President Lungu’s Foreign Observer Invitation; A Personal Commitment Towards Free, Transparent and Credible Election


By Marvin Chanda Mberi

During his annual greetings of the Diplomatic corps accredited to Zambia, held virtually on 23rd March, 2021, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu did not want to leave anything to chance but assure the international community that the elections will be free and fair.

This commitment by the President comes barely when some unpatriotic citizens have with impunity been abusing the cyber space to discredit the hard earned reputation Zambia has acquired as a beacon of peace.

The aspersions being cast on social media seem to suggest that the nation is ungovernable yet the contrary is true.

President Lungu even went an extra mile to indicate to the diplomats who were in attendance that soon the invitations will be sent to the observers who wish to monitor the elections.

This is despite that Zambia is anticipating a third wave of corona virus which is likely to hit Zambia in the third quarter of this year and building up to the elections.

ECL’s open invitation in view of the world as the meeting was streamed live on various social media platforms with a wide following, is highly appreciated as it is commitment towards the transparent and peaceful electoral process.

President Lungu has proved his critics wrong especially those who judge the standard of a free and fair election only if the outcome favored them.

From the time the preparations for elections kicked off, the power hungry politicians who have lost six times consecutively have always discredited the democratic process.
To remind those who maybe forgetful, President Lungu has always been truthful to his holding free and fair elections and he did it in 2016.

In 2016, elections which gave him his first term where highly praised by various institutions as observers freely undertook their calling.

The President’s pledge to the Diplomats is consistent with the assurance he has given to the Zambian people and more recently the directive to the Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja to reform the police service.

The police on the other hand are confident that they will not let the Zambian people down and will be helpful in delivering the peaceful poll.

Now that the highest office in the land has extended an olive branch to international observers, the onus is now on the political players to complement the efforts that have been made by the various institutions.

ECL has demonstrated political will, the onus lies on those with the duty to take necessary measures and ensure that his wish is not put to waste.


  1. Lungu has presided over corruption,ineptitude and growth in poverty so he cannot now promise free,transparent and credible elections.Mscheew,he’s a failed leader.

  2. “US ambassador recalled after dispute with Zambian government over gay rights and corruption”-CNN

    Speaking Out on Gay Rights and Corruption Costs Ambassador His Job
    Zambia’s president wanted U.S. Ambassador Daniel Foote gone after he criticized the government for corruption and for sending a gay couple to prison. We don’t want such people in our midst. We want him gone,” President Lungu told the state-owned television channel ZNBC on Sunday.”-THE NEW YORK TIME

    International community please declined the invitation.

    PF time out. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  3. Please international community declined the invitation.

    There’s no need for international Community to come and observe Elections the commander-in-chief as assure them; “President Edgar Chagwa Lungu did not want to leave anything to chance but assure the international community that the elections will be free and fair.”-LT

    President-elect must recite the Oath of Office. I will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

    Someone needs to remind the president is moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.

    PF time out.

  4. When is Satana Under 5 going to invite diplomats to his house again for hungry lion packs?

    But kwena the guy can be desperate, I have never seen in my life kikikiki.

  5. I get puzzled when in same breath you say people are just being malicious but something is being done! Why is for example, police been instructed to reform if all is well? Until you are personally affected that is when it will dawn all is not well? By the way, we tarnish our own image when we report brutal arrest only of one side and cadres from the ruling party go free; when corruption is the inthing, when ruling party accuses itself of corruption in the adoption space. Social media just amplify it

  6. The president is confident that even a thousand observers can be kept away from 100% election rigging.

  7. Not true. So far the electoral process has not been free and fair. The opposition has been denied space and time to freely mobilize support for their parties and the perceived PF strongholds have seen increased numbers of voters while the opposition strongholds have reduced numbers

  8. ECL is on record saying: “In 2015 and 2016 u voted me out but I am still here and in 2021 and beyond I will still be here”. These are not words of a Man who believes in Free,Fair and Credible Elections. ECL has never retracted that Statement so the talk of “free,fair and credible election” is just a ruse. Whatever ECL says the opposite is true.ECZ has already rigged the New Voters Roll. U can’t have a Credible Election without a Credible Voters Roll. ECL is insisting on an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term Bid. U can’t have a Credible Election by breaching the Constitution. The Constitution is very clear that ECL cannot contest the 2021 Elections becoz he has held Office, been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016. ZPS is arresting Opposition Activists and detaining…

  9. Nobody is naive to believe ECL’s false promises on “free,fair and peaceful ” elections in August 2021. ECL doesn’t walk the Talk. ECL does the opposite of what he says so Election Observers cannot trust him.Election Observers should insist that the Constitution be respected and obeyed in conducting 2021 Elections in Zambia. ECL should retire from Politics having finished his second Term in Office. The Constitution prohibits ECL from standing for a Third Term(Article 106(3)). U can’t have a Credible Election when u are breaching the Republican Constitution. Election Observers should advise Concourt to resolve ECL’s Eligibility in an Objective and Professionally manner.There are signs that Elections in 2021 will be violent and disputed unless ECL levels the playing field: Voters…

  10. This is where lungu excells as a crooked lieing lawyer…….he says the right things but……..

    He knows his thugs and PF police are brutalised , blocking and arresting opposition, preventing them from mobilising , even attacking radio stations that host them…

  11. The biggest problems in this 2021 Elections are: 1. ECL’s Eligibility. 2. Voters Roll. 3. Election intergrity.
    1.Based on its record Zambia Concourt cannot be trusted to resolve ECL’s Third Term Bid. Election Observers should advise Concourt to resolve ECL’s Third Term Eligibility in an Objective and Professionally manner otherwise Zambia could descend into Chaos. 2. The New Voters Roll has already been manipulated. Election Observers should advise ECZ to come up with a Credible Voters Roll which doesn’t disenfranchise Voters. 3. Election Observers should advise Govt to level the playing field in this year’s Election. Election Campaigns should be free and fair and Vote Counting and Election Results Announcements should be transparent and accountable.


  13. A Personal Commitment Towards Free, Transparent and Credible Election should have started from 2016.
    Reform the electoral process
    Reform ECZ,allow the opposition to monitor and scrutinize the Voters Registration.
    Repeal the Public Order Act
    Reform the Police Force
    Give Air time to the opposition on National TV and Radio
    Stop Cadre violence on Community Radio stations.
    Elections in Zambia under pf have and will never be free,Transparent and credible.

  14. This article is very powerful. It says everything I have been saying. The evil unpatriotic elements in diaspora who support upnd have been trying to discredit all the hard work this government has done. So to fix them, please welcome cyber bill. You cannot continue cyber bullying a government which doesn’t care about you and expect us to turn blind eye. Mwaaniya

  15. You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of the day.

  16. Election Observers need to come to Zambia soon and advise the ECL Govt how free, fair ,transparent and credible Elections look like and are measured. ECL is insisting on an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term. Election Observers must dissuade ECL from Breaching the Republican. International Constitutional Lawyers must advise Zambia Concourt to hear and determine ECL’s Eligibility in the 2021 Elections. An illegal and unconstitutional Third Term Bid by ECL will have far reaching consequences on Zambia’s Constitutional Democracy. The writing is on the wall.

  17. So even if they come and declare that the election was not free neither fair, will it make a difference? I think not.

  18. Lungu’s Personal Commitment to Transparent, Free and Credible Elections in Zambia is ZERO but his commitment to Violence, Rigged Elections and Thuggery is 100%. Lungu is a hypocrite and doesnt do what he says. He once disclosed that he was not interested in a Third Term but now Lungu’s Objective is to illegally and unconstitutionally put his Name on the Ballot Box and then rig the 2021 Election with the help of ECZ and Zambia Concourt. ECZ and Concourt need to handle Lungu’s Eligibility Petitions objectively and Professionally otherwise Zambia will be driven into Chaos. That Explosion of Chaos will engulf ECZ and Concourt Judges. Concourt is between a Rock and a Hard Place and needs our Prayers.

  19. ECL’s desire for free, transparent and credible 2021 Elections may not be compatible with objective conditions in Zambia today. The happiness index in Zambia is at its lowest ebb and Lungu’s Popularity is probably around 35%. To garner 50% + 1 vote threshold ECL will need to rig the 2021 Elections in his favour. This is not consistent with the desire for free,fair,transparent and credible Elections. With the current State of the Economy and Governance in Zambia ECL simply cannot win 50% +1 vote without using force and stealing the 2021 Elections. The writing is on the wall.

  20. If ECL was given a choice to choose between “free, credible and transparent Election “and Retaining Power by any means he would choose the latter. This talk of “free and fair Elections ” is meant to hoodwink Election Observers so that they don’t see Election Rigging in Progress. U can’t have a Credible Election without a Credible Voters Roll. ECL thru ECZ have already rigged the Voters Roll in favour of the ECL/PF Govt. They are preparing to rig the Petitions against ECL’s Eligibility at Concourt. The truth is ECL cannot win a clean Election and is prepared to rig the 2021 Elections to retain Power. The writing is on the wall.

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