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Legless carpenter forgives attackers

Feature Lifestyle Legless carpenter forgives attackers

‘I have forgiven all my attackers,’ says Kezias Phiri, the man who had both his legs amputed after a brutal attack in Lusaka’s Kabanana area


  1. As a born again Christian, I am very touched by this gesture. I also forgive my enemies such as upnd diasporan. However, this is on condition that they stop bullying me. If they don’t then I will defend myself as it is my human right

  2. The number one id!ot above should help this young man by supplying him with tools stolen by PF caders instead of getting drunk on whisky bought from stolen taxpayers money and commenting rubbish about innocent diasporans

  3. You are a mentally retarded upnd cadre above.

    Meanwhile RIP to prince Philip. As we speak the president’s office is drafting a condolences message to the British monarchy.

  4. I do not belong to any Zambian political party. But PF are useless thugs!

  5. The police should arrest the PF cadres that did this.

    I hope God does not forgive these violent cadres.

  6. #2  Not all bees are loyal to the same hive. 
    April 9, 2021 At 1:53 pm

    Well said, onpoint……..

    showing off about expensive suits from stolen money ……

  7. May God give him strength to
    Continue what he is doing and I
    Would urge government to consider giving him some help in
    Any form.These are the deserving
    Zambians for help not cadres and

  8. @Kaizar Zulu born again fimo fimo, KiKiKiKiKiKi. You stay online insulting those who never store from the GRZ like you and your friends.

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