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Milling plants almost complete in Mpika

General News Milling plants almost complete in Mpika

Zambia National Service (ZNS) Commandant Nathan Mulenga says he is impressed with the progress made at the Mpika milling Plant in Muchinga Province.

He said the project is almost complete and will be handed over to the government soon.

Speaking when he toured the milling plant in Mpika, Lieutenant General Mulenga said he did not expect the works at the plant to have progressed to almost completion, adding that the workmanship is impressive.

Lt. Gen. Mulenga stated that the project is a grant from the Chinese government who have been contracted to work on the milling plant project.

He said the completion of the project will reduce the price of mealie meal which is the staple food in the country.

He added that once the project is done, it will also create employment opportunities for the local people in Mpika district.

“From this milling plant, jobs will be created, people will be buying mealie meal at an affordable price. It is just not job creation here, there are other spiral effects that will actually rise just as a result of this place,” he said.

The ZNS Commandant further indicated that facilities such as the milling plant are meant to further develop and open the Northern circuit.

Lt Gen Mulenga added that the Mpika Milling plant will be one of its kind and will go a long way in helping the people of Zambia, not just people in Muchinga Province.

Meanwhile Lt. Gen. Mulenga explained that hiking of mealie meal prices by private milling companies has become a matter of great concern to President Edgar Lungu.

Meanwhile, China Machinery Industry Construction Group Engineer Zhen Duo Fan revealed that the construction of the Mpika Milling plant commenced on 30th December 2018.

Mr Duo Fan said the plant is almost done and will be handed over to the government within the shortest possible time.

He urged the Commandant to continue supporting the project, in order for it to reach its full potential and benefit the people of Zambia.

The ZNS Commandant was in Northern and Muchinga Provinces to inspect ZNS projects and the ZNS units.


  1. Some solar milling plants are now white elephants and that’s an embarrassment because that was an Eagle 1 project. But we still want to borrow to build more white elephants. United Milling at Chingola is yet another wasted massive investment. What can we expect when those close to the President earn a living by insulting others on LT? Why not take it to Chama or Chasefu which are far from the main routes by either road or rail? Or even Mafinga

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