Saturday, July 20, 2024

Kapiri schools get learning equipment


The Ministry of General Education has procured various learning and teaching equipment for all schools in Kapiri Mposhi district, in Central Province.

These include laboratory equipment and supplies, solar computers, design and technology equipment, carpentry tools and office furniture for distribution to 208 schools in the district.

During the flagging off of the distribution to various schools, District Commissioner, Smart Mwila stated that government will continue making significant strides in the provision of effective teaching and learning equipment in science, mathematics and technology in schools.

Mr Mwila explained that this has been achieved through the provision of teaching and learning materials, to improve the quality of education delivery.

The DC stated that the procurement and distribution of learning equipment to schools was a clear demonstration of government’s commitment to improve the quality of education in the country.

“Investment in the provision of quality education and skills development remained one of the key areas espoused in the Vision 2030 and it’s for this reason that the government has spent colossal sums of money to procure these items,” Mr Mwila said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila has warned to take stern action against beneficiary school administrations found misusing the equipment.

“Guard this equipment jealously while making use of them for the benefit of the learners. My office will not take kindly any loss as a result of negligence,” Mr Mwila said.

And Kapiri Mposhi District Education Board (DEB) has commended government for providing learning and teaching equipment to schools in the district.

District Education Standards Officer, (DESO), Paul Manga observed that schools in the area had been facing challenges, particularly in teaching science and practical courses due to lack of equipment.

“This equipment will ease teaching challenges and provide hands-on training for our learners and will definitely improve performance in science and technical subjects,” Mr Manga said.


  1. Why does all these floods of “empowerment stuff” coming only in the run up to elections? I smell a dirty rat .

  2. If you want stuff for your school Mr Headmaster this is the time especially in rural areas all else this bus wont come for another 5 years …these fooools are giving out money for fun

  3. Inducement at best that everything in peoples expectations from day one that politicians are ushered into office should only start happening in an election year when the cycle is ending! The distributed equipment may not even be matching the schools needs and are scanty pieces given here and there! The question is are all schools equipped to meet the schools’ needs so no pupils are left behind? Sadly we all get hoodwinked and dance with excitement to government manipulation with the little gesture as though it was out of kindness!

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