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Govt preaches peace


Government officials have continued preaching peace and unity to all Zambians before, during and after the fourth coming August 12, general elections.

Solwezi District Commissioner, Rosemary Kamalonga, said there is only one Zambia and people should take advantage of the prevailing peace under the able leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Mrs Kamalonga said President Lungu has demonstrated good leadership amidst Covid-19 pandemic that has locked down the entire world, including Zambia.

She said despite the hardship most people are passing through, living in peace is the most important thing for the country.

The District Commissioner said this during Easter Sunday at streams of peace fellowship congregation in Solwezi district.

Meanwhile, Mrs Kamalonga has pledged K5, 000 to Streams of peace fellowship church to help the church buy roofing sheet and also donated a wheelchair to a 78 years old man Kaloza Kaumba, whose legs have been paralyzed for some time now.

“In the book of Mathew 25:35 it says I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger, you took me in,” Mrs Kamalonga quoted.

She said Easter means helping the people in need just like Jesus died for us all.

Streams of peace fellowship Church Bishop Bright Kwenye thanked government and President Lungu for the peace and economic development the country is experiencing adding that God should bless Zambia and those in authority.

He further thanked Mrs Kamalonga for the Noble gift towards the church and the need in society.


  1. Peace amongst destitute and impoverished citizens? Lets preach less reckless debt,more prudent spending and healthier economic policies than the corrosive decisions PF has implemented since 2011.

  2. ‘She said despite the hardship most people are passing through’
    But the leader says there is no such-so are you in disagreement with your boss?
    Or there can’t be peace if there is non other than Him as president?

  3. Great message mother. Only evil upnd members will be against this message. They want to shed blood because that is only way they can win an election

  4. “This issue is often brushed under the carpet but is important to bring it in the spotlight. The drive to get that seat is what swings many politicians to equip the youths with weapons and perform criminal activities. In this day and age it is common for politicians to hire mobs and rent people at lower prices to break into a building or start a war-like situation within the country. Politics have always been the subject of severe media scrutiny, and the truth be told, it is often the mother of all the problems in nations which haven’t stabilized. In developing countries it is common for politicians to kill people and to be found guilty of murder. There have been several cases in Asian countries where politicians were found guilty of having killed their people in masses.”NNL

    PF time…

  5. “Religion is another controversial part of this world. No one can escape from the fact; people still fight on racial divides and sectarian issues in society. Even though practicing own religion is a basic human right, yet many uneducated and illiterate people fail to understand it. In several criminal cases, religious fanatics have been accused of murdering innocent people based on their school of thought. Especially in staunchly religious communities it is common for people to chop off the heads of their people in case they find somebody talking about the modern world. However, in advanced and secular countries, the criminal rate because of religion is fairly less.”-NNL

  6. Nigga Lungu will do anything to cling to power because he has stolen a lot and can’t even trust his fellow PF thieves to protect him and that is why he is forcing to be eligible for a third term. What peace? Lol


  8. KZ always complaining about UPND diasporans, and you’re a diasporan yourself: a corrupt PF diasporan from the UK! I hope Boris Johnson has got a special Covid-19 strain reserved just for you!

  9. No corruption don’t be a deek. Just because my flag shows UK does not mean am in diaspora..due to constant hacking threats by upnd diasporans I now use a vpn to access this website which assigns a fayke ip address in UK. You are a very backward f00l. I am sure you are a upnd supporter

  10. She said despite the hardship most people are passing through, living in peace is the most important thing for the country.

    same way some pf cadre was bragging that the the status of the country’s economy among rural dwellers does nt matter as long as you build roads, clinics, bridges etc for them, someone even went further ati they i no idea about exchange rates,REALLY? , the rural dwellers for them to move they need fuel, the rural dwellers mostly travel to town centers for the commodities whose prices have skyrocketed, the farming in puts like fertilizer are beyond their rural pockets, people buy the same cooking oil we buy in town.

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