are cardinal in providing social, economic and environmental benefits to the country.

She implored the youths, women and men to participate in the restoration of natural forests for the betterment of the Zambian people.

“You may wish to note that our natural forests when well managed are able to recover. The Lusaka Park is one such example of a previously degraded forest which has been restored,” She said.

And Lusaka National park area warden, Elliot Kasempa, said the declaration of forest number 26 and 65 into a national park has helped in restoring the named forests.

Mr Kasempa explained that prior to the two forests being declared as national parks they were heavily deforested.

“The excessive cutting down of trees for charcoal threatened the existence of forest number 26 and 65,” He said.

Meanwhile Kafue District Commissioner, Gibson Sinkala, stressed that forests are key in the sustaining of people’s livelihoods.

He cited honey, mushroom and medicines as some of the products harvested from natural forests.


  1. Why were these forests depleted in the first place? Was that not because the PF government looked the other way, while their corrupt cadres sold of the timber harvested? And then now, four months before the election, you cry foul and call for restoration! You should have prevented the depletion!

  2. This sounds like a joke coming from someone who is degazzetting forests and sharing the spoils with her counterparts.

  3. Some of you may have seen the malicious article published by those dogs at zambian watchdog. Apparently I have a Russian wlfe and child. I think even a confused man would know that such an article is inaccurate and a bunch of lies. This is reason why we are introducing cyber bill. Zambia watch dog know that their days are numbered when this bill is enacted. So they are now trying to tarnish my name because I fought hard to bring this bill to the table. I am kaizar and you can’t bring me down

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