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President Lungu has met developmental deliverables – Chilufya


Mansa Central Member of Parliament Chitalu Chilufya says deliverables in the country by Republican President Edgar Lungu on various developmental issues are visible for everyone to see.

Dr. Chilufya who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee Member, observes that Zambians have seen massive development during the ten years that the Patriotic Front has been in Government and that the party should be allowed to continue.

Dr Chilufya says President Lungu means well for the country going by what he has achieved and that Zambians should be compelled to vote for him going by what he has done from the time he was elected into office.

He pointed out that when people are saying that President Lungu should continue as President, it is because they have seen the good works he has done not only in Luapula but across the country.

ZANIS reports that speaking when he toured the water project in Mansa District, Dr. Chilufya observed that the water project is just one of the testimonies of what the Republican President has achieved.

The Mansa Central lawmaker revealed that the Water project which is also in three other districts in Luapula Province is a promise delivered to the people of Luapula Province.

“The President promised people of Luapula Province clean and safe drinking water and today we see that he has fulfilled that promise,” Dr. Chilufya said.

And Luapula Water and Sanitation Company Mansa District Manager Richard Chisembe disclosed that works on the water project in Mansa District has reached 50 percent.

Mr. Chisembe pointed out that the project which will increase water reticulation in the District is expected to be completed in November this year.

He explained that the entire Mansa population will be connected to Luapula water and sanitation company water line once the project is completed.

” With this project we shall increase the water distribution centers from the current 3 to 7 and also the reservoirs will be increased so that customers can have water at all times,” Mr. Chisembe said.

Mr. Chisembe further said the project will also enable the water utility company to increase revenue as more customers will be brought on board.

The Mansa water project is part of the Water project which Government is implementing in four Districts namely Mansa, Samfya, Mwense and Kawabwa at a total cost of 40 Million US dollars.


  1. Kwacha down 52%, forex reserves down 60%, inflation at 22% ,debt default and debt to GDP ratio at nearly 100% …seems like Lungu has met and exceeded mass poverty inducing deliverables.

  2. “In their quest to hit cloud Nine, our young men and women in
    their prime are gradually finding themselves on ground Zero,
    emotionally battered, academically bankrupt and medically
    ? Oche Otorkpa, The Unseen Terrorist

  3. There has been a lot of opportunities created by covid and lots of support offered through various governmental initiatives.

    For me, my business have made 60 percent profits on average this year. I even paid by workers bonuses. If you are qualified plumber please contact me.

  4. So, when and where is he going to pay back the money he has borrowed. If the structures are development, what do call the debts? Or, has he sold the country? Hell, no! You cant develop on Nkongole! Likoloti. Mikuli, No!!

    How much development has Lungu taken to Southern, Western, or North-Western?

    Hammer mills, Health Posts, Roads ????

  5. Lungu has only achieved in destroying Zambia. He has stolen a lot of dollars. This thieve Chilufya is talking nonsense right now because he has stolen too and therefore has to kiss Lungu’s behind in order to stay out of the government machine. HH will fix all this. Just wait.


  7. Chilufya clearly was bought into stating these lies. When was the last time he drove on the Kapiri-Mansa road? More potholes than tarmac, I guess he would also call that a Lungu deliverable?

  8. Dokota Chilufya The Untouchable, bring on tuma cases, wailasha nada. Is this the same former MMD MP Dr who shot and killed a PF cadre in 2011?
    Zambia, we forget too much.

  9. Can somebody educate Kabimba who is Rainbow party Secretary General on what amounts to rigging an election. He has joined the long queue of “kaki envelop” seeking politicians who have benefited from trying to discredit UPND and it’s leader which has become big business.
    He says claims by UPND are baseless because the ECZ has always been conducting elections in professional manner. Then why is he afraid of standing for electons and focusing on selling his party?

  10. Lungu verified his G12 certificate for drama, he’s ineligible ??
    he must have got a distiction as he has brought drama to the table

  11. What’s happening to the Honeybee case?
    Kaizar Zulu January 10, 2021
    An investigation is ongoing and has not been concluded and yet these overzealous cows from upnd expect the president to fire a minister. How can you fire someone based on political unsubstantiated allegations? If this is how upnd think, imagine if they ever got power- they would arbitrarily decide Cases which are before the court. Their leader would be the legislature, executive and judiciary. Pure dictator. That is why he has been standing for over 5 times

  12. The corrupt protecting the corrupt…ask Lazy Lungu why he fired Dr Chilufya the thief and he will say I never fire him. If PF win expect Chilufya to be back in cabinet. These people have no shame at all after what happened at Honey Bee

  13. Just look at that photo from the archives of Chilufya and his madam PS …thick as thieves those two now Jonas has taken over thieving…even more now he is desperate to impress his constituents with big bribes in Bwana Mkubwa

  14. We have to kill these swines to save Zambia. Bene kalimanshi ati commander, Lungu is going to bring civil war to Zambia because his lawlessness has crossed the line. Start killing his cadre thugs first and if a chance arise get rid of those clowns at ECZ. Then that will send the message to anyone thinking they own Zambia.

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