Public service, private sector urged to emulate late Dr Msiska


Government has implored the public service and private sector to emulate former Secretary to Cabinet Roland Msiska’s 35 years legacy of professionalism and dedication to public service.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili said late Dr Msiska was a gallant public servant and true son of the soil.

Reverend Sumaili said Dr Msiska was a principled man who valued service above personal gain and contributed immensely to Zambia’s development through the various capacities he served in the public service locally and internationally.

Speaking on behalf of the Government during the funeral service of Dr Msiska at Healing Word Ministries Global Heart Church in Lusaka, Reverend Sumaili said the late Secretary to Cabinet believed in transforming the public service to meet the aspirations and expectations of Zambians.

ZANIS reports that Rev Sumaili said Dr Msiska was influential in implementing reforms aimed at transforming the public service in order to improve public service delivery to Zambians.

The Minister pointed out that the Smart Zambia concept introduced by Dr Msiska has positively changed the way the government operates and conducts business.

Rev Sumaili eulogized Dr Msiska as a public service worker who exemplified loyalty to the Head of State and believed in doing what is right.

Reverend Sumaili added that Dr Msiska also worked hard as Director General of the Zambia Atomic Energy Agency to help the country develop alternative energy sources due to increasing climate change effects on the country’s traditional sources of energy.

In his homily, Apostle Christopher Kalima urged Christians and Zambians in general to make use of the talents and skills God has given them to impact and serve society as demonstrated by Dr Msiska.

Dr Msiska served as Secretary to Cabinet from 2013 to 2019 and as Director General of the Zambia Atomic Energy Agency from 2019 until his death on Wednesday March 24, 2021 after some health complications.

At the time of his death, Dr Msiska was serving his second term as President of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM).

AAPAM Secretary General George Kojo Scott described Dr Msiska as a servant leader of impeccable qualities with an entrenched vision of transforming the public service in Africa.

Dr Kojo Scott said Dr Msiska legacy will live on as an outstanding public servant who provided best solutions to Africa’s Public administration and management ills.

His widow Glynis and four children described him as a great spiritual and generous person who strived to improve the welfare of not only his family but strangers and society.

Global Heart Church Elder Mwaba Chilekwa said Dr Msiska was a spiritual and prayer warrior who strived to serve God and started the implementation of President Edgar Lungu’s vision of the construction of the National House of Prayer in Lusaka.

Dr Msiska was put to rest at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka.

And family representative Christopher Msiska thanked President Edgar Lungu for according Dr Roland Msiska a state funeral.

Mr Msiska thanked the government, well-wishers and the church for the financial, material and spiritual support provided to the family.

He thanked Secretary to Cabinet Dr Simon Miti and the Medical Association of Zambia for providing a befitting professional send off for Dr Msiska.

The funeral service was attended by Deputy Chief Justice Micheal Musonda, First Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa and Bank of Zambia Governor Christopher Mvunga, and other serving and retired senior government officials, representatives of Service Chiefs and Dean of the Diplomatic Corp.


  1. As if businesses have not suffered enough with the pandemic…sadly we have a lazy govt filled with lazy ministers with no understanding for productivity.

  2. Thank you Dr and Mrs Msiska for the service rendered. People always praise the man but forget that there is also a woman for any man to excel. A wife who can lend the man to the country. We grieve with you Mrs Msiska and the children as well as the family near and far. May God dry your tears.
    ‘Loyalty to the Head of State and believed in doing what is right’ can sometimes clash.

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