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It’s disturbing and irrational for HH to write to AU and SADC about the Voter’s Register in Zambia


The government has said that it is disturbing and irrational to learn from reports in some section of the media that the Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has written to the African Union and Southern African Development Community (SADC) to intervene in an internal process of preparing a voters register.

Acting Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo said the preparation of the Voter register which Mr Hakainde Hichilema is complaining about, is a process that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has been undertaking without leaving anyone behind.

Hon. Kampyongo said the UPND ought to know the limitations of international stakeholders in how far they can go in expressing themselves on local matters like registration of voters.

“It is apparent that the UPND has already smelled another election loss and has now started preparing grounds to justify their loss, once pronounced after the August 12 Presidential and General Elections,” he said.

Mr. Kampyongo said the process has been inclusive as Political parties; civil society organizations; and both national and international collaborating partners have been involved in the process from inception.

“Government believes that the preparation of the voters’ register has been conducted in an exceptionally transparent manner and that there are sufficient local grievance resolution avenues that anyone who has a problem with the process can use to be heard and be assisted,” he said.

The Minister has since appealed to Mr Hichilema to desist from exciting his party members unnecessarily and, instead, concentrate on mobilizing his supporters to verify their details in the voters’ register.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo inspecting NRCs issuance
FILE: Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo inspecting NRCs issuance


  1. Did the grievance procedure respond to every stakeholder’s concerns about the voters registration process? If the answer is no, then HH has every reason to write to the African Union.

  2. Mr Kampyongo you & Lungu can’t invite int’l election observers then say its irrational for foreign observers to question the voter registration process.Its BONKERS.

  3. ECL promised all Election Observers including SADC and AU free, fair, transparent, credible and peaceful Elections in August 2021. Zambia is a Member of SADC and AU and both Organizations have Guidelines on Conducting Elections. So there is nothing wrong in HH writing to both SADC and AU to alert them of a flawed Voters Roll. Zambia cannot have a Credible Election without a Credible Voters Roll in 2021. ECZ has to Audit the Voters Roll and make it Credible b4 the August Elections. Auditing the New Voters Roll is a requirement of both SADC and AU Election Guidelines. So ECZ must ensure that the Voters Roll is Audited if the August Election are to be declared Credible. Period.

  4. Have mercy on aisha Hichilema. He knows not what he does. He is definitely losing this one.
    Being opposition makes him think he must oppose everything and everyone and everytime.
    He knows we’re not voting for him. He knows what he is doing. Laying a foundation for election result dispute.

    We are watching him.

  5. It’s like dejavu. Hikainde has not started yet. Wait he learns where ballots will be printed from. He will once again go wild with rants and opposing. Guess what? It will not be in South Africa.
    Another thought tells me that maybe he has learnt that there is no room for the opposition to rig like they did in 2016, the new system is water tight thus he is fearing a whitewash. This understanding is enough to drive an inexperienced opposition wild.

  6. Pharaoh’s Braggadocio
    Lt moderate fast fast kaili. kikiki
    they will wait till this news expires LT does not full time moderators

  7. ECL promised the same SADC and AU free and fair Elections in August 2021 but on the ground ECL is doing the opposite. ECL doesn’t walk the Talk! So what is wrong if HH writes to SADC and AU as Election Observers to alert them to a flawed Voters Roll? What is ECZ and PF hiding? U cannot have a Credible Election without a Credible Voters Roll. So the New Voters Roll must be Audited to make it Credible. After all SADC and AU Election Guidelines require an audited Voters Roll. ECL’s Eligibility is another Constitutional Breach. ECL has held Office, been elected and sworn in twice in 2015 and 2016 and therefore cannot stand for an illegal and unconstitutional Third Term (Article 106(3)). ECL needs to get an Eligibility Certificate from Concourt to contest the August 2021 Elections…

  8. Lazy Lungu doesnt mean well for the country if he was serious he would have invited Hakienda for talks…how is this thug Stephen K now Acting Information and Broadcasting Services Minister where has that Dora gone? Is she bribing people in Petuake.

  9. There’s nothing wrong about HH writing to SADC and the AU were zambia is a member.What kind of fear has the government of the republic of zambia have. HH has every right to write as he is not under a dictatorship but a country ruled with a constitution which doesn’t hinder a citizen from such. mr.kapyongo’s arrogance will one day spark riots in zambia, let him be more casual in his approach not the way he is acting.Let him calm down because in five weeks time he will be a mere citizen like me.

  10. What is irrational is your response to several issues raised before registration.
    You absolutely failed to listen or even have ECZ address some of the issues raised.
    These elections are not for the pf but for Zambians who have the right to determine who forms government in August.
    This is the main problem with African politics. When the opposition raise concern ,the ruling party ignores. Ironically the the same concerns will be raised after the elections but the AU or SADC immediately would have declared the elections credible.
    pf swallow your pride for once and don’t lead this country into chaos.

  11. Let AU and SADC dismiss it if they
    Feel nothing serious. Mr HH my
    Advice is Zambians are not all
    With you so keep that in mind.Dont
    Keep complaining about everything. Play the game with
    What you have.Promise to pave
    Way for next leader to take over if
    You fail to make it this time.

  12. Trump cried foul before elections as well..and hh wrote to him to withhold support to ECL government which he refused to acknowledge….Kakoma has realised what hh stands for and has walked…..gbm same….CK…mono, shakas…the list goes on…

  13. Let us simply go the Czechoslovakia way. A velvet revolution. This way we would avoid the Yugoslavia chaos. Edgar Lungu is a divisionist and a major purveyor of tribalism. Lungu and his PF have disenfrachised people of Western, North Western and Southern Provinces. And if people of these provinces are not Zambian, then it is high time we redrew the border lines.

  14. You lost the little integrity you had after this; “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected.

  15. Akaps only upnd diasporans are motherfakaz. Hh is a bastard because he doesn’t even know his father

  16. From the analysis of the current voters roll for use in 2021 and the Populations distribution You can see that the voters roll for 2021 is well represented and reasoned A national candidate of likeness and manifesto to voters will competitively compete but its important to accept that because of the current moment attractive and performance of the PF in critical Infrastructures build ,its presence across the country Its planning’s and options beyond the 2021 elections despite the current down turn of the economies global and regional to local here The performance of the PF and ratings from voters in the 2021 could have been above average Economies are not…

  17. Mune you need stop reading your bible Zambia watchdog. Some of you need to be beaten some sense into your ugly heads.

  18. cast in the stones and often cyclical and structure movements that going into 2021 with the rebound of the copper prices and sector performance indicators improving with carefully redesigned industrialization ,services and equipment provisions to participate the dividends from the current position of the critical infrastructure could be realized in years to come even after the PF and their leadership

    To put it straight the current voters roll is better that the previous Its self auditing but can be audited It able to give exceptional reports on duplications and show those matches In short Go and verify your voters roll and campaign to see what you are to…

  19. to offer as an alternative to PF
    As it is PF has more representational and presence in the Areas accross the regions and Tribes and current its enjoying support and momentum because people are able to see at least the performance effort and that is why the EU has seen PF is poised to win the general elections recording a margin of not less than 60% and UPND at 37% and the Rest at 3% It has more voters and supporters across the provinces and regions and is currently enjoying support with a positive skewness of 0.02 That is a huge numbers of voters for UPND to offset

  20. @ KZ
    You didn’t answer my question which prostitute gave birth to you.

    That’s why you are considered a rodent from garbage society.

    All you spit is venom, hatred and anger. You don’t know how to answer questions or argue on a civilised manner.

  21. You should try your best not to take anything trolls say seriously. No matter how poorly they behave, remember these people spend countless unproductive hours trying to make people mad. They’re not worth your time of the day.

  22. Does Lusaka times really do the MODERATION? If yes, then how come they have allowed comment number17 from akaps full of insults? Its sad.

  23. Depending on how you down wet or overweight the Chances but the Skewness cannot exceed .07 Positively skewed to PF strongholds and gains recorded in the areas The Coefficient of variations is also in support of PF meaning that PF will recording more gains in its strongholds and making enrodes in other areas because of the Infrastructure developments Economies and Economies retrace and Zambians now that It will be brighter not to change going into 2021 elections

    In show its a huge task but the winning part should campaign and reassure people from day 1 without losing on its achievements and focus for 2021 and encourage voting

  24. HH stop crying and concentrate on putting valid reason why registered voters should vote for you. How do you know if God says you will win with the registered number. Please dont assume we are all supporting blindly. Convince us so we vote for you.

  25. It is disturbing that HH needs to go to foreign media, AU etc. because the Zambian media are all “owned” by PF. HH can’t phone up Daily Mail to have an article placed, because the Daily Mail editor will immediately lose his job! Ditto for ZNBC etc. so it’s no surprise that this route was followed. And KZ are you drunk or something? Why are you using unparliamentary language? And why is the LT moderator not removing your input accordingly?

  26. HH’s letter to SADC and AU is very effective. It has exposed ECL’s hypocrisy. Now all Election Observers know that ECL doesn’t walk the Talk. He is generally perceived to be untrustworthy. SADC and AU know that without a Credible Voters Roll Zambian Elections in August 2021 can’t be Credible. SADC and AU will now pay attention to ECL’s Third Term Eligibility. Article 106(3) of the Republican Constitution say ” A person who has held Office twice is not legible for re-election as President “. Concourt needs to justify why they should issue a Certificate of Eligibility to ECL to allow him to contest the 2021 Elections. All eyes on Concourt.

  27. A particular political party must see the proposition in different age groups in their strongholds That is the difference between the voting age and the population numbers. An elections voters roll covers only those who made the effort to register and might be not be materially different from the local or provincial populations except for urban mobility etc.


  29. HH is right to engage the international community, we all know lungu does not respect Zambian laws .,……

    Look how he made ministers work after parliament was dissolved and ignored court orders to make them pay back……

  30. This is very rational and proper. HH has done the right thing to alert SADC and AU to the suspected violation of their Election Guidelines by Zambia a Member State. That is the purpose of Election Observation. SADC and AU should now send their Election Monitors to Zambia to check on the Credibility of the Voters Roll and also Monitor the resolution of ECL’s Eligibility at Zambia Concourt, in terms of the Provisions of the Zambian Constitution. Both SADC and AU have Constitutional Lawyers who can help Zambia Concourt resolve the issue. Zambia Concourt should hear the ECL’s Eligibility Petitions and make a Ruling. Zambia Concourt should objectively and Professionally hear and determine the Petitions b4 issuing their verdict as to whether or not ECL is legible to stand in the 2021…

  31. LT

    Why are you deleting my comments which are a direct response to KZ profanities , while you are not deleting KZ insults on HH ?

  32. SADC and AU are Election Observers in the August 12, 2021 Elections. HH has done the Right thing by writing to SADC and AU alerting them to the flawed Voters Roll. HH has exposed ECL’s hypocrisy. On one hand ECL is promising free and fair Elections and on the other hand he is Rigging the Election. Already the New Voters Roll has been manipulated in favour of PF Strongholds. The PF Govt thru ECZ is conducting these Elections. If the ECL Govt wants a Credible Election they must produce a Credible Voters Roll. SADC and AU Election Monitors must come to Zambia now to help ECZ produce a Credible Voters Roll b4 the August 2021 Elections. SADC and AU must also help resolve ECL’s Third Term Eligibility. Both SADC and AU have Constitutional Lawyers who can help Zambia Concourt resolve ECL’s…

  33. Recently we witnessed in Tanzania a smooth and peaceful transfer of Power guided by Democracy, Good Governance and Constitutionalism. We want Zambia to emulate Tanzania in this endeavor. SADC and AU as Election Observers can assist Zambia in resolving the Voters Roll and the Third Term Eligibility issues. ECL must be pressured to follow both SADC and AU Election Guidelines in conducting the 2021 Elections. There can’t be Credible Elections in Zambia without a Credible Voters Roll. ECZ must clean up the Voters Roll thru an Audit. On the Third Term issue Zambia Concourt should interpret, defend, protect and enforce the Republican Constitution in determining ECL’s Eligibility. The Constitution is very clear. “A person who has held Office twice is not eligible for Election as…

  34. For the past two to three years I have been hearing that Copperbelt and Lusaka has turned to UPND and that 2021 is surely for UPND. Some few friends who are UPND supporters have raised even powerful points why this assessment is true. And I said if people want to change that’s good and am sure PF will be gracious to hand over power. Going by this it means UPND has Southern, Western, North Western, Central, Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces in their bag. That is 6 provinces out of 10 ( 60%). UPND if sincerely you have these provinces for you, why raise issues on voters reduction in southern province. If 60% of Zambia is for UPND it means even the 60% of 7 million + registered voters are for UPND. This is far above the 50% +1 needed to carry the day. Does it mean analysises of CB and Lusaka…

  35. HH tends to do such publicity stunts to get public attention. In the past election, he filed a case in Court against the voting system.

  36. HH and his team know that President Lungu is the clear winner of the 2021 elections. They have already started spreading that there will be unfair voting in the August elections.

  37. The Electoral Commission of Zambia has been conducting the election process for many years now, we trust them!

  38. Police service, Court, ECZ, everything is corrupt. But not Hichilema whose criminal record is out in the public domain.

  39. Does HH try to say that if he can’t win the election means voting is unfair? What kind of bossing is this???

  40. HH is a foo.l it’s pity his supporters thinks he is a sharp man, believe you me HH is, extremely, this all thing of votes registration was started by ba under5 after losing the elections in 2016, and the matter was before the courts of Law, The 2016 register was rejected by ba under5, and you still want to reject the new register, are you normal! So what is it that you that you want us to use now! HH get lost you

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