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Zambia Police is Ready to Police the General Elections


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says police are well equipped and ready to police the August 12, 2021 general elections

Speaking on the national broadcaster, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Kabusha Bemba Radio programme on Radio one and monitored by ZANIS in Chinsali, Mr. Kampyongo said Government has bought equipment for the police to enable them to perform their duties effectively.

Mr. Kampyongo who is also Shiwang’andu area member of parliament said Government has also bought vehicles for the police service saying the onus is now on the police to prove that they are equal to the task.

The Home Affairs Minister said the police service has undergone a transformation in recent past and the Government is committed to improve the operations of the police in providing peace and safeguarding property for all the Zambian citizens.

“We have fully equipped the Zambia Police and they are ready to police the forthcoming general elections,” said Mr. Kampyongo.

Mr. Kampyongo also disclosed that the recruitment of police officers which has been decentralized in all provincial headquarters was going on smoothly.

He said the decentralized recruitment of police officers has enabled youths across the country to find it easy to take part in the recruitment exercise.

The Home Affairs Minister added that with more funding permitting, and depending on the coronavirus situation, Government will recruit more officers next year.

On the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu in the 2021 general elections, Mr. Kampyongo said President Lungu will be on the ballot paper in the 2021 presidential elections because he is eligible.

He said when President Lungu took over following the death of President Michael Sata, he did not save a full term but merely finished the term started by President Sata which was less than 3 years.

Mr. Kampyongo said the Constitutional Court has already ruled on the eligibility of President Lungu in the 2021 general elections and President Lungu will be on the ballot paper.

Mr. Kampyongo said President Lungu has taken development to all parts of the country because he loves all the Zambian people.

He appealed to the Zambian people to ignore rumours that President Lungu will not contest the 2021 presidential elections.

Mr. Kampyongo said the Patriotic Front (PF) government has delivered and transformed Zambia making it the people’s party of choice.

Mr. Kampyongo said the Government under the able leadership of President Lungu has performed and will continue bettering the lives of all the Zambian people.

He said Government has managed to improve electricity supply through massive investment in the energy sector that has seen several hours of load shedding that rocked the country in recent years, being a thing of the past.

“We had difficulties in power generation that resulted in long hours of load-shedding which is now a thing of the past, “said Mr. Kampyongo.

And Mr. Kampyongo has disclosed that Mwika to Lubwa Road will be worked on by the Zambia National Service (ZNS) immediately after the rains.

He also reaffirmed government commitment to finish construction of the Kasama -Chinsali Road which has been re-scoped.

And Mr. Kampyongo has announced that he has applied to re-contest the Shiwang’andu parliamentary seat.

He said he will continue to better the lives of the people of Shiwang’andu District through massive infrastructure development that he is initiating in the constituency in the areas of health and education.

Mr. Kampyongo who is also PF Member of the Central Committee (MCC) has appealed aspiring candidates at various levels not to use money to entice people to adopt them.


  1. So the Kaizer Zulu imposter will be the first one to comment here, he mungulu is never vetted here, but others get rejected. Is he part of LT?

  2. Since 1991 elections there has been no bloodshed besides heavy rigging during MMD and PF being in power.

    This elections will be different as the police is another arm of lazy lungu.

    They will cause chaos, intimidation and shooting people haphazardly.

    This is just a smokescreen to cause fear into people.

  3. Zambia Police has become more like PF police … a politically partisan organization not suited to police Zambia’s elections.Foreign observers are more suitable for this purpose.

  4. This is what happens when thieves and tyrants assume power.

    I will make sure ICC chief prosecutor keeps an eye on these elections so that lungu and his minions end up at the HAGUE

  5. The police officer doesn’t even have a walkie talkie, proper transport and body armour yet this former Katondo Street Currency Dealer Stephen K can afford all these military armour.
    Hague is waiting for you boy!!

  6. The equipment is there and ready to be fully utilized should anyone decide to act like an animal. Only uncivilized tribal rule breakers are sceptical about this. Those of us who abide by rules, see no problem with law enforcement.

  7. @rural logic, only the guilty are afraid mistele. I comment just like any other blogger. If you are getting moderated it means you are attempting to post unacceptable tribal rubbish here.

  8. Zambian is a police state where the police have been militarised and stuffed with PF caders………

    Billions spent on militarising the police while millions are hungry and
    unemployed ?

    Only corrupt theives would be proud of this situation…….

  9. Who has the contract for producing face masks with government insignia on them? Which tenderpreneur shared the money with ministers? Who tested the masks for safety and effectiveness against Corona?

  10. For Policing to work there must be some level of self Policing. People must buy-in in the concept of free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections. Heavily arming ZPS to crush Citizens will not ensure Credible and Peaceful Elections. ZPS must be seen to be doing fair Policing and not applying the Law selectively or violating the Rights of Voters. On Lungu’s Eligibility, Kampyongo should leave Concourt to declare his Eligibility. The Constitution prohibits ECL from standing for a Third Term (106(3)). ECL has held office,elected and sworn in twice in twice in 2015 and 2016. If in 2015 ECL was completing Sata’s Term why was he elected and not just sworn in? Why did ECL dissolve Parliament and himself in 2016? In May 2021 when Nominations are closed Citizens will Petition Lungu’s…

  11. On ECL’s Eligibility Kampyongo should leave Concourt to deal with the issue. After Nominations are closed in May 2021,Citizens are free to Petition Lungu’s Eligibility at Concourt. Concourt will hear the Petitions and determine them and thereafter declare him eligible if the Republican Constitution allows it. The Constitution clearly says: ECL has held office,has been elected and sworn in twice and therefore is not legible for re-election in 2021 4 a Third Term. If ECL imposes himself on us thru an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term we will send him “ku wire” thru the Ballot Box. The writing is on the wall.

  12. Hey KZ, shall we bet how many people will get shot during the elections? I say at least twelve, considering the two innocent citizens got killed a few weeks ago, and the number of trigger happy officers you send out on the street. But after August 12 the police will have a new boss and it will be YOU who is the target!

  13. Why is PF worried if Concourt has already cleared ECL’s Eligibility? After Nominations are closed and ECL’s Eligibility is Petitioned Concourt will re-affirm his Eligibility for a Third Term. Concourt is not above the Constitution and will therefore respect and obey the Republican Constitution in determining Lungu’s Eligibility. Ultimately it is the Voters who will have a final say in Lungu’s Eligibility thru the Ballot Box. If ECL steals the Vote Zambians will deal with him thru other means. The signals are there and time will tell.

  14. They buy all this gear yet we have no medicines in our hospital and bodies in our mortuary are all piled up with no regard to the families…

  15. On Lungu’s Third Term Eligibility, PF is putting Concourt in a very difficult position. Concourt is paying the price for past mistakes. Concourt illegally and unconstitutionally “dismissed” the 2016 Presidential Petition. Now ECL wants Concourt to “dismiss” the Lungu Eligibility Petitions and grant him a Passport to a Third Term. The Republican Constitution prohibits ECL from standing for a Third Term so we shall what games Concourt will play to pacify ECL. These Constitutional breaches by Concourt are driving Zambia into Chaos. Concourt will burn as the Country implodes. The writing is on the wall.

  16. There is no Concourt Judgment which declared Lungu eligible for another Term in 2021. Concourt ruled on Term Limits in the Pule and others Judgment. Concourt refused to Rule on ECL’s Eligibility becoz ECL was not b4 the Court. After Nominations are closed, Petitions are filed with Concourt only then will Concourt hear and determine the Petitions and pass a Verdict on Lungu’s Third Term Eligibility. Concourt is between a Hard Rock and the Deep Blue Sea. We hope Concourt Judges will wear their lifejackets to avoid drowning. The writing is on the wall.


  18. If the police will be used to intimidate voters, that country would be in deeper trouble. Voting for PF will spell disaster for the country. There will be Kwashiorkor, marasmus, Nutritional Anemia and other poverty and hunger diseases if PF and the failing government is put back in office. They are using police to kill and kidnap all that know their failures. Ba Grade 12 ebalemishupa Suwa?

  19. Shame, it is beginning to sound, smile and feel like Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF. Some prick is even rejoicing, “equipment is there and ready to be fully utilized should anyone decide to act like an animal”. The colonial days are back.

  20. On May 14 Parliament will be dissolved and Kampyongo will cease to be a Minister. Is he going to give orders to the Police Commissioners without Ministerial Powers. The Police Command without the Minister who will be held accountable for any Police abuse of Power and killings. Will they say they are Acting on orders from the Commander in Chief? These Police Commissioners will need to start operating Professionally otherwise they will be held Responsible. After May 14 without a Minister these Commissioners cannot complain of Political Ministerial Interference. We shall see.

  21. “Government will recruit more officers next year.”-LT

    PF after ten years in power.

    The root causes of crime [are] poverty, unemploy- ment, underemployment, racism, poor health care, bad hous- ing, weak schools, mental illness, alcoholism, single-parent families, teenage pregnancy, and a society of selfishness and greed.”

    PF time out. You’re delaying The International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help Zambia.

    “if you don’t know, now you know. Means it’s fine that you don’t know but now you know so believe it.”

  22. @Daniel Chisebwe the minister spends alot of time threatening citizens like they are his children. If only he could spend a sober night reflecting on the root causes of crime, would he stop ordering femandamda (armoured vehicles) and other oppressive devices at exorbitant cost to the tax payer. Zambian’s are very peaceful people, don’t make use feel like we are at war or criminals.
    By the way who will deal with those planning and involved in RIGGING the August 2021 electons, which he has not mentioned?

  23. “The Home Affairs Minister added that with more funding permitting, and depending on the coronavirus situation, Government will recruit more officers next year.”LT

    PF time out.

    We are tired of your contradicting statements.

  24. The international community – European Union, IMF, USA, African Union – won’t do or decide anything with PF in power. Only after August 12 when Lungu has lost, then help will be on the way from IMF, EU etc.

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