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UPND supporters are fatigued with the self-centred leadership of Hakainde Hichilema


A local Non-Governmental Organisation has charged that a lot of people in the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) are fatigued with the self-centred leadership of Hakainde Hichilema.

The Network for Young People Against Violence Executive Director Moses Kalonde has said that Mr. Hichilema is too self-centred as an individual to be entrusted with the national leadership position and that most of his supporters are tired of his leadership.

Mr. Kalonde has said in an interview that the recent defections of key individuals from the opposition UPND to the ruling Patriotic Front and their reasons for ditching Mr. Hichilema and the party they once swore to always serve are evidence to that fact.

He said that it would be a wise thing for Mr. Hichilema to pave way for someone else to take over because he has been rejected by the Zambian people five times since he first attempted to contest for the presidency.

Mr. Kalonde said that it is unfortunate that Mr. Hichilema is fond of complaining about his votes being stolen whenever he loses elections when in fact he had failed to control more than three out of the ten provinces of Zambia which are largely PF strongholds.

“A lot of people are tired of his leadership. Let him emulate seasoned politicians like Kabwata Member of Parliament Hon. Given Lubinda who is leaving the stage whilst people are still clapping after declaring that he is not going defend his Parliamentary seat in the upcoming August 12 General Elections,” Mr. Kalonde said.

He said Mr. Hichilema lacks political acumen and strategy hence he is no longer inspiring anyone going by his selfish statements where he keeps portraying an image of being the sole messiah of the nation when leadership is supposed to be collective efforts.

“How can he say Bally Will Fix It when leadership is supposed to be about teamwork? If Mr. Hichilema can behave like this whilst in opposition, God forbid but what more if he was to be given the instruments of power? He will be a dictator,” Mr. Kalonde added.


  1. Hahahaha……I can’t respond to this article objectively. Funny stuff coming from the young corrupt people.

  2. It is not true that the leadership of HH is self centered. This propaganda is coming from opponents who do not understand issue based politics, how are you going to reverse the exchange rate, inflation, record high unemployment. Attacking HH does not solve Zambia’s problems

  3. If the leadership in PF is okay, why has Zambia’s economy crumbled. And remember it crumbled even before covid came and this was even confirmed by immediate past bank of Zambia governor before he left his post

  4. This NGO is against violence and his utterances can lead to the very thing he seeks to avoid. Zambians are never focused on a big picture. Respect others first. UPND is an organization. It is unto their members to change leadership whenever they desire. Its like us in Catholic saying people are tired of the POPE leadership that is why they are resigning. Promote peace all the time. Talk against issues that do not promote good governance or in your case, talk against political or any form of violence that attach individuals. Those resigning are also just exercising their democratic rights and that too must be respected

  5. And with kz says the same ati ny0. Independent NGOs are also seeing what we can all see. A greedy arrogant tribal under 5 with dictatorial tendencies. Thank yesu he will never lead this country. In fact my daughter in primary school will lead hh in future as she will be president before him

  6. @6 tikki hahaha, even this time,i can sure you that he will again by pass State House..It will be the seventh time.

  7. Sometimes its better to keep zee than poking one’s nose in others affairs. Moses Kalonde should not start telling us that those who have defected its because of bad leadership by HH. To be a leader one has to be firm otherwise otherwise HH will be have no direction. As we near elections there is a lot going on in peoples heads and some easily get swayed. UPND is not a one man show but is a collective political party with national character HH and management team are there to provide direction. Where are the rules cost in concrete which states that if I fall more than once then should not compose myself and stand up? Some defections taking place in UPND are a disguise in blessing as those who are not ready to with stand suffering with the masses are doing so for personal benefits or for…

  8. So a non UPND member says UPND members are fatigued by HH when no one in UPND has ever said this? Am not understanding some of these cows mwe.

  9. AS UPND and its followers WE as Zambians believe in our great leader HH. And why is it that PF only talks about UPND, and yet there are so many parties in Zambia. Fear Fear Fear

  10. Watch the ball,PF will cry.Those who don’t take the exams seriously ati twa li pasa kale ,usually end up failures

  11. funny. am sure we all aspire for different things individually and no matter how much we failed to attain them to date we have never given up so are we self centered or are we ambitious? There is nothing wrong about HH trying for the 6th time if his party members are in consensus with that. Lets not Hate HH for being Tonga and for aspiring to unseat the PF. its time we people sobered up and approach issues objectively. The reason Zambia is where it is today is its people and if Zambia has to greatly develop that onus is on its people too. say no to any form of wrong. in the Bible there was a man called Jephthat who was rejected for being a son to a prostitute but later the leaders went to seek him to lead Israel (Judges 11). there is a time for everyone and people do not have the final…

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