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President Lungu seeks adoption

Headlines President Lungu seeks adoption

President Edgar Lungu has successfully filed in his application for adoption as Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate ahead of the party’s convention slated for this weekend.

Party Secretary-General, Davis Mwila, received the application form from President Lungu at the party secretariat in Lusaka today.

And Mr Mwila explained that President Lungu has complied with the party’s constitution that provides for necessary procedures for nomination.

He said President Lungu was in line with article 52(b) of the party constitution and has adhered to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) guidelines.

“I have verified that President Lungu has complied with article 52(b) of the party constitution. I have checked his documents and they are in line with the requirements, and he has paid the K10, 000 application fee,” Mr Mwila announced.

The Secretary General has therefore urged those wishing to contest for the position of party president to do so between today and tomorrow, April 8, 2021, saying that all eligible candidates were free to do so.

Mr Mwila explained that aspiring candidates should ensure they comply with the party constitution on section 52(b) and follow the ECZ requirements.

He explained that whoever will emerge victorious at the party’s convention will automatically become party president.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged those wishing to provide leadership to the Zambians to be relevant or risk not being voted for.

The Head of State stressed the need for people vying for political leadership to prove to the Zambians that they are up to the task once given the job.

He urged the aspiring candidates to be humble and accept the outcome of the convention, adding that those who will not be adopted should not be resentful.

President Lungu also challenged those who will be voted to ensure that once in power, they ought to prioritise the interests of the majority citizens.

“To those of you who want to provide leadership, you should remember who put you in power. Just like you are humble during campaigns, let us also be humble once we are voted in,” President Lungu stated.

Zambia National Students Union Acting Secretary General, Isaiah Mambwe announced that students across the country have endorsed President Lungu as the PF presidential candidate ahead of the general elections this year

“Students are happy with the government as they are able to acquire higher learning services closer to their homes as more colleges and universities have been constructed country wide.

Mr Mambwe added that student loans have also been extended to other universities and colleges for more vulnerable students in the country.

“The desire of the government to ensure easy access to higher learning institutions has been achieved because we now have about 65 higher learning institutions across provinces,” Mr. Mambwe indicated.

He also commended President Lungu for providing students with a platform to make submissions to parliament.


  1. I support your candidacy sir. You have done a great job and I am sure the majority in the party agree. All those wishing to contest the presidency are free to do so at convention. We are a Democratic party and love the healthy competition within the party.

    As for today some f00ls have been spreading a news article stating that I am richer than mikalile and gbm combined. This is cyber bullying and I will start legally going after these liars. How can I have so much money? Do you pay me ?

  2. Really laughable…Lazy Lungu telling fellow candidates to provide leadership to the Zambians to be relevant or risk not being voted for.

  3. Really laughable…Lazy Lu ngu telling fellow candidates to provide leadership to the Zambians to be relevant or risk not being voted for.

  4. There’s a confusion of the government and of the Party in the article. Why can’t people differentiate the two?

    On adoption, the outcome will be either an HH or a Tilyenji Kaunda.
    Let’s wait and see.


  6. My friends at Lusaka times you are going a good job of moderating these cyber bullies. Tarino go blog on watchdog with your fellow tribal goats haha

  7. A tin pot dictator which has savaged the economy with unprecedented debt. All he has done is amassed wealth, had become a billionaire and allowed corruption at all levels.

    Zambia is doomed with these crooks in power. Feel sorry for the majority of the population who can’t afford two meals a day, basic education and basic health care.

  8. Kaizer, I was rooting for you to contest the presidency of PF. You would be the most suitable person. I am disappointed that you are supporting another candidate. Abash umwenso the fearless one!!

  9. Lungu is only fit to be adopted by debt collectors ,bankruptcy specialists and other Lords of Poverty like the late Mobutu Sese Seko.Zambia is better without him he has steered the ship into rough waters.

  10. There seems to be an atmosphere of intimidation as the ineligible candidate seeks his Party’s nomination. It’s only that I’m not their member, otherwise I could’ve challenged him. I wish him well.

  11. 1chisushi, worst president on earth, very dull dander head. The Id1ot who bankrupted a country…. Yellow Teeth Teeth…. useless as they come

  12. It’s very unfortunate that the entire PF senior members are afraid to challenge Edgar. His tenure has been full of shame. He’s failed to control anarchy within the rank and file of the PF. Isn’t it shameful that now people are teasing the PF that children now want to go InterCity Bus Terminus and be Komandaz or cadres than strive to get to the university? It seems the PF handsomely rewards hooliganism. On average 200 buses depart from InterCity and 1 hooligans charges K100 per bus, that’s a whooping K20,000 illegal income per day! Miles Sampa tried to plug these financial leakages but these hooligans claim that they’ve the backing of Ichipani. Is this the type of leadership that the PF want to continue? Where is Ngosa Simbyakula? Mama Inonge you formidably stood up against Guy…

  13. Mama Inonge you formidably stood up against Guy Scott’s illegal maneuvers during the PF transition. We look forward to you to save this Party which commoners worked so hard to build. The PF has drifted further away from the people, it has become a Party for hooligans. Just look at the type of people that are vying for leadership. Ba Chikwanda, you’re as senior members, is this the best you can give us? Ideally these people shouldn’t even be anywhere nearer the PF Convention. They have applied for adoption because they’re being encouraged. People have lost shame. Insoni e buntu.

  14. He is not voted in as republican president. Already the UPND cadres are keen to insult the PF sponsored candidate. Elections have stages where each “aspirant” must first be endorsed, adopted and be elected. Why must some cadres advance that Edgar Lungu has literally won general elections. We have a group of defeatists in the UPND camp who by August 12, will be actual losers.



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