Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Govt to support projects with quality works


Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa says investing in high -quality and attractive infrastructure is crucial to the economic development and prosperity of the Province.

Mr. Chilangwa says government will only support high – quality private and public infrastructure that can pay off economically through the creation of jobs, government revenue and taxes.

The Minister called for good workmanship on project earmarked for construction such as the Kasomeno – Mwenda toll road and Luapula Bridge, the Samfya International Convention Centre, the Mansa Shopping Mall, among others.

Mr. Chilangwa was speaking in Ndola when he toured the Dangote Cement Limited ultra -modern power plants at the invitation of the company.

He said high – quality infrastructure developed out of the ongoing construction projects will create high -spillover effects to the people of Luapula Province.

The Minister has since urged the construction and cement industries in Zambia to take keen interest in the infrastructure revolution that is taking place in Luapula Province.

And Mr. Chilangwa has hailed Dangote Cement Limited for the production of good quality cement which has contributed to the growth of the construction sector in the country.

He said being a major component among the building materials, cement will be the most consumed commodity in the Luapula construction projects, hence the visit to the company.

Mr. Chilangwa explained that government will encourage contractors to use the right cement for the buildings to stand the test of time.

And Dangote Cement Zambia Limited Board Member Monica Musonda said her company will support the infrastructure development of Luapula Province through the supply of cement.

Meanwhile, Luapula Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota has urged Dangote to take advantage of the trade route to the Democratic Republic of Congo being created in Luapula Province to market their product.


  1. Where has this moron been? Has he not seen the poor infrastructure constructed at inflated rates all over the place.

  2. Quality projects? By the PF government? Under what stone has this guy been the last six years? PF steals all money going to proper projects, and the results are potholed roads, schools without furniture, hospitals without medicine etc!

  3. Zambian leaders have no aesthetic sense. When you look at Zambian buildings they appear to have been built between 1923 and 1933. The style is brutalist. It started with Kenneth Kaunda and his Yugoslav style communist buildings like Findeco House. Currently , Edgar Lungu is trying to out do him with his own so called flyover bridges, which are nothing but concrete hills in the middle of the road. Then look at the so called street lighting. It is like Kim Jong Un’s streets he uses for his parades.

  4. Ba UPND Cadres please stop there. You don’t know what you are talking about. We have got things that are showing that the current Government has done especially in construction. You are so in trying to demine or condemn whatever you see and hear. What a shame. Sonta epoo wabomba. Not even ka emondi toilet in your so called stronghold.

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