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Man killed by buffalo in Kalumbila


A 43 year old man of Mutanda area in Kalumbila district has died after being attacked by a buffalo at Mutanda Avantech farms.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident believed to have happened yesterday around 19:00 hours.

Mr Njase told ZANIS in Solwezi today that Boswell Sondolo sustained a deep cut on the head, a swollen left leg and died on his way to Solwezi general hospital.

“Be informed that Kyawama Police Station received a report of Sudden death in which M/EDOMO KASOSA aged 36yrs of Kandemba Compound, Solwezi reported that his nephew M/BOSWELL SONDOLO aged 43 of Mutanda area also of Kilunde Village, Chief Chizela of Mufumbwe District died on the way to hospital after being attacked by a Buffalo belonging to Mutanda Avantech farms which caused him to sustain deep cut on the head, swollen left leg.

“The same happened on 26 March 2021 around 19:00 hours at Mutanda Avantech farms,” Mr Njase said.

“The body of the deceased has been deposited into Solwezi general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem,” he said.

He said the body is lying in Solwezi general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem adding that the uncle to the deceased has been advised to report the matter to Mutanda police post in Kalumbila district for further inquiries.


  1. This is very sad- when nature and narture clash. I remember many years ago when I fought with a buffalo whilst on safari holiday. In fact I saved the lives of two careless diasporans who were annoying the animal. The two f00ls learned a lesson.

  2. Buffaloes are dangerous animals.

    I remember many years ago while on a safari holiday, my friend and I mistook a buffalo for a cow and started milking it. It nearly killed us both.

    Luckily, this skinny man with yellow teeth in our group fought the buffalo and rescued us.

    He said he was a lab cleaner so we gave him a 5 dollar tip. We even had dinner together that night, buffalo stew, of course.

    I just wish I could remember his name. Oh well, anyway, such is life.

  3. Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as c0ckey, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

  4. Why do have to let bushmeat kill us? And imagine on judgement day…..you are asked of how you died…only to tell God that it was bushmeat…Ndiyo that killed me….to hell!

  5. @Kajimano, lol. Good thing people don’t know what you are saying.
    At everyone else, please learn to appreciate sarcasm, that’s what the impostor from the UK would say.

  6. @4 Indigo Tyrol, yeah!!!! That friend of yours was me! I remember that pompous tiny jerk with yellow incisors who whispered to the buffalo to let us go unharmed. He also claimed to be a ‘Mouse Dundee’ from the east.

  7. Kaizar COVID Zulu….the real Kaizar Zulu made headlines on Zambian watchdog yesterday and this fake Kaziar Zulu is busy on Lusaka Times

  8. Why do you Zambians report of whereabouts of the dead body?? Deposited there… This country is fvcked up for real.

  9. The buffalo belongs to a private ranch (there are some whites in this area who are engaged in commercial game farming) and the owners must be held responsible for loss of life. It is unacceptable to lose a life this way.

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