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Stakeholders to assist in COVID -19 acquisition – MOH


Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has announced that government has received the draft guidelines from the private sector and non-state actors who expressed interest in contributing to the COVID-19 vaccine acquisition.

Dr. Chanda disclosed that this follows discussions that were concluded yesterday with the private sector and non-state actors who are interested in contributing to the COVID-19 vaccine acquisition for the country’s vaccine basket.

Dr. Chanda, in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka, disclosed that as soon as the draft guidelines are reviewed and approved, his Ministry will begin to implement the acquisition of additional vaccines.

The Minister was impressed with the eagerness by the private sector to support government in mobilizing the necessary resources aimed at supporting the vaccine deployment.

“The meeting with the private sector and non-state actors who have expressed interest in contributing to the COVID-19 vaccine acquisition for the vaccine basket was successfully concluded yesterday,” Dr. Chanda disclosed.

The Minister has revealed that Zambia has in the last 24 hours recorded 135 new cases of COVID-19 out of 7,275 tests conducted, bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 89,918.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda stated that no new deaths were recorded in the last 24:00hours, but that 1,254 people were discharged both from covid-19 isolation facilities and home management, bringing the total recoveries to 86,813.

He added that the country has 1,879 active cases of whom 1,814 are under community management, while 65 are admitted in COVID-19 isolation centres.

He noted that among those admitted isolation facilities, 52 are on oxygen therapy and 10 are in a critical condition.

“We continue to see some variation in the positivity recorded across the provinces. The breakdown of the new cases and positivity by province is as follows: Copperbelt 11, Eastern 21, Luapula eight, Lusaka 40, Muchinga one, Northern 11, North-Western 26 and Southern province 17; there were no new cases reported from Central and Western Provinces,” Dr. Chanda publicized.

He commended the health workers for a steady management of the pandemic as evidenced by the progress and improvement in the reduced numbers of new cases, hospital admissions and deaths in the country.

The Minister assured the public of prompt administering of the vaccine as soon as it arrives in the country next week.

He implored people to continue adhering to the five golden rules against the virus.


  1. NO shame at from these beggars ….so who are these from the private sector and non-state actors? Let me guess Bill Gates and some other Global Pharmastical wanting to use Africans as guinea pigs? Where do you take taxpayers money that you are always begging without shame.

  2. Great development from the ministry and all key stakeholders. Chi tarino the only failed beggar is you who has run away to be kept by your former colonial masters. You are an asylum seeker there being kept.

  3. They must ‘contribute’ at no profit…world over vaccines are free…so do not sale them to us…look at the covid test…500 at grz facility..then 1200/2000 at a ‘private’ outift…if you are a family of 5?…..

  4. The most expensive covid- vaccines in world will be in Zambia, $1 million per dose.of vaccine,
    Only 20 million people in Zambia, but there is no way Zambia can spend ka $20 million

  5. They can’t let an opportunity pass them. They have now gathered their courage and regrouped to profit big time from COVID-19 before 12 August 2021. This will be the biggest and historic looting in the world. Watch this space.

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