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Zambia has enough Fuel-Vice President


Vice President, Madam Inonge Wina said that Zambia has enough fuel stock and the fuel shortage situation has since normalized.

Speaking during the Vice President Question and Answer session in parliament, the Vice President said fuel shortage was experienced for a day or two when the fuel tanker drivers downed tools.

The Vice President noted that as of 6th April 2021, the country has had a 10 days stock of diesel, and 11 days stock of petrol, although it needs to be increased.

The Vice President further said the engaged suppliers have continued to import petrol and diesel on behalf of the Ministry of Energy, while at the same time the Oil Marketing Companies (OMC’s) have continued to import fuel under the waiver that has been given to them, so there is no shortage of fuel in the country.

The Vice President was responding to Bweengwa Member of Parliament Hon Kasautu Michelo, who wanted to know why the country is faced with fuel challenges.

And responding to Manyinga Member of Parliament Hon Robert Lihefu who wanted to know what measures the government is putting in place to protect the businesses of Zambians from collapsing looking at the performance of the Exchange rate, Mrs. Wina said that the government is doing everything possible to ensure that the cost of living is taken care of through the main polices that government is putting in place and that this starts with food commodities.

The Vice President noted that the government is working with millers to ensure that the staple food, which is mealie meal is readily available to the Zambian people and that the cost of the mealie is reduced as well as other commodities that seem to impact negatively on the lives of the people.

Mrs. Wina said the government is not pleased to see its people suffer or experience the rise in the cost of living, because this affects the most vulnerable people in society.

“Definitely government is not pleased, but is doing something to ensure that the livelihood of Zambians is improved,” Her Honor the Vice President said.



  2. But let there be a direction on Indeni & Tazama since the two are nolonger mentioned in the fuel issues. Its possible that workers of these companies are burning with Anger to see Tanker drivers mentioned more than them who have supplied fuel for ages.

  3. Enough fuel stock in the country? Then why do we run dry every week somewhere in the nation? Typical PF lies. And they really think we believe their stories? Every time Lungu, or Inonge, or Kampyongo, or KZ opens their mouths we all wonder what lies will be coming out from these corrupt PF-ers

  4. When is this clueless old hen Bo Inonge retiring please…she just spews out lies with no shame at for an old Grandma. I can not believe it that PF and Lazy Lungu are going to let her stand as MCC I guess Lazy Lungu is still indebted to her for putting him in State House and worsening the sufferings of people of Zambia.

  5. Just like that HHs entire campaign for election has been shut down. This is what happens when your campaign lacks issue based politics and relies on misfortunes. Fuk off upnd

  6. Although the early signs vary, common early symptoms of dementia include:

    memory problems, particularly remembering recent events.
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  7. akapS – If an old hen like her can not retire and is happy for her to be ignored by cabinet ministers what chance do young ladies have? This old hen saw Chilufya stealing at MOH but she stood there in her office watching toothless…no shame at all the Grandma.

  8. The opposition is asking such questions not because they are concerned for Zambians. They are asking because they want to target the government ahead of elections.

  9. We already know that the fuel shortage situation is in control now because we see our PF government actively working.

  10. When the transporters tried to create chaos, on the same day President Lungu gave necessary orders to the ministry, the issue was resolved. We want this kind of work from President Lungu’s government.

  11. The satisfaction point is that we see our government working continuously to uplift the lives of entire Zambians. And I think the opposition supporters will also agree with me on this.

  12. Wonder why no one is ready to ask Hichilema questions about his source of income, privatization scandal, mafia connections, etc. Why only the PF government is on target even after working so hard!

  13. Economic crisis, the high price of commodities, such issues will soon be a thing of the past. Zambia is growing!!

  14. Sadly, the government is targeted for the things which they haven’t done. The covid-19 pandemic is the only one responsible for all economic related crises but UPND blames PF for this…

  15. It’s time to show HH the power of unity! He takes Zambians for granted, confusing and making fools of innocent people by spreading lies. He should be banned from Zambia.

  16. This fuel shortages that we are experiencing every month are only a trailer of things to come. If PF comes back expect massive fuel hikes as well as prolonged fuel shortages. You have been warned.

  17. Razor
    That’s an understatement, if PF comes back there will be no fuel because there will be no Economy. These are economic murderers.

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