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UPND Postpones dates for Adoptions of Aspring candidates, seek consultation with ECZ first


United Party for National Development (UPND) Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo has said that the party has postponed the date for Parliamentary and Local Government adoptions, which they had earlier set April 10th for the adoption process but has moved, the date to 12th of this month.

Mr Nkombo said UPND has since written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) over the August 12th elections road map.

Addressing the Press at the Party Secretariat yesterday, Mr Nkombo stressed that the engagement, which is sought today is aimed at addressing the “mischief” surrounding the eligibility criteria set out in the Electoral Processes Act, stating that the manner in which the EPA was framed falls short of the standards for curing the eligibility mischief.

“The way the law (eligibility) was framed, does not cure the mischief that one ought to have been a member of a
political party for 2 months before that election date. We are going to engage ECZ, hopefully, if they give us a slot tomorrow in order to deal with that particular aspect and to reduce the confusion that law sought to address,” said Nkombo.

On the adoption date, Mr. Nkombo stated that calls from the Church on the use of days of worship (Saturdays and Sundays) by religious groups had necessitated the postponement of the date for the commencement of the adoption process.

He also clarified that the adoptions were for both Ward Councillors, Mayors, Council Chairpersons, and Members of Parliament.

He also appealed to those who wished to defect if they were not adopted to think of leaving “now”. He stated that the Party would not take kindly to members who would style themselves as sole candidates in particular wards and constituencies.


  1. The G12 requirement has exposed UPND. They were telling us they are more educated than PF. So they also are just as dull? Today you say you want a slot to engage ECZ, tomorrow you say they are corrupt and can’t be trusted. I wonder why UPND behaves ‘back and forth’, not knowing the direction to take. Besides they will be hoping to receive defectors to add to the UPND adoption list, hence the planned delay.

  2. This was supposed to have been on the 3rd April 2021. You postponed to 10th April 2021 ….and now again to 12 April 2021. What is going on ba Garry?
    Please do not manipulate the adoptions. There is too much manipulations going on. We fought for this party from the start and true as Mr. Kakoma and others are saying you are backstabbing the orignal members and trying to impose your own. We are now deeply concerned on the happenings in our UPND. What has gone wrong?????

  3. Sir we have MPs in parliament for th last so many years… when did the 2 months membership come about? Did we noy know about it all this time? ECZ also held several consultation meetings with political parties. Did we not attend? That is why PF tells us that we are not serious when it comes to passing laws. We like boycotting and walking out until things catch up with us.

  4. Waiting for defectors……..this has nothing to do with the Church. We have held political rallies on sundays and Saturdays before.

  5. Why didn’t you announce these adoptions after the dissolution of parliament next month? That’s the most convenient thing to do. How do you announce adoptions when other office bearers are still holding office?

  6. A reactive party which doesn’t plan ahead. They will be the same if elected in power. Very disorganized under 5s. What mischief? They are just failing to find people to stand because all their members are moving to us in pf. They all know that it is hh who is the stumbling block to their success. Get rid of hh and your tribal mentality first

  7. UPND better get organised time is ticking and right now there are so many UPND members defecting to PF.

  8. Just watching and calculating every they take.
    So you are waiting for others to do it so that those who are not adopted in other parties can join you.
    What a move.

  9. Remember how we lost Lukashya in Kasama. We ignored our loyal UPND aspiring candidates and adopted Big Mule who had just been rejected by PF and defected to UPND days brfore the elections. We dont want the same to happen in Mfumbwe.

  10. UPND should be systematic the way its handling it affairs, the TOP leadership should realize that their efficient opponent PF is watching every move and and slight off guard you will cry like an old lion in the park. Its like the UPND leadership is developing an air lock from the blues. There is enough manpower to come and beef up the campaign effort out there. This time around its wafwa washala washala.

  11. Ordinary Zambians are very keen to get rid of corrupt PF – but whether they are waiting for HH and the amateurish UPND? Not so sure

  12. I agree with Governance Expert. Announce the adoptions after parliament is dissolved. No need to rush.

  13. Come on UPND, everyone knows that all well-known faces of UPND have left due to the dictator nature of Hichilema.

  14. Remove HH from UPND then only the party can grow! When he joined UPND in 2006 since then he brought destruction to the party. Now it is only famous for spreading violence and hate.

  15. Discussion with ECZ is just an excuse. The fact is they don’t have people to adopt in their party!

  16. UPND members are not promoting HH then forget about Zambians. We have nothing to do with the selfish, self-centered #Bally.

  17. Ok, first UPND criticizes ECZ, put false allegations on them, and now they want to discuss with the commission. What a double standard!!!!??

  18. UPND is completely finished, they are just attempting to survive. I think only its leader Hichilema is responsible for the worst situation of UPND.

  19. We know you dont want to adopt certain persons as candidates just you did the nec you are again tampering with the list…ok you will remain alone…you are now dancing to pf tune…indecisive…choma,mazabuka, pemba, kalomo, maphanza, zimba, kwaliving…..please zwaaaa

  20. Someone told me that the UPND is finally going to unveil their ” Manifesto” When we said UPND has no manifesto some people argued that they had, others only talked of a one a page ten-poit plan which was not different from a wish list or a shoping list. The manifesto is coming out 4 months before the general elections. I wonder of what use it will be? I also wonder what they have been selling to the voters all this time?

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