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Kambwili and Nawakwi attend PF Convention as he castigates UPND


National Democratic Congress (NDC) has hailed the Patriotic Front for embracing other political parties by way of inviting them to attend the conference.

Speaking at the sidelines of the PF general conference where he and other opposition leaders such as Forum For Democracy (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi have been invited, Mr Chishimba Kambwili said that he was happy to be invited and said that it was the way how things should be

“Am happy that I was invited by the PF and this is as it should be!” Mr. Kambwili said.

He told journalists that what the PF have done is what other political parties should have been doing in the true spirit of democracy and peacebuilding.

Mr. Kambwili also took the opportunity to castigate his former alliance partner, the United Party for National Development (UPND) for being undemocratic.

Mr. Kambwili who took the opportunity to announce the appointment of Ms Saboi Imboela as the party’s interim vice president said the UPND missed an opportunity to have discussed important bilateral issues had they embraced intraparty democracy by inviting other political parties to their convention like what the PF has done.

“We were in an alliance with them and they failed to invite the person they wanted to be their running mate. That shows you the kind of political party they are” he added.

Mr. Kambwili also warned that he will expose the hidden agendas of some political parties and for what they really stand for, having worked closely with them.

When asked if his coming to the convention is an indication of willingness to work with the PF, Mr Kambwili said if the party convention decides to work with the PF, ‘so be it’.

“Am one of the five people that started the PF and it will not be a sin to be associated with the PF. Those that want to speculate, can speculate. As a matter of fact, what is wrong to work with the PF” Mr Kambwili questioned.

The PF Convention


  1. It was good to see this prodigal son at the conference. I have been busy arranging this event so I am very tired but glad it is a success. I am now headed home to have a cold beer and reflect

    Comrade kambwwili it’s your right to speak out against any evil party. Please tell us more papa

  2. Yes interaction by leaders helps ease tensions among their followers. In Africa serious political battles are usually between followers and not leaders except in that tribal Party. This should be encouraged, there’s no better peace builder than continuous dialogue and interaction by political leaders. Well done PF for inviting others, was the invitation extended to the tribal Party? If it wasn’t then that’s wrong, although we know that their egoist leader can’t attend but at least it could have been on record that he turned down the invitation

  3. It’s just as well HH didn’t invite these PF Surrogates to the UPND Convention. CK was a PF Spy so how could HH invite CK to the UPND Convention? HH was wise to deal with CK at an arms length becoz CK is untrustworthy. As for Edith Nawakwi she is a well known sell out to the People’s cause. Nawakwi is on record saying that she will not rest until HH is arrested b4 August 12 and his name removed from the Ballot Paper. Clearly Edith Nawakwi is a PF Surrogate on a Mission to have HH convicted and blocked from the 2021 Elections. Hence Nawakwi has been pushing the Hatembos to appeal to the Appeal Court on the Kalomo Farm Case.CK and Edith Nawakwi are enemies of the People and want HH convicted and eliminated from the Presidential Race. Zambians can now see for themselves how treacherous CK…

  4. If we allow them, they will get away with it. I’m sure he laughs out loud when he gets home on how docile Zambians are.

  5. Is this the same person who said he cant go back to his vomit?
    He has lost his sense of smell and taste.

  6. No shame at all …we seriously need to get rid of these selfish leaders like BUFFOON CK and Edith Nawakwi …its in our interest whether you are in opposition or ruling party.

    Pf has to take first place now and that cannot be disputed by anyone
    WE really have to sent them to the grave like un1p

  8. Kambwili said the same loads of s.h.i.t when he left PF, he never spilled the beans, why?? And he is going to insult the same people who stood by him when he was being dragged to courts, what unprincipled i.d.o.t. with no morals. The insults he hailed on ECL were unbelievable, and now he is that moral person who knows how political parties should hold conventions? When is the NDC convention?
    These two political prostitutes (Kambwili & GBM) are setting bad precedence, this has become a norm on the Zambian political scene. If politics is dirty, these Zambians are living that definition. I have never seen anything like this anywhere in the world, this is now typical of Zambians.
    And do you think this is the best way to infuse new blood into politics? Not at all. This will remain politics…

  9. ….And do you think this is the best way to infuse new blood into politics? Not at all. This will remain politics for the dinosaurs.
    I would urge UPND & HH just to ignore anything that will be farted by this Kambwili the same they did with GBM. let him make himself stupi.d

  10. If you can’t beat them, join them. He is now dining wit the same people whom he called thieves, ba pompwe, etc. As RB famously put it, ‘Akawele ikamunyokola njala.’ Chishimba Kambwili is scared of going to prison. He has huge legal bill to cover and he lost $160,000 laundered cash. Manje azachita chani?

  11. Umwine wa ……… tomfwa ukununka says ba Kambwili elyo kabili uwafitala aka imwena says ba HH,ba Edigar nabo ati utupuba rule talika.

  12. The best thing that HH did was not to trust this hypocrite called CK. Had HH appointed CK his Running Mate that could have damaged HH and UPND. CK the Criminal Convict has been exposed and has to go back to PF with his tail between his legs. CK has fallen from grace and no voter will ever trust him or let alone listen to whatever he says. CK is a wolf in a sheepskin. U trust him at your own peril. As 4 Jezebel Nawakwi nobody trust her or pay attention to what she says as a PF Surrogate.

  13. The fat cats GBM, CK, Nawakwi like zombies all queuing for a dose of corrupt money from chief thief ECL & PF. They are the minority. We the voters are the majority. The republican HR is busy with CVs for Aug 12th, we looking for new hires. These dinosaurs are on their way out forever

  14. I have never seen a republican presidential candidate attend a convention for the democrats ku USA or the other way round.

  15. HH is the last man standing.
    The rest have have fallen away.

    Who sang that song ati ba inzi bakonda pa vintu vo ola? If you don’t attract any inzi ninshi ndiwe wa mushe and fresh.

  16. Its better for Chishimba Kambwili to keep Zee now that he is slowly squeezing himself back into PF. No name calling all mud slinging at UPND and its leadership. We need to have a competitive and crediable election without flaws. For escorteez like Nawakwi and others please don’t spoil the contest, its a two horse one.

  17. So now you will see how quickly BUFFOON CK’s cases will be nolled or pushed so far back in the calendar that we will forget about them, Tayali will get his usual silver coins and hand me downs.

    Imagine having a drink with someone who was insulting you and has a habit of spilling beans from his loose canon like BUFFOON CK only in Zambian politics!!

  18. Wasn’t the PF who send thugs to go and undress Kambwili’s mother?
    Kambwili will cost PF erections.

  19. Mr kambwili do what GBM did.Dont pretend
    You are not PF.Zambians are not dull .Be
    Brave and comeout in the open.We know
    It’s not easy with your cases.

  20. Upnd is on record of inviting rejected of members to apply as MPs under their ticket. What moral issues are you talking about ba upnd sure? Kambwili this kambwili that let him exercise his freedom of association.lmwee

  21. The two PF members have now come out of the woodwork. Those who doubted their intentions can now see for themselves.

  22. You shall know them by their fruits. Njala ilimbe ulemu mwandi. Fili uko tuleya. And these are the leaders some people clap for. Luanshya people wake up

  23. I can answer what is wrong. Because when you came out, you alleged so many things and labeled them corrupt and thieves. We believed you. What has changed? That is what you haven’t explained, Sir!

  24. Mr kambwili has only become unprincipled because he has refused to work with upnd. Hahaha that is why they lose elections these under 5

  25. Kambwali nobody wanted him to be running mate for crying out loud! He should simply stick to his party and the PF instead of trying to drag the UPND in his own mess. Be happy that PF invited you and let it end there, there is no need or point in castigating others even if you want an alliance with PF. It is also important to understand that being in an alliance does not automatically mean or that you will be a running mate. Who would want to invite chaps that cannot be trusted anyway!

  26. Anything that will lead to relief of his many court cases, Kambwili is ready to eat his vomit! Zambians’ docility makes recycling of leaders a permanent feature and the “past-it” leaders know they can take Zambians for granted as many have chicken brains!

  27. Zambians are not naive and will not forgive Criminal Convict CK and Jezebel Nawakwi for betraying the People at this hour of need. CK and Edith Nawakwi have gone back to PF to eat their Vomit. They are doing this for their Personal Benefit and against the interests of the People. CK and Jezebel Nawakwi couldn’t resist joining “Uubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala “. CK and Jezebel Nawakwi have gone back to PF to eat,loot and plunder. CK and Jezebel Nawakwi will not add value to PF ‘s Campaigns becoz they are notorious and discredited PF Surrogates.

  28. The question is , Would Edgar Lungu or Inonge Wina attend a conference held by FDD or Kambwilis’ NDC and throw cow dung at HH? Is that what it means to be opposition leader?

  29. Criminal Convict CK and Jezebel Nawakwi say its their Rights to rejoin PF. That is fine. Why is it not HH’s Right to belong to UPND and lead it in 2021 as a Presidential Candidate? Why are Jezebel Nawakwi, Tayali and other PF Surrogates bent on eliminating HH’s Name from the Ballot Paper? They know that if the 2021 Elections are free and fair HH will win these Elections with a landslide. Without Election Rigging ECL cannot win a Popular Vote against HH and will not garner 50%+1 threshold. ECL believes that dishing out Money and bribing Traditional Leaders and other Social Groups will win him votes. ECL will be shocked when People in his Strongholds vote for HH instead of him. Zambians are not naive and might shock ECL when he is put “ku wire”. People are Angry and tired of ECL’s…

  30. Mmmmm ck is useless mwe,this was the man who was busy saying pf is corrupt,Pf please use him and dump him just like before.Enemy of the people,shame on you back CK.Never knew people can loss their dignity without shame.

  31. HH to win elections by God’s greatest Grace. CK is as I’ve always branded him, a useless empty head. How can you eat your own vomit without shame? These recycled politicians including ‘Jezebel’ Nawakwi need to be shown the door forever. Never making a comeback in politics to have any involvement whatsoever anywhere near governance. These kind of people are really cheap and a danger to a normal society. Please my fellow Zambians, please I beg you to VOTE for BIG CHANGE in 2021. UPND looks the alternative.

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