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UPND and PF Youths Leaders Resolve Buseko Market Discrimination Dispute Amicably


The United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka District youth leader, Archristius Mwanakayaya is happy with the way the Buseko Market issue involving a UPND youth was resolved, when Patritic Front (PF) cadres from Buseko Market closed a shop belonging to Naomi a UPND youth about three days ago.

According to the UPND media team, Noami’s shop was closed because PF cadres spotted Naomi escorting one of UPND aspiring candidates for Matero constituency.

After a tip-off that PF cadres have continued to harass marketeers and are planning to get ride of all UPND supporters and sympathisers, UPND Luska district youth leader rushed to Matero police and demanded that there be a dialogue between two parties on the issue to which the police agreed.

After a long heated dialogue, it was agreed and resolved that the young lady in question be allowed to trade in the market freely. Further, it was agreed that her shop be opened immediately and so it was.

During all the discussions, the PF youth chairperson for the Matero constituency, Kowa was magnanimous enough to agree with the UPND team on how youths should treat each other especially when it is the time for elections.

Mr Mwanakayaya later said that what was witnessed is how leaders should behave. He says it was important to engage each other whenever there are issues affecting followers of both parties without resorting to fighting.

Mwanakayaya further commended UPND youths who have shown maximum restraints even amidst provocation during and after this process.

Mr Mwanakayaya was accompanied by: Lusaka district security led by Mubita Mundia, Matero constituency youth chairperson, Chrispine Kapeya and his team, Joe Boma and other youths


  1. There was a time when PF was untouchable. Wait until 12th Aug. Country will be back to its rightful owners, The Citizens!


  3. Oh shut the phuck up with this misleading f00lish article. Upnd are desperate to get any attention due to elections being around corner. It is around this time they start sacrificing lives

  4. So cadres are now in charge of the market regardless? And the police witnesses it all? Why didn’t they put those thieving cadres in jail?

  5. KZ has already moved out of the country. He is hiding in UK. Finding a safe spot for your corrupt president for August 13? Just as well, the private cells in Lusaka Central Prison are without running water!

  6. This is the example of how people at grass root level share cordial relationships irrespective of political differences. This is the right way to resolve the disputes.

  7. The UPND cadre has realised that their party can’t win in August and it was futile to cross paths with PF. They have no option but to adjust to the situation and somehow keep the show going on. That’s exactly what the UPND cadres did.

  8. What happens on ground is the right indicator of political outcome. No matter what the top leaders claim or say. The developments on ground level are important if one has to interpret the situation. It is now confirmed that PF is going to win in August.

  9. Both the sides have shown maturity. PF is known for the mature approach to every problem. But it was more commendable that UPND too, showed the same gesture. Good to know that they are falling in line.

  10. With many UPND leaders making a beeline to join PF, the cadre is left with no option, but to somehow maintain good relations with PF cadres. Earlier it was Charles Kakoma, now it is Hon Belemu from Mbabala, who has joined PF. The UPND boat has hit the rough waters.

  11. UPND is doomed. Leaders are deserting the party, like the rats abandon sinking ship. People, quit before it is too late. You will also sink with the arrogant leader.

  12. It is good that UPND cadre is learning to adapt to the situation. Sooner the better, they realise that there is no future to the party and make their choices.

  13. The best option is to put your weapons down when fighting a losing battle. The UPND cadre is wiser than the leader!

  14. The country is still in the hands of its rightful owners. It will remain in the hands of its rightful owners in future as well. We will not let it go in the hands of dictator called Hakainde Hichilema.

  15. Can someone please help me with the PF Provincial Chairman number. This man is bringing difficult politicises he seems to be providing leadership to his youths to dialogue and not violence.
    Lets praise such leadership when its in the right direction.
    Lets time the UPND Youth leader and himself congratulated each other on their intera party electrions. This is the way its suppossed to be.

  16. This shows that leaders at grassroots level understand issues which affect them more clearly than those at the top. Imagine what could have been said or happened had leaders such as Barman, Kutwa or Aliteta been involved!! My congratulations to Mwanakayaya and Kowa.

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