Friday, May 24, 2024

53 Cooperatives empowered in Mpulungu


The Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multi-purpose Empowerment Cooperative has empowerment 53 cooperatives in Mpulungu district.

Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multi-purpose Empowerment Cooperative Coordinator, Bob Sikaala said the empowerment is meant to help uplift the living standard of people in the area.

Mr Sikaala explained that the items which includes pockets of cement, iron sheets, bells of second hand clothes, grocery items and ploughs are a gift from President Lungu.

He added that the President takes into consideration the needs of the vulnerable when helping the community.

“We are still going round and we will still come back to bring hammer mills when they are ready for delivery.” He said.

And Mpulungu District Commissioner Dennis Sikazwe has thanked the President for empowering people in the district.

Mr Sikazwe noted that Mpulungu has a large population of people who need help, adding that the empowerment has come at a right time and will definitely help a lot of families.

“When you help a group it means more people have been helped as they come from families.” He said.

And Green Future Cooperative founder Brint Chileshe has expressed gratitude to the President for the gesture.

Mr Chileshe said the cooperative will work hard in ensuring that they use the materials well, to achieve the intended outcome.


  1. “Mr Sikaala explained that the items which includes pockets of cement, iron sheets, bells of second hand clothes, grocery items and ploughs are a gift”

    Look at the clueless smiling fooool in the photo… how do you call this empowerment? Busy misappropriation and printing monopoly money….and he expects IMF bailout.

  2. How doers telling the truth get the thumbs down ???????????
    YES look at the photo i must get my relative to hang on exactly like that
    This enpowerment nonsese will certainly make the coming election the most ………..????? …… in our 56 year history

  3. Empowered my a$$. This buckteeth is just campaigning. His teeth are so disgusting just like his corrupt mind. Useless human creature he is.

  4. Ati “ECL Multi-purpose Empowerment Cooperative” hahaha .Lets call it what it is ….Lungu’s Voter Bribery Organization.

  5. The President is splashing all this Money under the guise of Empowerment. Where is all this Money coming from and why is it being disbursed disbursed in the Name of the President and not Govt? This is Taxpayer’s which should be budgeted and allocated thru Ministry of Finance and audited by the Auditor General. This Money is being disbursed outside the Budget. These Quasi-fiscal activities by the President will have far reaching effects on the Fiscal,Monetary and Balance of Payment stability. These Moneys are being dished out to buy votes while Zambia is defaulting on its Eurobond Holders. This spells doom on Zambia’s access to Western IFIs for Concessionary financing. This dishing out Money is highly inflationary and by the time of the August 12 Elections Zambia will be in a…

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