Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Zamtel extends network coverage in Southern Province


Zamtel has revealed that it has far switched on a total of 63 new communication towers in Southern Province in a bid to improve connectivity in the Province.

The construction of the 63 towers is part of the GRZ Communication Tower Project Phase II which targets to erect 1009 new towers by end of 2021.

The 63 towers constructed in Southern Province is in addition to 146 sites which Zamtel had before the project commenced, bringing the total number of sites to 209 across the Province.

This was revealed on Monday when Zamtel commissioned a new communication tower at Nakeempa School in Choma.

Officiating at the event, Transpirt and Communications Minister Mutotye Kafwaya commended Zamtel for taking communication services to the rural areas.

Mr Kafwaya said extending communication service to rural areas is a vital part of President Edgar Lungu’s developmental agenda.

And Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta said significant progress had been made in the construction of communication towers despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Mupeta said it was clear that the roll out of communication towers is transformed the lives of people in different parts of the country especially in rural areas.

“Zamtel has launched towers in different parts of the country and we have witnessed how they have transformed the way people conduct business in these areas,” Mr Mupeta said.

“The coming of this site will bring a number of benefits to the people of Nakeempa as they will be able to communicate with their friends and family in different parts of the country, “ Mr Mupeta said.

And Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale appealed for more towers considering that some areas in the Province still did not have connectivity.



  1. They have been withholding switching on most of these towers waiting for campaign time knowing that its taxpayers paying for this huge inflated loan to erect these Chinese towers

  2. They have been withholding switching on most of these towers waiting for campaign time knowing that its taxpayers paying for this huge inflated loan to erect these Chi nese towe

  3. a christian nation shouldn’t tell lies and hood wink people
    63 towers ?? who put them up ??
    and being a parastatal company why are they the smallest of all the network carriers
    and the most unreliable and not national coverage
    if and when they get there i too will sing their praises

  4. @KZ, I know what HH has done for me. He sold the mines for a song to his friends and sent a lot of my relative on the copperbelt to their early grave.

  5. I’m happy for Southern Province. But what about a bit closer to home? Just outside Lusaka, even between Lusaka and KKIA there is NO coverage. Between Chongwe and Lusaka? You need MTN! And what has the government done about that? Nothing KZ. You only think about coverage for your two bedroomed little home, never ever about ordinary citizens. But alas, August 12 will bring solace. I hope for you that there is coverage in Central Prison!

  6. I am sure we will be told that when I come in to power, my first priority will be to remove these Towers. Zambians do not eat towers. By the way do the people in UPND drive on Zambian roads? They seem to oppose building of roads, bridges, power stations but still use them. Let us see what one Sammy Chintobwa will say.

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