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President Lungu lends support to ‘Back to School Initiative’


President Edgar Lungu says government remains resolute to supporting the education sector as it is key to social and economic development of any given country.

President Lungu said the re-entry policy that the government introduced was necessitated by the high value that government places on education.

The Head of State urged the general citizenry to consider upgrading their qualifications so that they contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

President Lungu made the remarks at state house yesterday when a delegation from Munali Direct Empowerment a local non-governmental organisation, paid a courtesy call on him.

The Head of State observed that some youths are not coming forward to improve their qualifications under the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) due to pride and inferiority complex.

“We place high value on education and that is why we have introduced a number of pieces of registration so that we increase the number of educated people in the country. Most youths do not have good grades but are not coming forward to get their results improved due to pride, a thing which should stop. Grade Twelve Certificate has now become important in the area of political office. Your coming is timely and will fully support you,” the President underscored.

President Lungu projected that there will be a lot of people with Grade Twelve results by the year 2026 owing to the strategies the government has put in place.

And Munali Direct Empowerment representative Patrick Samuyimbila explained that the Back to school G.C.E initiative programme that the institution has embarked on has received support.

Mr Samuyimbila noted that launched last year, the NGO has already registered over 9,000 students and 200 teachers countrywide are teaching for free.

He recollected that lack of space for holding the lessons was the major challenge his organisation was faced with.

“As Munali Direct Empowerment, we realized that a lot of learners or people are not going back to school due to financial challenges, hence coming up with an initiative called Back to school G.C.E that has received maximum support from the students who want to return to school and re-write their exams and over 10,000 students are writing this year and all we need is government’s support,” he noted.

And Chisenga Mwiinga, one of the beneficiaries of the programme observed that the initiative which is dubbed Presidential Education Empowerment is timely and tailored at enhancing education in the country.


  1. It’s good Lungu supports going back to school – he should go back himself, and learn about honesty, transparency and the dangers of corruption!

  2. “The Head of State observed that some youths are not coming forward to improve their qualifications under the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) due to pride and inferiority complex.”-LT

    The Head of State should Elaborate more on the visit off current Chairman of the SADC troika organ on defense and security, President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana.

  3. My very wise boss and the president for all zambians. I would literally take a bullet for this great man.

  4. This is the great step to ensure that no child is compelled to drop out due to any reason. Many children who want to go to school are forced to abandon the dream due to financial reasons. But not anymore. President Lungu is there to ensure that every child goes back to school and complete the education. This is the most important decision that will change the lives of millions of children.

  5. Everyone should consider completing the education it will help in every walk of life, including politics. After all one has to have passed Grade 12 to contest elections!

  6. The day is not far when everyone in Zambia will be educated and the illiteracy will be wiped out. Great decision Mr President. God bless you.

  7. In a democracy, everyone is free to say whatever he wants. But at the same time, one must remember that our freedom of expression has some limits. As they say, your freedom ends where my nose starts, you should be highly careful about what you say, especially about the Head of the State. You should either produce evidence to prove your allegations or apologise.

  8. How does it matter here? Why don’t you stick to the topic at hand? Such foolish questions reflect badly on you. They don’t affect the others, you see!

  9. This is very crucial as education is the key to development of the country. It will create a generation of responsible citizens.

  10. No child should be deprived of education. Each one of us has the right to education and must get equal opportunities to grow in life. Education is not the monopoly of selected few.

  11. This is the best opportunity to anyone who had to quit school and work. They can now go back and complete the education. Great decision sir.

  12. President Lungu will transform Zambia very soon. I am confident about his intentions and outcome of his plans. He is one of the greatest leaders country has ever had.

  13. Don’t pay attention to the critics sir. They won’t be pleased whatever you do. It is better to ignore them and continue with the great work.

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